Friedman: White House disgusted with Israel
Published: 14.02.11, 09:41
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1. The court Jew Friedman should know - most of the Americans
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (02.14.11)
are disgusted by the White House current dwellers. Most of the Americans are disgusted by a naivette of our Usurper-in-Chief. Most of the Americans can't wait to see his go...... Two more years...
2. Right on, Arthur!
Moshe ,   Rehovot, Israel   (02.14.11)
Arther has it right! The Obama administration contradicted itself so many times, it's a wonder that they don't have lockjaw. Of course, when somebody told Barry Hussein Obama that this was "change," he was all for it.
3. Senior New York Times columnist
Nou Gnon ,   Njamena, Chad   (02.14.11)
Senior BS Times columnist ! A foolish and totally useless fellow!
4. the schlamiel
cape Straight alaska   (02.14.11)
How much money does Freidman get everytime he visits the Gulf? He was been wrong so many times, he has become the laughing stock of the American Jewish community. A boomer without a wanger.
5. Friedman a laugher≠US; Israel disgusted w/Friedman & NYTimes
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (02.14.11)
6. How about Friedman disgusted with Israel?!
Joe ,   Havertown, PA   (02.14.11)
Thomas Friedman who has never had a good word to say about Israel and has regularly shown his disdain for Netanyahu is now saying "the White House is disgusted with with Israel?" I believe we call that reasoning, "projection."
7. and when democracy isnt...
izzy d   (02.14.11)
established do not expect friedman to apoligize or learn from it.
8. Unable....
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (02.14.11)
"Jerusalem unable to deal with changes in Egypt".............well they also seem unable to deal with changes in Israel.
9. Israel Disgusted with Friedman??
David S. ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.14.11)
One man gives a personal opinion, biased, ill-informed. He makes a living at it. How does this sort of thing sit along side news, and get treated as significant? Thomas who?
10. Most Americans...
Michael ,   SF, CA   (02.14.11)
....don't believe what Arthur or anyone who writes how 'most Americans' feel. I for one and most of my friends believe Obama has been a stabilizing president and will be one of our greatest leaders when all is said and done. He will be elected again in 2012 and the USA and I think the world will be better for it. As for the Israeli -Palestine issue: I hope Jerusalem heeds Tom Friedmans advice and makes a real peace with the Palestinians before the whole Arab AND Persian AND Muslim world is against it.
11. Not so fast, Friedman
Guy ,   Seattle USA   (02.14.11)
What democracy are you referring to exactly? Egypt just went from a tyrannical dictatorship to a military junta. There's still no democracy there, and it remains to be seen what if any kind there will be. So don't be too quick to feign your "disgust". Readers might get the impression that you make stuff up as you're going along.
12. Tom Friedman
buntyp ,   Jamaica   (02.14.11)
We are supposed to simply take for granted, that such a 'Discussion' between Israeli Govt. Officials, actually took place. (because Friedman said so) I doubt that any such discussion, as described by Friedman, did in fact occur. He seems to be now 'Fabricating' stuff for the people who his fellow 'Columnist' , Paul Krugman, describes as the, 'Zombies'. Meaning Us. His bias against Israel, is now being written in 'Sky Letters'. Good, so we all can see it very 'Clearly'.
13. Israel and Freidman
Gerald Sobel-Solar ,   Santa Monica   (02.14.11)
I too am so ashamed of the way the Israeli Gov. has handled this! They must be sound asleep during the reading of the Passover Hagadah. I am so thrilled with 'The Children of Egypt' and their brave revolt against Pharoh. Hooray! Viva Freidman!
14. Mr Friedman Think about it for a Second!
BigIzz ,   USA/ Israel   (02.14.11)
It seems you are amazed with the uprising in Egypt. Which is making you forget what Israel's basic requirments are. #1 Security: Living in the States you forget Israel is surrounded by Arab countires and the Med. History clearly shows the Arabs would like to see Israel terminated. For 30 Years Israel had Peace on the boarder with Egypt. In some ways Mubarak was good for Israel. I would like to see a Democracy in Egypt and the continued Peace with Israel. . Today we dont know what the future holds in Egypt? We dont know who will be thier new leader? We do not know what kind of Democrcy the Egyptians will run if any? What new motivations will araise from thier new leader? Israel's intent and acceptance would be very positive if it knew Democracy was comming and not Extremist trying to take over. Which would intern disturb the Peace between Israel & Egypt. Israel placed alot of pressure on the White House...Remember status quo for Israel would be better. Mubarak equalled peace for Israel. In your artical you say " Israel will have to make peace with 80 million Egytians" Why dosent your artical read: "Under Mubarak Israel had 30 years of Peace. Will the Peace remain?" Why are you claiming Israel has to make peace? Anything that happens now will come from Egypt transition and new leadership. I hope you understand why Israel dosent want to use thier imagination and fool herself...Status Quo was better. Its a pitty the Mubarak dictatorship wasnt Democartic.. Bigizz U.S.A / Israel
15. People Who don't stand By their friends are the worst sort!
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.14.11)
at least the children of "Israel" decided to be not hypocrites this time, so they stand By their bad friends in Egypt, you know Mr. Fridman, Birds of a feather flock together !
