Ex-VP Quayle: Free Pollard
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 07.02.11, 22:39
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1. so why the ''Nobel Prize peace winner'' doesn' t free him ?
Free Pollard NOW !   (02.07.11)
ah, yes Pollard is not muslim...
2. He stays where he is
Cameron ,   USA   (02.07.11)
3. Obama? Whats happening????
Yaakov ,   Israel   (02.07.11)
4. how about pollard release for obamas settlement freeze
zionist forever   (02.07.11)
Obama is so desperate to get Israel to freeze the settlements. How about we make him an offer give Pollard a formal presidential pardon and release him and the day he is let out of jail the building freeze in Judea & Samaria ( not Jerusalem ). Bibi would have no trouble selling that to his cabinet because Jonathan Pollards release would be seen as a major prize. As long as the freeze doesn't begin until the day Jonathan Pollard is released Obama can't cheat the way he tried to do with his last offer of F35s & other things in exchange for a 3 month freeze but when we asked him to put it into writing he backtracked.
5. if he wasn't israeli he would have walked after 5 years.
6. #4 It's a matter of justice!
Grace Lee ,   Oklahoma   (02.07.11)
This is a matter of justice they should not need to give anything up for us to do what is right and release Jonathan Pollard!
7. He should be behind bars until he dies.
Bannister ,   US   (02.08.11)
This is the price of treason. Maybe next time you guys will learn not to spy on us.
8. Pollard
Chanawashdc ,   Washington DC   (02.08.11)
# 5 - He wasn't Israeli when he commited his crimes and he wasn't Israeli when he was convicted. The man has been eligible for parole for years. If he was so desparate to get out, he should have applied before this. (and before the other folks get on and says he's not, please check the websites of his own supporters. They talk about his eligibility for parole.)
9. Slowly but surely, the stone wall is cracking
Tahl   (02.08.11)
And lets in the first faint rays of hope. Perhaps sense, logic and compassion would finally triumph over politics and vindicativeness. Enough is enough.
10. the whole affair is beyond logic
Paul ,   Tacoma   (02.08.11)
no harm to usa personel aided an ally against iraq 5 yr sentence, now 26 .... no logic here; justice asap
11. #7 do you have any idea how many french spies are caught in
the US almost EVERY YEAR? and they never get sent for life. Pollard's sentence is purely political.
12. #7
Dan the Jafa ,   Auckland, Aotearoa   (02.08.11)
Do you have any idea how many american spies are caught in Israel? Perhaps instead of quietly shipping them home with a "non grata" stamp in their passports, Israel should lock up a couple of them in the Russian Compound and fedex the keys to Pollard's cell.
13. #10 No pardon. He gambled . . .
Justaguy ,   CA, USA   (02.08.11)
. . . and he lost. He knew the risks. Betraying an oath of loyalty to one country isn't mitigated by swearing allegience to another; just as marrying a mistress after getting caught cheating on one's wife doesn't reduce the significance of the adultery. And traitors deserve every bit of their punishment whether all other traitors get punished or not.
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (02.08.11)
Any US president that releases Pollard would be a disgrace to the US. Obama better not release that traitor. He wasn't just a spy. He was entrusted with highly sensitive documents and or data and released the data and betrayed his country. That makes him a traitor. This is a matter that Israel should keep its nose out of because every time the Israeli government opens it mouth about releasing this traitor the American public gets angrier because of the simple fact that he was no ordinary spy he was a BIG FAT TRAITOR.
15. Oh Yeh! if you want REAL political clout...
rob ,   Orangevale USA   (02.08.11)
You go to the venerable Dan Quayle!!! For goodness sakes! Who's stupid idea was that? C'mon folks, as an American that makes me chuckle and be mad all at once. Pollard is still a real issue for us in the US. It still really pisses us off. Get mad if you want. This trust issue has to work for both of us, and Pollard will eventually go home. Don't do stupid things and recruit the likes of Dan Quail!!! that fool could'nt even spell tomato! Do yo really want to be taken seriously? THEN ACT LIKE IT !!!!
16. #4, not that desparate for a freeze
Danny   (02.08.11)
Bibi and Obama did a deal and when Bibi dared to ask for it in writing, Obama told him to forget about it... Goes to show how much Obama's word is worth
17. #14, I assume you have similar
Danny   (02.08.11)
views about the lady caught spying for Hizbollah in the CIA?
18. At #15 'Rob' re: Dan Quayle's spelling
A. Friend ,   U.S.   (02.08.11)
Actually, the word was "potato." Who's the fool now?
19. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.08.11)
Mind telling me how many Americans and/or American assets have died because of Pollard's actions? I will tell you. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Can you say the same for the actions of the Walker family of spies? Aldrich Ames? Robert Hansen? No. You cannot. Dozens of American assets have died because of them. The USS PUEBLO was illegally boarded by the North Koreans because of the Walker family. Stop. We know you hate Jews. We know you hate Israelis. Perhaps you should target your hatred upon a more deserving recipient. Israel is not your enemy. We're the best friend you have in the Middle East. We are quite probably the best friend you have in the world. Care to think what the 1991 Gulf War might have been had not Israel blown up the Osirac reactor? Think about it, sport. Think about all those Americans that did NOT come home in body bags thanks to Israel. Step outside your hatred for Jews and Israel for one teeny tiny second. If you can.
20. Uh, geniuses, Pollard was never convicted of treason
US Patriot ,   USA   (02.08.11)
He wasn't even charged with treason, idiots. He was charged with passing documents illegaly to a friendly state. The notion that spies were killed in Russia... even Sec. Weinberger admitted that was the result of efforts by Aldrich Ames and other convicted spies.... had NOTHING to do with Pollard. Go read transcripts and review the evidence before you mouth off and wave the flag.
21. #15The likes of Dan Quayle
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (02.08.11)
Well it was "the likes of Casper Weinberger" who was very instrumental in making sure that Pollard was convicted. Weinberger was shown over and over to be extremely anti-Israel. You Americans calling for him to rot in gaol make me sick, since you ahve no idea whatsoever what it means to have your lives threatened by hostile (read Arab) elements on a daily basis. Unde such circumstances every bit of information is crucial to us - information which we should have been receiving and America for whatever reason was not giving us.
22. Look, we caught your damn sneak
Cameron ,   USA   (02.08.11)
The length of his punishment is ours to determine. Your games & squalling earn a sneer of contempt.
23. 1 Why Not? - Trade Not Offered
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (02.08.11)
The US has been trading spies and other foreign agents for decades. Make an offer. See what he's worth. The US recently traded for an entire spy ring with the Russians. Offer something tangible, worth what he is worth to Israel. No Freebies.
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