Friedman: White House disgusted with Israel
Published: 14.02.11, 09:41
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31. this from a man who
Golan ,   Modiin   (02.14.11)
said Arafat is a man of peace.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (02.14.11)
And Friedman is a nit.
33. #23 "genius brett" is at it again.
Proud Redneck ,   OH, USA   (02.14.11)
"Israel public stance was a disaster", evidently unlike Obama's and Hillari's stampede for the first microphone in sight, spewing hysterical statements without actually understanding what happens and having any knowledge of the Egyptian Constitution and Law. It was funny seeing both clowns backpedalling, trying to hide their evident stupidity and reckless and irresponsible statements. Actually Israel awas the ONLY responsible democracy which shut up and waited for events to clarify, before saying ANYTHING! Israel did not need any PR! Their best PR this time was SILENCE and they were freaking good at it! Israel's "PR" was infinitely better than our inexperienced, Islamo-Leftist Administration and other knee-jerking European heads of state!
34. He's a German-American obsessed with heckling Israel
Eitan ,   Chicago   (02.14.11)
Friedman's views are peripheral, uninformed, and wildly off-based - and given their origin in Manhattan rather than on the ground, they are reminiscent of the opinions spewing from another island in the North Atlantic (Ireland). If he fancies himself such an earthy man on the street, I'd like to see him shovel a trough worth of camel dung down his gullet, just like the Bedouin do (for the enzymes). His credentials are about as convincing as those of Chomsky: "I wrote a travel memoir decades ago, now I can opine authoritatively about everything that happens over there in perpetuity, without truing up my knowledge base with facts on the ground." He's in good standing at the NY Slimes, where Maureen Dowd habitually writes op-eds that explain away opposition to Obama's policies as mass hysteria. Newsflash: the average reader has mastered more real historical scholarship than the average NYT journalist.
35. Obama supported by Friedman want US democracy everywhere
Seppo ,   Finland   (02.14.11)
In America rich bankers and intellectual elite working together handpick every single presidential candidate agreeing with their main goals. Thus for them it does not matter who is elected. To unknown Obama $750m was granted for promotion and all main media lauded him. Freedom of thought has been taken away from Americans and they should think and follow instructions of main media. French revolution produced Napoleon, Russian revolution produced Stalin. The very weak democracy in Germany produced Hitler. Using democracy he took the dictatorship. The US has seen that creating any democracy in Iraq and Afganistan takes years and years with no guarantee of its success. In this light Obama's requirement to make democracy in Egypt ovenight will result only in another dictatorship. The strongest man or group will take over. In Egypt until foreseeable future that will be Islam Brotherhood which group Obama supports. For Israel that sounds like Hamas takeover. In Turkey Ataturk created strong army to protect democracy. EU forced Turkey to reduce the strenght of the army in the name of democracy and now Erdogan has free hands to move towards Islamistic state.
36. Israeli citizens: disgusted with Obama
Israeli   (02.14.11)
37. #28 Calm down -Israel was the only country which shut up!
How do you know what Israel thought? Actually Israel allowed Arabs demostrate against Mubarak , and later, to celebrate his dismissal! So what are you moaning about? You are full of disinformation, racism and hatred. IMO you are not even Egyptian - only a pathetic agitator. Get lost!
38. friedman is nothing more
JL   (02.14.11)
then a leftist obama shoe licking out of touch moslem boot licker...
39. Daniel Pearl was a real journalist
Eitan ,   Chicago   (02.14.11)
...he was very naive, but at least he had the guts to go after a story. And that's the difference between op-ed and non-fiction, evidence-based journalism.
40. Soros sites Israel as a main obstacle to
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (02.14.11)
democracy in Egypt, Jeff Goldberg claimes that if Israel's retreat from democracy ( last election results) will continue, most American Jewry would be "disgusted and will simply write off Israel as a tragic failed experiment" , and now this portion of sh... Dear American Jewry! Don't overestimate your democratic values, blown by yourself out of proportion. First see the definition of the "democracy". Many of you might be surprised.
41. Why?
Reuven ,   Israel   (02.14.11)
Why do our local media feel it necessary to print articles giving Friedman's poisonous point of view? I just don't get it.
