Gaddafi tells Palestinians: Revolt against Israel
Published: 14.02.11, 00:08
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1. careful mr Gaddafi ..what you say ...
Galut ,   Selah   (02.14.11)
maybe will happen to you... the scripture is repleat with fallen despots that came against may be next and not necessarly at the hand of israel... your people are ripe for an event like what happen to egypt.... and your tent walls are pretty thin.
2. How stupid he looks
David ,   IN this planet   (02.14.11)
Wait a minute, HE IS STUPID
3. Libyans rise-up!
citizen   (02.14.11)
Now is your time for a popular revolution. Have you not had enough?
4. msg
Matt   (02.14.11)
That is a shame.
5. "Fleets of boats should take Palestinians"
William ,   Israel   (02.14.11)
I agree. The "Palestinians" should be moved onto a large fleet of boats (I hear Turkey has some big ones just sitting around) and wait until the issue of borders and refugees is finalized. It might take a while so bring a pillow and blanket. One thing for sure - Friday's in Bilin will be peaceful again and terrorism will job to zero.
6. "popular revolts are upon us"
William ,   Israel   (02.14.11)
You are so right, and just yesterday there was a great story on Libyan opposition who are working against your regime, albeit in complete secrecy as you are known to arrest, torture and kill ANYONE who utters a word against you. Tell you what Ghaddafi, a true leader is one who leads by example. Show the Arab world how open you are to democracy so they can emanate it against those evil Zionists (whom do rule over them in the first place).
7. LOL! This idiots next!!!!
EZ ,   USA   (02.14.11)
Revolutions re here alright...and it ain't looking good for Lybia, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the whole ME. These people had better finally learn some sophistication or they won't be around much longer. The world has tired of the rebellious Muslim character that has aggravated the world only to find itself slammed to the ground with a big fat heel on it's face. Islam, Arabs and middle-easterners are indeed at a cross-roads. It's either move in a positive direction and get some sophistication or get blasted into oblivion. Even Europe has had enough and the match up between the "two worlds" is more lopsided than EVER. These people should learn to progress instead of hang people every 12 hours like in Iran. If not, there will be no sympathy left...for any of them.
8. People of Libya, revolt against this clown
Chong ,   Malaysia   (02.14.11)
9. Dear Libiyan Citizens its time to revolt
Avi ,   Israel   (02.14.11)
Dear Libyian citizens its time to revolt against that clown that lives in a tent known as Gadafi. He is raking in millions while you dont have money for bread. He has turned your state in to a bannana republic, Start by buning down his tent...
10. the rise of Islamic Emprialism for domination of the world?
11. mr gaddafi
fad egypt   (02.14.11)
said a very important point he said that he doesnt recognize israel because the un resolution 181 which divided the so called palestine is not considered legitimate as it was accepted by one party only which is israel but the other party of the conflict which is the arabs refused it thats great and he is right so the un resolution 181 is not a suitable resolution of the conflict well the alternative resolution was made on septemer 1923 when the league of nations which represented the international community before the UN, approved to make palestine as the national home of the jewish people and that was approved by more than 50 countries and was the outcome of agreement between haim weizman the representative of the WZO and emir faisul who was ruler of iraq as the representative of the arab world and he is the brother of the heshimite king abdullah the first of jordan so all the land belongs to the jews and the jews can build everywhere whether in judea and samaria jerusalem or in tel aviv and haifa according to the international law !!!!!!!! actually jordan was considered the eastern part of the land of israel according of balfour declaration but shame on GB they sold the jews and betrayed them in favor of the arabs and gave jordan to king abdullah and iraq to his brother faisul and they betrayed the jews again in 1947
12. Gadaffi's Worried....
that the Libyans will get rid of him like Mubarak. He is trying to distract attention to Israel, to make him popular.
13. Ghaddafi
Natan ,   USA   (02.14.11)
You just maybe next you moron
14. The apocalyptic stooge
John ,   Boise, Idaho USA   (02.14.11)
Khadafi says we should "go green" by suggesting that "all those who fled in the war of Israel's creation should be allowed to return" Perhaps he should follow his own advice by allowing all those that fled Libya during Khadafi's creation to return to Libya. That way they can join in the upcoming new revolt against his government dictatorship and the world will be better off with one less apocalyptic stooge.
