Nasrallah: Egypt win to change region
Roee Nahmias and AP
Published: 07.02.11, 20:13
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1. arab dignity-oxymoron
Barney ,   USA   (02.07.11)
2. crazy old bat
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.07.11)
just look at his eyes when he speaks - he's got those unstable psycho eyes.
3. "arab- dignity" is a total oxymoron.
shadoil ,   jerusalem   (02.07.11)
4. Nasrallah : Loathsome is looking in the mirror.
5. Irony
Shimon ,   Poleg   (02.07.11)
Ironically he is correct in that Israel is Mubarak's last supporter!
6. Words From a Gutless Fat Man
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (02.07.11)
You gotta love every time the Fat Man comes out of his Rat Hole. Makes his hateful speech and runs back into hiding. Most of what he says is lies though. Relying on hatred to make his case. Although you have to wonder what dignity he's talking about. The humiliation of the Arab people is self inflicted. Now they're just jealous of Israel. The only country in the Middle East without any significant Oil or Gas reserves, yet has become an powerhouse country in the region. Why because they educate their kids to contribute to society (as opposed to growing up and killing yourself while murdering innocent people around you). So they have built an economy on technology and are one of the worlds leading countries in R & D in the area. Even Egypt was helped tremulously by Israel high tech gains in agriculture. Israel turned around that area of the economy for Egypt helping them with their technology and research in growing food products. Egypt of course had to hide the fact that they were getting this assistance from Israel. Because it would have caused political problems for Mubarak. Why? Because when a country spends all its time educating the population to hate a country, how cam you then turn around and say, look they're helping us? How sad. So now the Egyptian population wants to literally bite the hand that feeds it. Now that is humiliating, isn't it? Forget about getting your dignity back, you can't get back what you never had to begin with.
7. Nasrallah Crazy Like A Fox
World Citizen ,   the world   (02.07.11)
He speaks the truth to the Egyptian man or woman on the street. It really doesn't matter what the Israelis think or say. He is talking in a language the Egyptians understand. This spells trouble for you. You are going to reap the whirlwind you have sown. Surely, deep down on some level, you knew this would be the final outcome? Or did you think you could continue to treat people badly because of the chosen status thing? Sorry the world doesn't buy into that fable anymore.
8. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.07.11)
Well, winning six wars that were all started by the Arabs certainly helps more than the chosen part, although the latter resonates quite strongly with me. As to sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind -- when Israel takes back Gaza and the Sinai, what is Nasrallah going to do? Dig a deeper bunker in which to hide? As to the Egyptian man or woman on the street, here's a news flash: most could care less about the ersatz "Palestinians." They care about feeding their families and improving their lot in life. The world has passed the ersatz "Palestinians" by. About time, too.
9. Simply amazing
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.07.11)
We have done nothing ever to support Mubarak and here the racist Arabs claim that we are somehow his last supporter. We are not the PA, they support Mubarak, we have never supported or opposed him.
10. #7; World Citizen, make it up
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (02.07.11)
To quote this brain, he of course misinterprets what the Jewish people stand for as most who are antisemitic do. To quote WC he states: "Or did you think you could continue to treat people badly because of the chosen status thing? Sorry the world doesn't buy into that fable anymore." The "chosen status thing" he refers to is that the Jewish people think they better because they were chosen by G-d, so they are arrogant and believe they're superior to others. But this is an antisemitic illusion where those who hate the Jewish people seek to tell us what Jewish people think, to define the Jewish people from an antisemitic point of view. But no Jewish people feel that way at all. The Jewish people understand the term "chosen by G-d" only refers to one idea only. They were chosen (by G-d) to deliver the Ten Commandments to the people of the world, period. It doesn't mean, nor do Jewish people feel any superiority to other people's. That's just the propaganda put out by the antisemitic people, in order to create ill will and malice towards Jewish people. It's funny in a way that the people that know the least about the bible and Jewish people want to tell us all how they feel about us. When they couldn't possibly know. Yet they try define a people, to vilify them, lie about them, to get you to believe as they do. What nonsense!
11. Nasrallah crazy like a dirty insect
Another World Citize ,   World   (02.07.11)
12. He will absolutely try to turn anything to his advantage.
noa ,   israel   (02.07.11)
This was the guy who dangled "body parts". Does Islam want to be represented by him? What does this say about Islam?
13. Hateful shouting cant cover the truth...
Bob ,   TA   (02.07.11)
Most of the talk backs just show blind hate against Arabs and Nasrallah. Sober analysis says he is right, whatever it means for Western and Israeli interests. Middle East is not a soccer game, where we can merely (and stupidly) support our club - if we want to understand it. Afghan war, Iraqi war and now Egypt clearly shows that it does not work, dear Israelis and American Neocons...
14. I wonder
Harry ,   Toronto   (02.07.11)
Wonder how much he has hidden away in a Swiss bank account?
