Palestinians: More barriers to be removed
Yair Altman
Published: 13.02.11, 08:40
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1. and the palestinain 'partners' are doing what in return?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.13.11)
**crickets chirping**
2. if folks want real peace...
Galut ,   selah   (02.13.11)
it will only be possible IF folk on both sides put aside thier hate and fear and put togather constructive steps that will benifit both sides... but it WON'T happen if Hate and fear isn't set aside.
3. I hate checkpoints.
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.13.11)
it's not for security ..... it's just to disturb the lives of palestinians.
4. Correction for Salma, in "Palestine"
Yisrael ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.13.11)
I hate checkpoints. It's not for security... it's just to disturb the lives of palestinian terrorists and murderers. Thank heavens they will not be molested any more !
5. Salma - when did Pals declare an end to suicide bombings?!?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (02.13.11)
I don't recall hearing about it. In fact, I know for a fact that Hamas is only in what they call a "lull" in the violence. Their official policy is that suicide bombings are "legitimate resistance to the occupation." As well, you have the problem of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade - a branch of Fatah. This organization has also not declared that negotiations are the way. The vast majority of Israelis want peace, and the vast majority of Israelis insist that checkpoints and the wall will stay until the Palestinians put an end to bombings and shootings and stabbings and rock throwing and firebomb throwing. I hate checkpoints too. I seem to always pick the wrong line going into Jerusalem. However, I wait patiently knowing that Palestinians have shot and killed several people at my local checkpoint, and at one point set off a roadside bomb hidden on a donkey. We know that taking down the roadblocks and opening free flow of people means that suicide bombings and car bombings will return. Prove us wrong, and we'll take down the checkpoints and the wall.
6. @4 Now, What do you say ?!
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.13.11)
do you say that all palestinians are "terrorists and murderers" ?!
7. #5 Brian Cohen , so It's collective punishment
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.13.11)
checkpoints and walls will not make good neighbors, and will not bring peace.........On the contrary, it will only increase hatred and enmity between the two peoples, you know how to end suicide bombings and car bombings , Don't You ?! Believe me, putting people in prisons and ghettos is not the right answer.
8. to#6 Salma
Marcelo ,   Berlin   (02.13.11)
Nobody has to say that you all are terrorists, murders and savages. It is so easy to see that words are not needed. I didn't see/heard from any of your "race" some sorrow for the bus bombs, quassams, short-range killing of pregnant women and kids, disco-bombs, restaurants-bombs, airplane highjacks, etc etc etc. We only see, your happiness when jews are killed. So, you are. All of you.
9. Of course I know, but you aren't cooperating
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (02.13.11)
Of course checkpoints and walls do not make good neighbors nor do they bring peace - but they stop suicide bombers and car bombers. Of course I know how to end suicide bombings - it's called making peace with your neighbors. So, Salma, we're back to the main problem - the Palestinians are refusing to negotiate a peace treaty. Stop the excuses, stop the whining. Get back to the negotiating table. Putting the people who send suicide bombers in prisons is indeed the correct answer. Many of us think they should get the death sentence in return for the people they've murdered, but we don't have the death sentence here in Israel. Putting people in "ghettos" is, of course, simply Palestinian propaganda. Ramallah is not a ghetto. Neither is Gaza. You know how to end "collective punishment", don't you? The answer is a peace treaty and two states for two peoples. You can't have a peace treaty unless you negotiate. SO NEGOTIATE ALREADY!!!! You want to end the checkpoints? NEGOTIATE! You want to take down the wall? NEGOTIATE!!! Believe me, making excuses to stay away from the peace talks is not the right answer.
10. 6 - no, but all suicide terrorist murders are ... what?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.13.11)
11. #9 But, but , but,
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.13.11)
After two decades of endless negotiations, we've achieved nothing, No independence, no return of refugees, no Jerusalem, Peace talks come and go, but a settlement grows, "Israel" is imposing a new reality on the ground under the guise of so-called peace process!! So Mr. Cohen, Do you think that there is ONE reason can encourage our "leaders" to return to the negotiations? "Israel's" security, is the same argument that will lead to a reversible, you do not want one -state, but because of your insistence on "Israel's" security, it is very clear that you will not give up the West Bank, it is very clear that we will never go anywhere else, It's very clear too that there will be only one solution—one state for two peoples in the long-term .
