Protesters slam rising gas prices
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 15.02.11, 21:40
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1. What else ? ,...
split ,   US   (02.15.11)
Goverment control gas/bread prices are you sure you're not commies ?
2. #1 - exactly what Israelis think about the Left
William ,   Israel   (02.15.11)
Guys on the Left, which include the Unions, want the Govt to subsidize everything and give large pensions, just as they have in France. Under Peretz (the union leader) the country came to a grinding halt several times in the past decade on the same order as France does when the Farmers have an axe to grind. In this case, Peretz and his cronies are targeting the wrong audience - if they're upset with gas prices, maybe they should go protest in Riyadh or Tehran, or the commodities exchange in NYC - the sources of the high prices.
3. Amir Peretz the clown is back in town
Avi ,   Israel   (02.16.11)
oh vey Amir Peretz the clown is back in town.
4. Why don't you drop gas prices 25%?
You could make up the difference on hotel taxes, luxury vehicle annual registrations and taxes, tour line companies income tax brackets for higher wage incomes and cut down where you could on government fraud, waste and abuse. The Attorney General could audit the Treasury records and investigate "where's all the money going". It looks like money is looking to be generated from people working the hardest for it. How can you give these people some relief?
5. You can't run a car on hot air
Ilan ,   Ariel   (02.16.11)
Politics is a different story.
6. we would like to announce the death of the middle class
zionist forever   (02.16.11)
I thought Israel had evolved beyond the Marxist ideals the first zionists believed in. Now look at these pathetic individuals gas prices go up ( because of foreign exchange rates ) and they are demanding subsidy. They want the rich and middle classes to be taxed so heavily that they become poor in their own right but the government can then use the money to subsidize everything from gas to iphones. Yes bread etc should be subsidized by the government because these are the very staples of life but gas prices etc no. If its to expensive to take the car to work then take the bus even if it is less convenient. For about five years after I made alliyah I relied on public transport because I had other expenses to worry about like buying a home & building up a business and I saw a car as an expensive luxury I could I could do without for now. Life is much easier when you have a car but a bus can get you from A-B as well. We can't all be rich but that doesn't mean we should punish the rich for being rich and see tham as some kind of symbols of hate. Israel needs its own Margret Thatcher who can smash the power of the Histadrut the way she smashed the unions in England. Have unions fine but impose legal constraints so they cannot bring the country to a standstill.
7. 4
zionist forever   (02.16.11)
At least he is back where he belongs, protesting and leading Histadrut strikes rather than trying to being in charge of military strikes.
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