Islamists welcome 'day of victory'
Published: 11.02.11, 20:06
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1. good bye semi democracy
pini   (02.11.11)
Shalom theocracy
2. Gaza and Egypt-beware!
Mike Cato ,   USA   (02.11.11)
I have absolutely no doubt that in a few weeks, large amounts of military armaments will be streaming into Gaza,donated by a newly belligerent,anti-Israel Egyptian military. That said, it is time that the Israeli PM and the IDF immediately (like yesterday) finalize pans for the retaking of gaza and all or part of Sinai. There will be no other alternative.
3. reply to Mike Cato
Al   (02.11.11)
loooool I admire your courage :)
4. War is on the horizon.
JJ ,   UK   (02.11.11)
Egypt will turn against Israel.
5. #2 don't you worry Mike
informed source   (02.11.11)
We're a few steps ahead of you on that one buddy-boy . Those plans so exist already (like yesterday) . . .
6. wishful thinking Mike gato
Carlos ,   Rio,Brazil   (02.11.11)
Yes mr gato weapons will flow into Gaza and there's nothing israel can do about it. Egypt a nation of 80 million would defeat Israel in any future conflict. The Egyptian armed forces are trained and equipped by the USA, so it will not be like 1973 or any of the previous wars where Egypt had obsolete Soviet weapons and tactics. Israel better behave now lest they want to see Egyptian M-1 Abrahams tanks and F-16 all over Israel territory
7. To my only two responders:All's hip,hip hurrey But
ROSS ,   U.S.A   (02.11.11)
But it's along way before they can really celebrate.But fools of the Haniyeh expects Israel will stay back and not take great precautionary measures than YOU haniyeh think again.Thinking the blockade will be lifted you must be dreaming.No matter who the new leader emerges in Egypt.Wake up Israel can easily give you CAST LEAD II--- or else re-take Gaza and throw you to the wolves.Beware what you wish for Hamas. To Mike as I just wrote above(not out yet) If push comes to shove Israel can re-take Gaza. Or else hamas can expect Cast Lead II... if he just moves a muscle. As for Sinai Mike.It should never have been given (free) To Egypt for a peace that was not worth even for a (toilet paper).Mubarak was not overly enthused toward Israel,nor the Jews. The so-called peace was a cold one which suited the USA. and so it went. Just think Sinai is three times larger than the whole Israel. But what's done is done----for now that is. It will depend oh how the new leader(whoever he may be) toward Israel Netanyahu and even the opposition should be UNITED.To behave otherwise is not condusive bickering among themselves.Being the ONLY REAL democracy in the whole ME is a proud achievement that the MB cannot dream of accepting democracy.Nor do any of the rest of Arab states. By the way, allthe cheering etc is fine.But this is only the beginning. Far too many imponderables awaits the egyptians....if they only knew.By getting rid of Mubarak they opened a pandora's box they will suffer inexorably they have yet to understand to their cost. Should we care? Personally so longas Israel is fine,the IDF & IAF at the ready I couldn't care less. We'll see in the next few days after those protesters have washed(must be stinking) slept,ate,oh and even go to the bathroom...if you get my drift, once the wake up>>What? Same old,same old with islamists
8. Ethiopia stands with Israel
Ethiojegna ,   Addis Ababa Ethiopia   (02.11.11)
Don't worry Israelis if Egypt does attack you, we will divert the nile river. We will wipe out all 80 million egyptians. trust me on that!
9. Elijah vs. the prophets of Baal?
David ,   USA   (02.12.11)
Thousands of years ago the question of "who is G-d? was settled by Hashem and the prophet Elijah. Is Hashem God or is Baal. This has been proven many times before (e.g. 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973). Seems like another "reminder" is about to be given to those who think their god is God.
10. On behalf of Israel I thank you Ethiopian. ha. ha ,but nice>
Stephen ,   Albany NY   (02.11.11)
But oh so nice of you that you will divert the nile river to acommodate Israel. But who needs wiping Egyptians? I sure as hell do not think for one minute Israel thinks of doing such a foolish,unworthy thing. But remember dear fellow...the only democracy throughout the ME is none other than Israel. Trust me on that,but I am, sure you know it too.
11. Defend Israel
remi ,   holland   (02.12.11)
I am not jewish. But if Israel needs me I will not think twice to join the IDF. It is a big honor to defend Israel with my life. Many people around the world have the same desire. Call us a mix of Ruth & Uria. Long Live Israel !!
12. Remi, the time is now don't hesitate
IRAN#1   (02.12.11)
Because soon the "israelis" will start to go back home where they came from and they will sure need suckers like you to keep the fire going while they flee :)
13. #12 IRAN#1
SamA ,   La Quinta, USA   (02.12.11)
Irooni beshoor the Jews will stay put in thier homeland and you better start looking for a good hiding place when Israel finally decides on the final solution for Iran. Remi and his likes are honorable people and the IDF would be honored to stand by the them. The suckers are Iranians like you who stand with the blood suckers Mullahs/akhoonds and have nothing better to do than post and spew hatred on an Israeli Jewish News Paper. Go search for your kookonet somewhere else.
14. Israel
Amelia Bedelia ,   Phoenix, Az USA   (02.12.11)
God is on the side of Israel. No weapon formed against her shall prosper. I pray for the peace of Israel.
15. Iranian no 12
Jews are returning to their homeland called ISRAEL.This land of ISRAEL WAS GIVEN BY G D.REad your QURAN about BNEI ISRAIL>BNEI ISRAIL are JEWS not MUSLIMS OR ISLAM. Iran is occupied land,conquered by the Islamic SWORD.One day will come that IRAN will be return to the real owners HAMAN ANCESTORS.
16. remi from Holland
JUDAH THE LION   (02.13.11)
Thank you very much for your support. We appreciate your support,but the IDF will never accept FORIEGN TROOPS blood to be split in Israel,we can accept helpers in other fields. G D BLESS YOU & ALL YOUR FAMILY and TO EVERYONE WHO SUPPORT THE JEWS & ISRAEL. THANK YOU< THANK YOU>
Remi ,   Holland   (02.14.11)
Shalom JUDAH THE LION Your people are the light of the world. My very duty to defend your country and your people. In this case I say it from the bottom of my heart : At your service, my friend.
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