IDF: Combat motivation breaking records
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 08.02.11, 15:38
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1. We can be proud
NorthLight ,   North of Israel   (02.08.11)
of our youth. Kol ha kavod.
2. As von Goethe said...
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.08.11)
"Energy is the basis of everything..."
3. We can be proud ,too
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.08.11)
80% of Palestinian teens want to be Freedom Fighters.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.08.11)
I have read many comments here by Haredim who claim secular youth in Israel are avoiding IDF service. But in this article I am reading clearly, and (hopefully) reliably, the Haredi rate of IDF service avoidance will reach nearly 20% of the eligible in Israel by 2020, up from about 13% today. So, were the past comments misguided (if not outright lies?) Of course I know that 90% of "statistics" is made up on the spot when needed by the person who quotes it. Should I wait for a rabbinical decree banning statistical lies by Haredi Takbackers? Until then, in a statistically correct way, I will use my own "haredi liar boogger factor" of 50%.
5. missing information
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.08.11)
"More than 13% of teens do not enlist in the IDF in favor of studying in yeshivot and are expected to reach 20% by the end of the decade." Interesting, and counter to the trends that show when the army provides kosher food and separation of sexes, many Haredim do join the army. Also interesting is how many teens do not enlist because of "psychiatric problems", like Leftist hero Aviv Gefen? I am certain very few, but how many?
6. They realize the true nature of events
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (02.08.11)
Look, what you have is generations now being raised with constant unprovoked hostility towards them. They know these people want them dead, period. Did anyone really think the Jewish people would ever walk into the ovens again? That was the point of Israel, never again. The next time you come for the Jewish people, well armed, they will fight to the death. Unlike the spoiled Arabs that already have 99.9% of all the land in the Middle East, the Jewish people have nowhere else to go. If Armageddon is what you seek, then you came to the right place. Israel when it's back is to the wall, and all is lost, will take the Middle East down. Why anybody would want that is nuts. Israel has stated since the beginning all they ever wanted was to live in peace with it's neighbors. All it's neighbors have ever stated is they want to destroy Israel. Never in all of history has Good vs Evil been so well defined, Israel is the Good. Proved by actions not taken, that could have been.
7. to Number 6 (Mark in Georgia)
Melech ,   Amherst USA   (02.08.11)
Mark..Thanx! Yours was the best comment so far today.I hope it is widely read and taken to heart.
8. Salma, the statistics are the same in Eurabia
9. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.08.11)
Terrorists are not freedom fighters. You can be really, truly proud that 80% of the ersatz "Palestinian" teens want to be terrorist scum. Why am I not all that surprised?
10. To: Mark at No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.08.11)
If G-d forbid Israel feels the end is nigh, we'll take considerably more than the Middle East with us. We'll make the world uninhabitable for a very long time to come.
11. To: Israel Israeli
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.08.11)
It's not the quantity of soldiers in the fight but rather the quality of fight in the soldier. Israel has always been massively outnumbered in each war, but has always prevailed. A small, highly-motivated military is better than one where everyone who is supposed to serve serves, but the morale and esprit de corps is ruined as a result.
12. That means they're dumber than those prior to 2007,...
split ,   US   (02.08.11)
13. I love the world so don't count on me to destroy. Peace sis.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.08.11)
14. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.08.11)
Well, I am Jewish and don't think I can love a world that would deny me a tiny corner in which to live unmolested and in perfect peace and tranquility. A world that cannot abide a Jewish presence isn't worth preserving.
15. "Data collected by the IDF's Personnel Directorate" LOL
Joy ,   NJ   (02.08.11)
Talk about self serving data gathering. any one can fudge the numbers in favor of their servery. that's why legitimate servery are done by independent organizations. I would not be surprised if a legitimate servery was done the number would be in the opposite.
16. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.08.11)
Oh we are proud of our youth. They carry the future of our beloved land on their shoulders. Am Israel Chai.
17. # 6
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.08.11)
Kudos Mark, good post.
18. salami
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.08.11)
Yeah? of which army ?
19. As a teen i would like to serve in combat fields
Ron Beery Israel,16   (02.08.11)
like many others adolecents in my area and I guess it the same way in the all state
20. Peace&tranquility there? r u for real, Stuxnyetski?
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.08.11)
21. # 19
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.08.11)
Way to go Ron & good luck to you. Kol ha kavod.
22. This is sick !
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (02.08.11)
23. # 13
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.08.11)
we wont & dont count on you Michael.
24. I just want to mention
nr ,   los angeles, usa   (02.08.11)
that while I agree with Sarah B (as always), it's more than the quality of soldiers - it's G-d. If you read the Torah and the Midrash, you will see that Jewish soldiers have always been superior to their enemy, but ALWAYS with the help of G-d. Today is no different. Thank the Holy One.
25. 22
Just proves you know zero about Israel & you really dont belong here.
26. #15, it wasn't a "survey"
Danny   (02.08.11)
It was the percentage of people eligible for combat duty who asked to do combat duty in their military service.
27. To: No. 20
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.08.11)
Israel has never been the aggressor. The Arabs do not make very good neighbors.
28. To Sarah B @ 14
Jennie ,   Us/Israel   (02.08.11)
Thank You, Sarah... You have conveyed the most important point about what we, Jews, are all about into a nutshell. I share your views and admire your wisdom...
29. I'm proud to be an IDF veteran
Maxime Love Israel ,   ISRAEL / USA   (02.09.11)
The IDF gave me the pride and the discipline that helped me to endure and overcome many obsticals of life. I gave you 2.5 years of service and you gave me a proud life. I'm 70 years of age and I'm a soldier for life...Thank you IDF! Thank you Israel! Beshanna habaa beyerushalayim. AMEN! I LOVE YOU MY BEAUTIFUL ISRAEL!
30. Sorry Ynet!
Maxime Love Israel ,   Israe / USA   (02.09.11)
I have misspelled the word (OBTACLES) on post #29. Sorry!
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