42. Mr. Friedman
R ,   Israel   (02.14.11)
Read Fox. Most Americans are disgusted with the other side, not with Israel.
43. Cofused
Michael   (02.14.11)
Mr. Friedman once again continues to interject his bias has he has been doing for quite sometimes. However, I am confused he says Israel will have to make peace with 80 million egyptians. Well, Didn't Israel make peace with egypt in 1979?! On the Land for peace formula which Mr. Friedman has repeated over the years as the way forward israel must replicate with the Palestinians? I think the one who is out of touch is Mr. Friedman regardless of prestigius prizes he has received in the past. Mr. Friedman are you saying the Land for peace doesn't work because we are going to be forced to make peace yet again? Or does the Land for peace work if so why does Israel have to prepare to make another peace? Yes there are people out of touch but its not the israeli government.
44. Friedman has turned into a kind of Ahmadinejad -
Roger the Shrubber   (02.14.11)
- all the world's problems are Israel
45. Who thought that when Obama said: Yes We Can, he meant it:
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.14.11)
-he actually could . In 2 years time turned USA to a second tier power, sent all the "right" signals to the oppressive, Arab regimes,so they were made clear that the Dawn of Caliphate is indeed over the horizon. Almost succeeded in wresting more land from Israel in his push to make us commit suicide. No wonder we now seem unimaginative to the ilk of Friedmans of this world (may their memory be cursed). Please no more pics of this ugly face!
46. whien a democracy is established in cairo
g.e.   (02.14.11)
Friedman in his naivete assumes that there will be a democracy in Cairo. Who is he kidding? Not in our lifetime. One doesn't have to be much of genius to figure out that the Egyptians with their 30% illiteracy rate are anywhere near understanding what a democracy is and why it's important. Friedman and Obama don't get it, Egypt is not a Western country and the majority don't understand the concepts of the West. It doesn't make them bad, just different. I guess Friedman can't accept differences. Open up your mind Friedman and start viewing the Middle East as it is, not as you would like it to be.
47. Lets remind Mr. Friedman who were the pilots on 11/9
Pilot   (02.14.11)
They were young Egyptians, Mr. Friedman!
48. This is a serious issue! wake up Israelis!
Moti ,   Jerusalem   (02.14.11)
You can write here until tomorrow, but it is not our opinion that counts but Mr. Friedman's and the opinions of the U.S. government - and very soon they will turn against us as well, like they did to their former ally Mubarak
49. There's democracy in Gaza as well!
JD ,   around   (02.14.11)
One in which Fatah activists gets thrown off rooftops
50. As if the Egyptian people was in favor of Israel
Amit ,   Raanana   (02.14.11)
And only after we expressed our support of Mubarak they decided to abandon us. More fools us - how we destroyed the wonderful friendship between our peoples and preferred to sign peace with one rather than with 80 million ... Huh? Or is it that Egyptian anti-Semitic propaganda they drink with their mothers' milk since birth is the one that ultimately determined their opinions? Regardless of whom the Israeli government has supported or not supported? Did it ever occur to the detached Friedman?
51. As Anchor man said , "Go F yourself, Tom Friedman
Jae ,   US   (02.14.11)
Pot calling kettle black.\ US foreign policy has been off for a long time. Dont blame that on israel, blame it on the in bred intel corp over at oil loving state department in DC. Ironic he should mention out of tough. Us and its history iof modern intell failures are an exact proof that the US policy is out of touch. case point irans democratic revolution yielding most maniacal regime in world, of which obama says he wont meddle in their affairs.
52. Israels support for the last revolution, outcome - war
Jonny ,   Cape Town   (02.14.11)
Mt Friedman forgets (or neglects to mention) that the last time Israel supported a revolution in Egypt, at Government level mind you, they landed up fighting a number of wars. The Iranian revolution didnt turn out that well did it? So one can imagine that Israel might be a bit wary of where the revolution may lead. But then Mr friedman is safely tucked away in NY, protected by draconian anti-terrorism laws, his army fighting in fields afar, well removed from New York, in order that he may continue living a life of bliss, telling the rest of the world how they should behave.
53. #35 - Exactly!
