IDF says enlisting hackers
Boaz Fyler
Published: 08.02.11, 19:37
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zionist forever   (02.08.11)
The hackers are the experts. We can leave them to hack into computers at will for fun or we can give them jobs in the IDF and get them to put their skills to good work and help the IDF develop viruses and hack enemy computers.
2. Good Finally
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (02.08.11)
Good Finally Israel needs a political unit of media experts and also Hackers for offense finally a good strategy.
3. nice hair
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.08.11)
male pattern baldness strikes again.
4. finally because the arabs have been doing this for a long ti
rachel ,   usa   (02.08.11)
5. hackers
moshe ,   Tivon, Israel   (02.09.11)
a few hackers can control huge computer operated enterprises if the means of access are not constantly guarded and checked. Hopefully Israel has ALREADY thought of protecting Israeli "enterprises" and has these measures in place B E F O R E publicly annoucing the recruitment of hackers. moshe
6. sign up
az ,   san francisco, ca   (02.09.11)
how do i sign up for the program?
7. They can use
Josh ,   Washington, DC   (02.09.11)
Tracks new media and websites with text analysis and can use it to get to the media.
8. This is news?
Bill Shaw ,   Pottsville Pa. U.S.A   (02.09.11)
The IDF has been doing this for years! Ever hear of megaphone?
9. Re: Bill Shaw
BOB ,   Canada   (02.09.11)
Not exactly. The Megaphonies are spreading false propaganda to try to make the arabls look bad and Israel look good. Fortunately, they are easily recognizable because they spew the same non sense over and over. Now they notonly wanna infiltarted blogs, but hack them !! This isn't looking good for the free world, not good at all... I'm so prouf to see my fellow Canadians not falling for thei propagandha (only Harper and his croonies)
10. Israeli Propaganda Forces?
Basil ,   Morgantown, USA   (02.10.11)
Israel wants to instead of making peace, ending settlement construction try to find ways to undermine their enemies. Their strategy won't work because so many more hackers will oppose Israel if it doesn't change its human rights situation.
11. Where do I go to enlist
Bruce Kline ,   Moshav Maon   (02.10.11)
I am a bit old for the IDF combat forces but I have been doing this for free for Israel and the Jewish people for a couple of years. I want to sign up ASAP
12. They are late...........
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (03.01.11)
Just last week the Voice of America website was hacked by the Iranians in a very public way. The IDF says it is spending 1.6 million dollars for 120 soldiers. In my opinion that is a joke. What are you going to pay the soldiers? If you really want to do some damage invest a 100 million and get some real hackers on contract. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish and don't announce what you are spending publicly because your enemies will spend ten times as much to thwart your efforts. The IDF is very creative in the way it fights but very dumb when it comes to public opinion and world perception. In other words it needs to take it's short hands and put them in it's deep pockets...quietly.
13. Criminal Mindset At Work
Gray ,   USA   (03.02.11)
When the TRUTH about This Genocidal, Terrorist Enclave is so Damning... Nothing more clearly Proves Israel's Endemic, National Criminality than their desperate need for yet another Deceptive Scheme.
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