Demjanjuk defense says has new evidence
Associated Press
Published: 08.02.11, 15:57
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1. Did this nazi gave a chance to the jews he sent to death
Nazi! ,   World   (02.08.11)
a chance to talk to defend their lives ??? he shouldnt have the right to an attorney This guy is garbage- and he deserves that place in this world and of course no doubt he will have hell eternally-Amen
2. #1 huh?
Shlomo Kamera   (02.08.11)
This old man was not a Nazi. He did not kill any jews. Stop looking for scapegoats. Move on and stop being so vindictive!
3. hey # 2, if you beleive that we will tell you another
4. It's a Vicious Cycle
chasemonster ,   Chicago USA   (02.18.11)
First the Jews, now the Palestinians.
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