54. And Israel is digusted with FRIEDMAN
Israeli 2   (02.14.11)
55. Tom Friedman Obstacle to Peace and enemy of Israel
Dr Eric ,   Cleveland   (02.14.11)
Tom Friedman has supported Fatah, Hamas, Arafat and other Arab extremists. He is overtly Anti Israel and goes out of his way to support Israel’s enemies. His behavior is despicable and the #1 cause that peace in the middle east is so difficult to achieve. He has sent a solid message to Islamo-fascists that their struggle is just and that they can use violence and killings. He has also convinced the Arabs that they shouldn't compromise. He blames the conflict on occupation and ignores the real cause of the conflict which is Muslim intolerance and hate that is propagated by the PA and the Hamas! He cheers on Israel's biggest enemies making peace so difficult. The Arabs must realize that they are at fault for saying no in 47, 67, and 2000 and peace will only happen if the Arabs make serious gestures showing they are committed to peace.
56. What is driving Thomas Friedman ?
Gabe Yakmore ,   Canada   (02.14.11)
He is intelligent and educated. Why is he making a fool of himself so deliberately ?
57. Friedman and all his friends are Liars Israel approach...
aaron ,   JERUSALEM   (02.14.11)
to the Egyptian Crisis was mesured. I've never herd Natanyau or any body in the government take sides in this crisis. They were catiously monitoring the Situation. For obvious reason there is apprenhension even after Mubarak left power. The posibility of Muslim Brotherhood to grip power is not completaly imposible. Already Mr. Nour the only candidate that went against Mubarak in last election stated thet the pèace treaty should be revized since the Camp David era has finished. (With such an assesment shouldn't Israel be apprehensive?) The main ally of Egypt the USA was also zigzaging during this crisis. After all for good or for worse who remains today in power in Egypt? The military, so Israel aplauded the fact they confirmed that the peace treaty, holds. The people of Egypt for the moment are backing the Military's behaviour. Once Mubarak had renounced many Israelies in the government, express their compliment and good wishes for the Egyptian people. But that is all they can do. Siding completaly against Mubarak is siding in a certain way against the Military and the Milatary for the moment are there to stay. Israeli in my opinion behaved Diplomatically correct. Not even countries loke China made comments during the Crisis. France or Germany or any South American government may take sides but Israel has to be cautious, this is a reality. Personally I think the peace with Egypt was a fragil Peace with a lot of humiliation for Israel and Liberman was honest when he critized the Egyptians. The peace has not served it's real purpose. Relations are not at it's best. The Egyptian official press is Anti-Israeli, the Egyptian people are Anti-Israeli etc etc. The Egyptian Government same as Jordan had not tried to reverse this anti Israeli trend, after 30 Years, this could have helped even to make an easier peace with the Palestinians. Shouldn't Israel be apprehensive.? The peace with Egypt is like the treaty of" Hodaybiya” between Muhamed and the Quairish when he conquered Mecca. Peace is only posible between moslems the rest is just a PROLONGUE CEASE OF FIRE a HUDNA.(in Arabic) If Mr. Friedman thinks thet the western values can be applied identically in these ME cultures he is heading for big surprises. Specially for those countries that are ruled by the Sharia. For the moment this is not the case with Egypt.
58. Friedman
juan sol ,   san diego   (02.14.11)
Friedman should be the next PM of isarel, but I'm sure he wont accept, he is too smart for that.
Avi ,   Israel   (02.14.11)
Mr Friedman has no idea about the Israeli government,he does not live here .we have to live here next to the egyptian's not Mr Friedman.His opinion is superfluous and unwanted. An Arab Democracy is an oxymoron and there is no such thing
60. Democracy in Egypt?
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (02.14.11)
The military has suspended the constitution in Egypt and has declared itself ruler for 6 months after which they will have elections and "review the peace treaty with Israel". Are those elections going to be a) fair or b) rigged? (tick the correct box, pleae). I'm really sorry we've upset thomas Friedman and that we've udisgusted the White House. I think most Israelis are disgusted with the White House anyway and certainly there are more American talkbackers in this and many other articles over the month who decry the way Obuma rules and can't wait to see him go.
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