16. Friedman will get again arab and iranian money
17. Every country looks out for its own interests first!
Abe Cohen ,   LA   (02.14.11)
Doesnt obama husseins HOUSEBOY know that?
18. I love Obama
Michael Rosenthal ,   NY - NY   (02.14.11)
I am 100% American, Jewish and I tell you that mos of my folks love Obama. He's doing a great job. Oh, yes, we are disguted with Israel, of course.
19. What a load of anti-semetic bunk!
noa ,   israel   (02.14.11)
Anyone ever heard of loyalty? Is it possible that Israel who had made the peace with Mubarak and worked with him all these years did not want to stab him in the back? At best, Israel's defence of him was weak and lukewarm, unlike the U.S.'s, which was quite shocking.
20. Boring
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.14.11)
So some famous pro-Saudi journalist criticizes Israel. Why is this news? This is no more interesting than reading that Glenn Beck criticized Obama.
21. Friedman the Dhimmi
Aron ,   NY, NY   (02.14.11)
Friedman has the old habit of siding with the enemy. Be it outsourcing were he ignore the human trafficking aspect, and here bawls about democracy ignore the reality of the Moslem Brotherhood waiting in the wings. Ordinary democratic protesters don't assault the interior ministry with automatic weapons in the middle of the night.
22. Dhimmi or fried man?
James ,   Netherlands   (02.14.11)
This Friedman is a well-known leftist propagandist. Core to leftist identity is the dream that you can make reality to whatever you want – just by taking everyone else to dream the same dream with you. Not so. Democracy is only worth the matter if a certain set of preconditions apply. This set consists of the core values of western societies that sprang from a Classical-Judeo-Christian background. In fact, these values are more important than the process by which a people votes for its own government. Remember that even Hitler came to power by means of a democratic process. It is a well-known fact (though Friedman apparently chooses not to know it) that the values of Islamic societies are incompatible with the Western values that form the backbone of a true democracy. Fourteen hundred years of Islamic society proved that Islam is repressive to every kind of minority. That is not by accident, it was intended and planned because Quran and Hadith revel in the example of the Prophet M. who slaughtered nearly all Jews of Arabia. Islam has not changed since. Is this time, where we see everywhere vigorous attempts to revive Islam, the right time to play around with such experiments as Friedman suggests? If we do, soon every Jew will be, at best, a dhimmi like this Friedman or, more likely, by Arabic rockets be turned into a fried man.
23. Israel's public stance during crisis = another PR disaster
brett ,   usa   (02.14.11)
24. Mr. Friedman, please give it a little rest
northern ,   north   (02.14.11)
I know you got warm feelings towords the people of Israel, and I know that you are worried about Netanyahoo. We here in Israel are worried too. But the fact that you are now one track minded with the need to attack him and our government about once a week harms your cause instead of helping it. People here and among the Jewish community in the U.S treat you as a friend turned foe and are not listening to you anymore. Netanyahoo actually gains strength because of your columns because people unite when a new foe appears. Please stop.
25. Israel disgusted with White House and Nazicrats!
DJ   (02.14.11)
26. #10 - you forgot to mention that he's a Nobel Peace Prize
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (02.14.11)
27. trusting the russian is more reliable than the americian
Unreliable friend   (02.14.11)
American is more likely to abandon their friends than the russia, cartier abandon the shah of iran and got a monster, obama abandon mubarak and will get a T-rex.
28. We will never forgive israel
Egyptian ,   Egypt   (02.14.11)
I totally agree with Mr. Firedman. I am as an Egyptian will never forgive Israel and I think all my generattion will do the same. We used to admire Israeli's democracy but we have discovered it is not a real deomcrcy, it is a fake one. Democratic countries support people struggle for their freedom but israel did everything can afford to save her stupid Mubarak. I have discovered israel's reality. It is just a theocratic stupid country like Saudi Arabia but without oil. You israelis make yourself a joke when you say we belong to western civilization because everybody in world especially in the west discovered your ugly reality.
29. thats alright
Danny   (02.14.11)
the leaders in the US will be gone in a couple of years.
30. That's allright - Israel isdisgusted with you & Obama too!
Proud Redneck ,   OH, USA   (02.14.11)
The American People is also disgusted with NYT and Obama and soon, you will both go down the history latrine! We are extremely pleased to see NYT crashing and losing popularity. It will soon be read only in the elitist, arrogant and suicidal-PC ultra-Leftist circles, hand-in-hand with irrelevant CNN and MSNBC. Attaking Israel will not gain you more eyeballs - only more disgust at your spineless, ass-licking dihmi attitude. You don't have any dignity and self-respect left Your time (pun intended) has passed Mr. Freidmann. Give way for some more relevant people - those who value freedom, honesty and democracy. Don't try telling us what to think. Don't speak in our name! You do NOT represent the White House and you do not represent the majority of the American People - by far!
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