15. Game over
tea man ,   marjayoun   (02.07.11)
the game is over and those who played with mubarak are losers thats include Israel
16. THE ARAB GULF.........
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (02.07.11)
.....isn't a physical feature,it's a state of mind. While the rest of the world tries to get closer together,coexist and cooperate,peacefully,the self-appointed Arab tyrants try to divide the world along traditional Islamic lines;the so-called house of peace,the Muslim world,and the so-called house of war,the rest of us who really believe in peace. Personally,I'm beginning to lose hope with the Egyptian 'revolution'.Even if it's not hijacked by Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood,I wonder if it will really bring about democracy or just a dictatorship of the people. Do the protesters really want democracy or do they just want to be labelled as democratic?Which is stronger,the pull of the outside world or ingrained culture learnt from tyrannical loud-mouths like Nasrallah? It's all very saddening to see how a huge chunk of humanity is being robbed of humanity by self serving ideologues. If there were a similar revolution in the west,the young people would be shouting "peace and love".All I hear coming out of Egypt is the belief that 'democracy' will make Egypt even stronger to destroy the State of Israel. It's all being exposed as a sham and the Egyptians are demonstrating how thin is their veneer of modernity. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
stude ham   (02.07.11)
nasrallah is too full of himself to understand the idiocy of his words.
18. Sarah Ready To Invade Sinai and Gaza Again
World Citizen ,   the world   (02.07.11)
The only trouble is this Jewish princess won't come do any of the fighting. She's all about living the wars her brothers told her about and shopping and lounging in her condo in TA during the summer. And Mark that chosen thing surely resonates with Sarah. Ask her what it means. She's an uber-Jewess. She'll give you the rundown. Bet she thinks it means exactly what I said, Jewish exceptionalism and all that it entails. And you? You sound like a Christian fundamentalist? I bet you are. A John Hagee fool no less! Am I right?
19. Egypt win to change region
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.07.11)
Does that include the former Lebanon ?,so, the Lebanese people will rise up against their Iranian masters,and the qusling Nasarala.
20. as Ezer Weizmann said the arabs have surrounded us again
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (02.07.11)
Poor Bastards
21. World Citizen # 18
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (02.07.11)
You are in no position to be calling anyone a fool.
22. To: No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.08.11)
Exceptionalism? It isn't a myth, WC (what remarkably appropriate acronym!). You need look no further than the percentage of Nobel laureates who have been Jewish. Keeping in mind that Jews account for 0.02 percent of the world's population, our achievements (made while combatting persecution that is unrivaled in human history) are impressive, to say the least. We are very well represented in law, in medicine, in business, in academia and in the arts. If that bothers you -- tough. Get over it. I am not a Christian fundamentalist. I am a Jewish Princess. And darned proud of it.
23. #18 worldcitizen
Brazen   (02.08.11)
you could'nt be the farthest from the truth about Sarah B. . You arabs talk a great game, however your nothing but cowards shooting off your mouths. Day in and day out arab trash talk you bedouins have fed so much B.S. about your couzins the ISRAELITES that you actually believe it. If Israel gave you what you deserve NO arab would ever mess with the BEST but if you do then you will be put to rest. Yella
24. sarah . B
lebanese american ,   conn U S A   (02.08.11)
GOD bless you sarah B .I like Sarah Palin ,and i adore Sarah B .Sarahs have always been good to me.I love to talk ,i DO know a lot . all you got to do is ask .thank you again Sarah B
25. on #6, nazrallah, the coward terrorist
joel ,   usa   (02.08.11)
yeah this comment is very appropriate and accurate though egyptian muslims may refuse to admit it but the facts are evident; this terrorist nazrallah is a known coward but uses his bigmouth to deceive the arab muslims and they know it; and lebanon and its citizens are simply sympathetic to this terrorist, where will their country with these terrorists/refugees, are the lebanese cowards, too!
26. #8 the radio station have been talking about egypt for a
rachel ,   usa   (02.08.11)
for a few days : ( boston) The "ON POINT" comments section are censoring a few people who defend Israel .
27. #22Sarah B. the same from me thank you so much
rachel ,   usa   (02.08.11)
28. To: Lebanese American at No. 24
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.08.11)
G-d bless you. And thank you for your very kind words! I like to talk, too. (Actually, most people who know me would say that I'm kind of addicted to it. Oh well. There are worse addictions.) Thank you again. May G-d bring peace to the lovely country of your heritage. Inch Allah.
29. Nasrallah : the slams the salami again...
Righteous Gentile ,   Australia   (02.08.11)
Egypt win to change region - "entirely change the face of our region for the interest of its own people, especially in Palestine." Prediction: When this guy and his mates are finished , there will be nothing left of anybody - in the region. They will drag the region to war, millions will die for nothing.
30. Arab dignity? Nasrallah lives like a rat.
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (02.08.11)
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