Drama in Egypt: President Mubarak quits
Published: 11.02.11, 20:00
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1. Honeymoon is over ,now the Zionists have to face real EGYPT!
2. what a victory... the more, because he foot-dragged so long.
eporue ,   europe   (02.11.11) "next please !"... for this, mubarak is to blame to a large extend: he challenged the masses, and they won... his - the egyptian - example, gave the middle easterners, thinking of an uprising, the last bit they need to find the courage... mubarak should have resigned immediately, not getting the whole area into thinking, trouble, making plans, discussing such a thing... so, whos next ?
3. "After more than two weeks of violent protests"
Tomer ,   Hod Hasharon, Israel   (02.11.11)
Not quite... the protesters went out of their way NOT to be violent. Violence was from the pro-Mubarak people. Anyway... I wish the people of Egypt well, and hope they get the fair, free, democratic government most of them seem to want. And of course that they maintain or improve their policy towards our little corner of the Middle East...
stude ham   (02.11.11)
and they will make the egyptian people and the world rue the day they forced another leader out of power.
5. i wish the same destiny to Iran
out the ayatollah, out the bad and horrible ahamadinejad freedom of the iranian people from terror and tiranny.
6. bye bye umbrella
ale ,   italia   (02.11.11)
Hosni Mubarak has decided to step down as president of Egypt. Vice-President Omar Suleiman made the announcement in a brief statement on state TV please haredi, say good bye to your dear dictator mubarak. say good bye to us support too. is a new Era for sionist and exclusive (only for jewish) democracy of israel. good luck hredi, good luck settlers.
7. here's the video
hashimilion ,   london united kingdo   (02.11.11)
here's the video to Suleiman's historic announcement.
8. When Arabs are all democracies...
Nour ,   Palestine   (02.11.11)
Bye bye occupation. Welcome Right of Return! Hooray young fellow Arabs, you hold the power.
9. not so fast...@1, 2, and6
Anon ,   SA   (02.11.11)
Oh really?? It's very easy to destroy! Let's see now how they will rebuild Egypt. To all you anti-semites out there - I'm not sure these people want another hiding from Israel. If they do - that's exactly what they'll get.
10. 1 call us Jews not Zionists.
11. Revolution a Double Edge Sword
Diamond Tom ,   lagos, Nigeria   (02.11.11)
The Most important thing is not Mubarak leaving but the future of Egypt and the region.Mubarak has being a source of stability in the region despite his dictatorship regime and if he his leaving what would the region look like.Because a revolution is a Double edge Sword. it has got both the good side and the evil side .I hope this revolution will not be a launching pad for an era of evil ,war and radical Islam in the region because in such a scenario the revolution will backfire against the Egyptian people. Iran is a typical example of how a so called revolution can backfire against the people and the region.
12. Now it's official .....
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (02.11.11)
We are in deep sh*t - the conventional wisdom & assumptions upon which our political elites based our security strategies has proven to be a blunder. The whole idea of somehow making peace with our neighbors generally by making enormous concessions usually involving ceding territory can be seen as tragically wrong, just wishful thinking, nothing but a temporary truce. There is no other way to ''spin';' this disaster although I have no doubt many will attempt exactly that. Our politicians, after all, never admit their mistakes, never accept responsibility, & perhaps worse of all, are so mediocre they can't even figure it out. All the idiots will be babbling about ''democracy'' & other platitudes. They have the memory span of goldfish, all of these ideologically impaired retards. It should be apparent to anyone with half a brain (this leaves out politicians, journalists, & ''experts'') that there is only one reason Mubarak has resigned. The army forced him out. Why? Again, only one reason - the higher leadership of the military were afraid of a mutiny by the rank & file. You can be sure that otherwise, they would have used all necessary force to put this down. By forcing Mubarak to resign, they hope to save their positions (and their ill-gotten gains). And, you can be sure that they made a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood as well, hoping to somehow crush them later. The best we can expect is a regime similar to Turkey today. The worst - another Iran within a short time.
Sid ,   London   (02.11.11)
14. #5 That day will never come..not in your wildest dreams
Arash ,   Tehran-Iran   (02.11.11)
15. You can kiss the Camp David Accords goodbye
Al   (02.11.11)
Egypt has folded to the MB. Jordan is next. War is coming!
16. Mubby can travel to London through Lod. Peres will say bye.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.11.11)
17. To # 1
john   (02.11.11)
At least you are showing your true colors. Aggressive and militant already. Kind of funny coming from a country that lost 4 times.
18. They won't be so happy when they find out what is coming is
Rivkah   (02.11.11)
far worse than what has been. A ruler will take control who will lead Egypt to ruin after robbing Egypt of its treasures. Egypt will become uninhabitable for forty years after the war that is coming against Israel. Aswan dam will be hit and the Nile will flood Egypt before it dries up. The future of Egypt is full of sorrow.
19. if we're ecstatic, then u must be eating khara now :D
Marwan ,   Jerusalem, Palestine   (02.11.11)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (02.11.11)
But while there's moonlight and music and love and romance ,let's face the Mubarak and dance...
21. Zionist dream is Kaput
Herzl ,   W.B   (02.11.11)
22. #17- in 73 war Egypt kicked your arsess
23. CBS Says No: Mubarak Has Not Resigned
emanon ,   USA   (02.11.11)
CBS Says there is confusion as Mubarak's cabinet has resigned, but he himself has not.
24. Arash, why not?!
Persian CAT   (02.11.11)
25. Stude ham, only a roach would...
Persian CAT   (02.11.11)
cal Mobarrak a "leader".
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (02.11.11)
You must not give away hard- fought- for land to enemies.
27. relax Israel
Mo ,   afrika du suid   (02.11.11)
This is good news... The army, now in control is more pro US and the west the Mubarak ever was. The army will not let the brotherhood come in because they hate Iran. Soon Iran will fall to the green movement. The people are free... And they want peace. Change is scary... But this will be good
28. the greatest day in Egyptian lifetime.
jo   (02.11.11)
To # 1. At first I thought you were an imbecile, Now, as an afterthought, I am sure that you are an idiot The same goes to # 13.
29. sad day in my life
fad egypt   (02.11.11)
that means that omer sulieman may not run for president and the people are going to elect amr moussa as a president moussa is known for his hostile policy and opinions toward israel if that happens i ll leave that country shame on the egyptians shame on usa and shame on obama
30. Hatred and fear of Mubarak was the only thing ...
stu ,   Israel   (02.11.11)
keeping the country from exploding. After lots hot air and bu*lsh*t expect a civil war, arab blood boils quickly in the middle east
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