15. Obama to Libyans:
Curtis ,   USA   (02.14.11)
Revolt !
16. Always my favorite headcase tyrant
Cameron ,   USA   (02.14.11)
No one keeps it brutal & loony like the cat in Libya.
17. Qadaffai
H. Seligman ,   New Yirk, USA   (02.14.11)
He looks like Carlos Santana. Maybe he can back up Carlos in the band when he deposed?
18. Look at the dictator dictate attention away from his ivory..
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.14.11)
...tower. :^P How many years has he been in power now?
19. This would clearly be an act of war
golani ,   Vineland, USA   (02.14.11)
Any action as described by Gaddafi would clearly be an act of war, and I do not believe that the Palestinians would be that naive to want to do this at this time. An act of war such as this would clearly justify complete destruction of the attacking enemy.
20. Palestinian refugees
kurt ,   sandiego   (02.14.11)
Palestinian refugees are a result of the actions of arabs attacking Israel. Why don't the arabs take care of them?
21. Daffy Khadaffi has spoken
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.14.11)
This is the momser that was responsible for the Lockerbie Plane Bombing, in which 270 innocent people were killed He's a madman, no doubt about it
22. Kadafy can't get rid of his diaper - he looks very clowny
Rachel ,   USA   (02.14.11)
23. Mr. Gadaffi:
Israeli 2   (02.14.11)
Those so called Palestinians you mentioned are Arabs like yourself and as yourself, you know that they are just a big bag of air. Big action.
24. LIbyan fascism against the Jews
Dan Kelso   (02.14.11)
A savage pogrom in Tripoli on November 5, 1945 were more than 140 Jews were massacred and almost every synagogue looted. (Howard Sachar, A History of Israel). In June 1948, rioters murdered another 12 Jews and destroyed 280 Jewish homes. Thousands of Jews fled the country after Libya was granted independence and membership in the Arab League in 1951. (Norman Stillman, The Jews of Arab Lands in Modern Times). After the Six-Day War, the Jewish population of 7,000 was again subjected to pogroms in which 18 were killed, and many more injured, sparking a near-total exodus that left fewer than 100 Jews in Libya. When Col. Qaddafi came to power in 1969, all Jewish property was confiscated and all debts to Jews cancelled. Today, no Jews are believed to live in Libya. Although emigration was illegal, more than 3,000 Jews succeeded to leave to Israel. When the British legalized emigration in 1949, more than 30,000 Jews fled Libya. At the time of Colonel Qaddafi's coup in 1969, some 500 Jews remained in Libya. Qaddafi subsequently confiscated all Jewish property and cancelled all debts owed to Jews. By 1974 there were no more than 20 Jews, and it is believed that the Jewish presence has passed out of existence.
25. Gaddafi, shut up
Jared ,   Stillwater   (02.14.11)
Gaddafi remainds me of "Bagdad Bob" what an idiote
26. Gaddafi is not a normal person, take a look at him
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (02.14.11)
He himself chooses to look foolish, and he dresses himself up in his court jester outfits. The man is nuts, a basket case.
27. Gaddafi and Lockerbie bombing, the insane tyrant
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (02.14.11)
The Lockerbie bombing victims and their relatives and freinds should march on Gaddafy's border and remove the insane tyrant.
28. Gadafi - He is trying to divert attention from himself
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (02.14.11)
Gadafi is on the " shortlist " of dictaters who may be removed.
29. Gaddafi
John Baylor ,   Sunbury USA   (02.14.11)
Gaddafi, You have it backwards. The green states are trying to destroy the white states!!
30. The time is ripe for Lybians to do one "a la Egypt"
EST ,   Miami USA   (02.14.11)
How long has he been in absolute ruthless power? Longer than Mubarak if memory serves me right....mmmmmmmmmm something for Lybians to think about, in a very peaceful way of course....
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