1,500 year-old Byzantine Church unearthed
Sarah Bauder
Published: 11.02.11, 08:38
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1. did the jews (of the former structure) convert ...
eporue ,   europe   (02.11.11)
to christianity ? the church was destroyed by an earthquake, i read somewhere else...
2. #1 Yes.
Alfie Knowkes ,   Golan   (02.11.11)
3. Chasing the ellusive
Edithann ,   USA   (02.12.11)
Will the Jews now have to destroy those beautiful tiles to prove Jews were there first as they're determined to do with Al Aqsa? Don't you know Jews were everywhere first.. So far, Jews have dug up all of Palestine and still haven't found anything substantive to justify the 'GRAND THEFT'.... TATA
4. Jewish presence in the Holy Land
Myron ,   Israel   (02.13.11)
Unlike the religious Muslim leadership (Waqf) which strives to erase all evidence of Jewish presence, Israeli archaeologists strive to perpetuate all ancient archaeological materials - whether Jewish, Christian, Moslem or pagan - for the benefit of mankind. Only an ignoramous in this field could write what Mr. Tata wrote in his talkback message!!!
5. Converted? (#2)
Walter Schwenk ,   Pine Grove   (02.13.11)
Dear Alfie; they may have converted, but likely the great Jewish revolts of year 66-70 and 130-135 had a part in the demise of the former community. After the revolts, no doubt it was easier to dwell in the area as a "Christian" than as a "Jew". However, at that time there was much less difference in religious practice between the sects, than now. It took a discerning eye to diferentiate. The "Christians" basically believed in Yahshua, and rejected much of Rabbinic tradition, retaining all of the Mosaic tradition. An acceptable price to remain in the land in peace?
6. To #3
Alejandro ,   Santo Domingo, D.R.   (06.27.11)
Racists like you can't stand the fact that the historical and archaeological evidence clearly and strongly PROVES the long and robust Jewish presence in ancient ISRAEL (not Palestine)
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