12. Salma 11
JUDAH THE LION   (02.13.11)
How can we JEWS give you independent of our land? NO one in the world will give independence of their land.NO way,even if the whole world will stand on their heads arabs refugees will ever return to the JEWISH STATE. For Jerusalem the capital city of ISRAEL and the city of SION, you will never get one stone,unless you re-write your QURAN saying propphet Mohammed was in Jerusalem,he lived there with his underage wife/ves,and when he died he flew with his horse to heaven from Jerusaelm by JUMBO JET 747 Via Mecca 7 Medina
13. Salama
Best solution is ONE STATE SOLUTION FOR JEWS as QURAN SAYS.No more no less,.Your land is in the dessert of Arabia
14. to #7 collective punishment is nesesery
ghostq   (02.13.11)
cause sucide bomber will not declair himself as one, and since you send 14 old kids to do it than collective stay, unless you will take the responsibility for your own actions.
15. to #11 since most refugees r not refugees
ghostq   (02.13.11)
many were bedouin aka nomadic prior 1948 and by now most palis were born not in the Israeli area than this stupid idea is well stupid. andsince Israel security is the most important one, during rabin era the hand of Israel was for peace but that was also the highes era of the sucide bombings, so I don't think you will ever get any second chance, you see salma innocent padestrians r more important than anything else.
16. Salma
Andy ,   Canada   (02.13.11)
Your posts would have more credibility if stopped putting quotation marks on Israel which clearly states your POV regarding the right of Jews to live in their own country. Secondly, your posts would have more credibility if there was any balance to them. Every day you bombard us with one side perspectives on how bad we are and how just the cause of the Palestinian side is. Have you really missed all the history of the region in your education? Consider accepting Jewish rights to a homeland and saying so publicly without the usual 'weasel' words of one-state, right of return of refugees etc. We have refugees too---we just absorbed them into the Jewish world after your world threw over 1 million of them out. If your 'leaders' said publicly to your 'people' what they apparently said in the leaked documents---we may all be a little further 'ahead'.
17. To #7 It's not collective punishment;it's saving a community
EST ,   Miami USA   (02.13.11)
18. #12, 13 ,14 You're the enemies of truth
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.13.11)
but You can't hide from the truth, cause the truth is all there is.
19. #16 Andy ,
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.13.11)
Your post would have more credibility , if You didn't contradict yourself !
20. 18
JUDAH THE LION   (02.13.11)
dear salama,since when you know the truth? I am tellling you the truth Israel is Jewish land according to your Quran. Do you have any proof Israel is an Arab land,then prove it
21. #18 "You can't hide from truth"
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.13.11)
Then, why not try telling it, just for a change Barriers hinder the transport of instruments of death, either concealed on the person or in the packages they are carrying Haven't you noticed, no recent homicide bombings, since the barriers and fence have both proven to be efficient protective measures
22. It's nothing short of criminal negligence.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.13.11)
We know exactly what happens when security barriers in Judea and Samaria are removed or downgraded. "Palestinian" terrorists take advantage of the lack of security to commit murderous atrocities. This is not speculation. It has occurred in every instance. It's nothing short of criminal negligence to take down security barriers and those responsible should be dealt with as the criminals they are.
23. @#11 Excuse me?
Jewish Warrior   (02.13.11)
Do you HONESTLY believe that Israel will just allow refugees to "return". Either GIVE UP your idiotic demand for Israel to commit national suicide, or kiss statehood good-bye. Secondly, Israel annexed Jerusalem before the PA even came into existence: it has a lawful right to do this under the 1922 League of Nations mandate. It is willing to let you set up a capital in Abu Dis and other Arab east Jerusalem neighborhoods and give you free access to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, but the thought that it will give up Jerusalem proper and the Temple Mount, the city that Jewish culture and faith is centered around is sheer nonsense.
