Army razes illegal settler outpost
Yair Altman
Published: 15.02.11, 22:20
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1. Anti-Zionist Barak
BH ,   Iowa   (02.15.11)
Shameful to see a man of Barak's military record just piss it away as a weak politician. He could have been remembered as a hero and a patriot. He chose instead to be remembered as a spineless Unce Tom.
2. send these settlers a bill for the demolition work
Ben ,   Israel   (02.15.11)
3. #2
I think Israel should give the protesters in Billin a bill for the Millions of Dollars they cost the state of Israel every year.
4. Settlers should be commended
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.16.11)
They are building in Eretz Yisroel, the land of their forefathers Just like the Swallows returning to Capistrano each year, instincts prevail
5. Send the Security Forces a Bill!
LA Kitty ,   Los Angeles, USA   (02.16.11)
I think the people should send the Security Forces a bill for reimbursement of all the damage caused to personal property.
6. A complete betrayal of all Israel voted for.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.16.11)
Did Meretz win the election? Hardly. Meretz was practically wiped out in the last election. Yet it's sick policies are in place. The wanton destruction of Jewish outposts in Judea and Samaria is one such policy. This is a complete betrayal of everything Likud stands for and everything Israel voted for. Likud should replace Bibi with a leader capable of honoring both. Stupid destructive policies like this are causing the decline and fall of Likud.
7. "illegal settler outpost" is an oxymoron, Jews OWN the land.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.16.11)
8. Settlers?
Robert ,   NY USA   (02.16.11)
Jews are the indiginous people. And if the Arabs had any plans for peace, it should have been along time ago. They have the Temple Mount and still shoot rockets. Should we all cut out hearts out and give them to the Palestinians for a peace offering?
9. Time to rethink, chaverim!!
Mark ,   USA   (02.16.11)
I wonder if Barak and the IDF will be so forceful when Egypt cancels the Treaty? If I were Barak I'd curb my hubris and start learning to dine on crow-the Egyptians are coming and word has it that the vaunted IDF and Mossad are totally unprepared. It seems that they "trusted" the good will of the Egyptians. Welcome to the Keystone Kops!
10. Don't worry. Outpost is back!
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (02.16.11)
11. What don't you get about the illegal part of a outpost?
James ,   USA   (02.16.11)
I support Israel and even believe Israel should keep settlement blocks but illegal outposts don't add security. For one, they weren't built without permits. I know many will respond that Arabs do illegal construction. That is true. However they aren't constantly denied housing permits. Some of the outposts like Yitzhar attack Palestinians and Israeli military and police when they actually demolish illegal outposts. There is no reason why these outposts are still there. If you want Israel to be the Israel that Herzl, Dayan, and Ben Gurion dreamed of, then remove these outposts.
12. Not so illegal
Amihai ,   Yesha   (02.16.11)
The "illegal part" is not a legal but political one. The difference is only made by the sasson report, which was a political way to define all outpost built after 2001. Even if some outpost got all authorisations before 2001 but was built only in 2001, it's named "illegal".
13. Precisely the difference, #11
Ephraim   (02.16.11)
You want an Israel that Hertzl, Dayan and Ben Gurion dreamed of, but we want an Israel that an entire Jewish people dreamed of for the last two millenia. And this Israel does include every Jewish town, "legal" or "illegal", built or not yet built.
14. #9 Mark - Egyptians have come before
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.16.11)
They left each time, defeated, with their tail between their legs, after having begged the UN for ceasefires so they could extract the remnants of their destroyed army Many years have now passed since the 1973 war, technology is much more advanced In '73 it is said that Golda, thinking Israel had lost the war, told the IDF to get ready to use the really big stuff If push comes to shove, it may happen again, for real this time I really don't know what you're gloating about, Iran is in pursuit of a Nuke, near to getting it, its also developing longer range rockets capable of reaching the USA and American bases in Europe & the ME, with shorter range rockets Keystone Cops, that's Obama & Hillary, who have totally screwed up relations between the US and its Allies After how the U.S. stabbed Mubarak in the back, nobody is going to trust the U.S. anymore
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