Kapulsky Café making a comeback
Navit Zomer
Published: 14.02.11, 12:48
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1. I remember
zznhl   (02.14.11)
Even from the begining, they charged high prices so it became a status symbol to eat cake in these shops ( a practice peculiar to Israelis where if you eat or shop in establishments that can con you into paying over the odds for merchandise it some how makes you better than everyone else instead of the "frier" that you realy are!). When new chains, charging less for better quality goods, started popping up no wonder people started frequenting them and only the die hard snobs carried on at K's. I hope Kapulsky's new management learn the lesson and not fall down the toilet as the previuos company did.
2. I also remember
d ,   Raanana   (02.14.11)
Bad food and high prices.
3. Heydays are best left in the past
Talula ,   Israel   (02.15.11)
Kapulsky was once the home to the older generation, where on Friday mornings they would gather and discuss the events of the week. The chain went downhill through bad service, grubby floors and sub-standard menus. I think the memories of Kapulsky coffee shops are best left in the annals of Israeli history. Gap failed here 10 years ago - yet they tried to make a comeback last year - more often than not, the shops are still pretty much empty.
4. The "old" Kapulsky on Allenby...
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (02.15.11)
Was a great ploace to take a date after a movie to impress her. The best things about Kapulsky were the hot chocolate and the Black Forest cake. Other than that, their menu was pretty pedestrian and not worth the money. Franchising killed Kapulsky, just as it killed Sammy Borekas from Yafo, turning a home-make delicacy (the Black Forest cake) into a mass-produced, tasteless imitation.
5. kapulsky
debbie ,   israel   (02.16.11)
But all the coffee shop chains have the same menus, the same quality and the same high prices. I mean, some charge as high as $9.00 for a thin slice of commercial tasting cake! This is highway robbery! I'd rather go out for a real meal, than pay $10 plus, for a piece of cheese on a bagel.
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