24. No ifs, ands or buts. Selma you are your own worst enemy
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (02.13.11)
Wrong again, Selma, but a very good example of why you Palestinians prefer to shoot yourselves in the foot instead of forming a country. After two decades of negotiations, you have achieved A LOT! The vast majority of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank are governed in their daily lives by their own elected Palestinian Authority. Two decades ago you were ruled by the Israeli military. You achieved a total Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. Yea, there are border problems because Hamas still prefers war to peace, but there isn't a single Israeli or Israeli settlement left in Gaza. That is a HUGE achievement. (Notice I'm not saying if I agree or disagree with it, I'm just stating that factually it was indeed a big achievement for the Palestinians...the Arab ones). Two decades ago there was no Palestinian government, no Palestinian ministries, and no Palestinian police. You may not like them, but they are yours, and it is a HUGE achievement. And settlement construction has more or less ground to a halt. I can show you dozens of Israeli towns in Judea and Samaria that have not received a new building permit for years. - including my town, where there is a housing shortage. As for you false allegation that "you" (meaning me) are unwilling to give up the west bank - well, look at Gaza. We gave it up. Look at my house - I'm willing to give it up in return for a true peace with a new nation that never before existed called "Palestine" - and despite the fact than before 1948 when anybody said "Palestinian" they meant the Jews, not the Arabs. There is no one-state solution. At least not in our lifetimes and I intend (G-d willing) to live a LOT longer, Salma. If you don't want Israel imposing a "new reality of the ground", then there are only two answers: have a war and defeat us, or go back to the negotiations and sign a peace treaty. With the Palestinians refusing to negotiate, it is clear that they are going nowhere fast.
25. barriers removed
sam cohen ,   brooklyn ny usa   (02.13.11)
The Arabs are already winning,bit by bit.Over the years they have cut into Jewish positions while they have given up nothing.They prey on the weakness of the leftwing Europeanized Court Jews who run Israel from behind the scene.Consider, (1)even conservative Isaelis now call them Palestinians,from the mythical nation of Palestine.There is no Palestine & the Arabs are just Arabs.During the mandate the Jews were the one & only Palestinians!(2)with All of the phoney/baloney "peace process" dumped on Israel it has become mainstrem opinion that the Arabs somehow deserve Jewish land.....I don't have the faintest idea why this should be so!The Left get all wet & smarmy in Tel Aviv when they hear that some checkpoints have come down on the west bank.They are overjoyed that cute,cuddily Arabs will not have their feelings hurt.Of course if terrorists get through & murder Jews it's no big deal,after all thats what Jews are for,isn't it?To be targets for the Jew haters.
26. Sama, since you mentioned
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.13.11)
"Collective Punishment" how would you describe a homicide bomber blowing him/herself up in the midst of many innocent civilians Bus, Pizza Parlo & Shopping Mall Bombings come to mind ?
27. #11 "Decades of endless negotiations"
Cynthia ,   USA   (02.13.11)
Serious negotiations never occured. Arafat sabotaged them with terror attacks. Erekat, Abbas and the other mumblers couldn't get away from the table fast enough. Hamas manufactured terror. And while 25%-65% of the Palestinian population is unemployed, Fayad issued fatwas against economic cooperation with Israel. Why should Israeli and international leaders take you seriously when you sabotage negotiations, continue weapons smuggling and fire kassams and bombs at Israel? The Palestinians have had enough time and financial support to get their act together. Until they do, life goes on and that includes building to meet Israel's needs.
28. I searched the Net and found at least 10 terror attacks...
Andy ,   Israel   (02.14.11)
I checked online and found at least 10 terrorist attacks thwarted by IDF security at Harawa since 2008. So is Barak's master plan with his new Independence party 1.) To push Peace talks while ALL our neighbors are changing governments and to 2.) open the Harawa crossing to allow suicide bombers into Aretz Israel again? Maybe we need to get Barak a psych exam.
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