Lieberman: Iranian warships a provocation
Published: 16.02.11, 19:09
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1. Ok,let´s say that´s a provocation,as it is.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.16.11)
But,will such provocation affect us? If yes,act;if not,let them provoque and do not react. These are the ways of Satan-the provocateur. Let him provoque untill he himself rols the cord around his neck. Then you catch him. Time to learn how to behave to demons.
2. Wouldn't it be funny ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.16.11)
.... if the Somali pirates got to them?
3. The West is in decline.
4. Idiocy
Jon ,   Baltimore US   (02.16.11)
I sincerely hope that Avigdor Lieberman is not allowed to instigate yet another international incident, this time with an act of overt war. Israel sends nuclear armed submarines to the coast of Iran but he calls an Iranian ship visiting Syria a provocation. How long is this idiot going to off his leash?
5. Egypt is soverain nation, will let pass any one they want!
Moise   (02.16.11)
Syria is soverain nation, they will invite any one they want. Iran is a soverain nation the go where ever they want. Western governement have no business interfering in middle east nations business. Little israel should just keep silent or would do better to move back to Khazarian where they belong
6. Israel needs to stop underfunding the navy
zionist forever   (02.16.11)
The navy wants a sixth submarine and new missile boats to replace the aging SAAR 4 and it only has 3 of the SAAR 5 corvettes in themselves are approaching mid life so they are in need of new boats. The Germans wouldn't give a subsidy the way they have done in the past because of their economic problems the result is the navy is getting nothing right now. Traditional thinking has been the military budget 90% going to the airforce and ground troops and the navy gets whatever is left. In 60's & 70's that way of thinking might have worked because most threats came from Egypt, Syria and Jordan not afar. Things have changed now the enemies now have advanced navies. I imagine at some point Iran will probably want a navel base in Syria or Lebanon. So its time to start thinking about an IDF that can fight and win on all fronts. If Iran sent a fleet of warships to fight against Israel we would loose the navy doesn't have what it takes to win a war against a well funded enemy navy. Time to start treating the navy as a strategic asset designed for winning wars in its own right rather than a glorified coast guard which can only take on inferior enemies like Syria. Israel would even have a hard tome going head - head with Egypt in a naval battle. Israel could buy 2-3 warships without a subsidy with he money that the IDF plans to spend on Iron Dome which is useless as a battlefield weapon considering it will cost $50,000 to shoot down a single $10 kassam.
7. #2
jim ,   Nurnberg Ge   (02.16.11)
almost as funny as stuxnet getting to
8. common values
Shmuel ,   ge   (02.16.11)
what common values would they be. occupation of Palestine, imprisonment of Gaza population, torture , aparheid, etc etc...
9. Hey, wanna ruin Ahmadinejad's day?
manicdrummer ,   Madison, WI, USA   (02.16.11)
Sink those Iranian warships as they're passing through the Suez. That's right. Block the whole canal. Only Israel's enemies will be using it from now on anyway.
10. Obama will not help Israel
Nora Tel Aviv   (02.16.11)
What if those two Iranian warships anchor at the international waters in front of Gazza ?Can Israel accept that ? The burning fuse is becoming shorter and shorter. While Obama , the preacher, is snorring.
11. AH - MAD about to get sunk
Ken ,   Australia   (02.16.11)
Teach them all a lesson, enough is enough, sink the ships, wipe out hezbollah and destroy the iranian nuclear reactors, the time has come to take matters into your own hands. Do it promptly and swiftly send them all a furious blow . If these ships pass israel , the show is on, thats for sure , you cannot let the iranians use 2 x boats as a provocation, they dont care if you sink them, thats the whole idea according to them. They will start it as soon as there people start the big revolt.
12. 2 good one!
13. Nothing but hot air!
Matt ,   Milwaukee, WI - USA   (02.16.11)
as usual, Israel is just spewing hot air and will do nothing. They will watch the ships past and then complain to the UN, which,m by th way, they despise and want to wihtdrawal from. Israel fears Iran and its response to any military action, via Hezbollah or Hamas, whether it wants to admit it or not. If Israel was really not scared and as strong as they claim, it would stop with all the threats and act on them by taking out the Iranian nuke sites and Hezbollah strongholds in Beiurt. But it won't, and will continue to puff up her chest, and then blame Obama for every problem they have, both domestically and internationally. No one takes you seriously anymore Israel, you stop the facae already!!!
14. I had no Idea...
Persian CAT   (02.16.11)
the Moldovian bouncer could be so easily "provoked"! Dude, Iranian vessels are going to visit an ally and they are using an international waterway to get there! Do you have a problem with that? If you do, I'm sure you can find a lake near the illegal settlement you live to jump in.
15. To #4 Idiocy
Bob ,   south florida   (02.16.11)
Submarines don't carry caches of weaponry for armies on land. Ships do. If Iranian ships heading to Syria are carrying arms, then the IDF indeed has some serious decisions to make. Btw, #4, the word isn't Idiocy, it's Idiot.
16. where are the anti-semitic pigs tonight?
17. Israeli occupation in the WB a provocation !
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (02.16.11)
18. #17 So what are you doing about it, except pouting?
19. #16
Sol ,   uk   (02.16.11)
pretty much laughing their heads off at the thought of the Moldovan bouncer moaning he aint gettin any support from those he has alienated. Not to mention the Suxnet fiasco and all Israels so called friends going south at the speed of light...
20. Grave situation: Iran desperate for "anti-Zionist" Incident
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (02.16.11)
Aside from Iran, of maybe 20-something countries in which Arabs are awakening to their dictators' shackles and enslavement, only two have tried to revert to the old Arab dictator's misdirection and blameshifting canard that "the Zionists are to blame" (Nasrallah / Khizb-Allah & Jordan's Justice Minister--and the Jordanian gov't has already hung the Justice Minister out to dry for it). Nasrallah's rant is likely to be ignored. Lebanese are concerned about who will control their army: Lebanese or Khizb-Allah (meaning puppet-master Iran). Encouragingly, Arabs truly seem to have awakened to the fact that their true enemies have been their own dictators robbing and oppressing them. They don't seem to be buying "the Zionists are to blame for it all" anymore. Consequently, the Iranian call to rally round them to destroy Israel is increasingly becoming a lone voice in a political wilderness; and Iran may be getting desperate. A desperate Iran may be even more dangerous and reckless. If the passing of these two Iranian warships by Israel isn't handled correctly it could become a disaster. These two warships are not here for a vacation nor to launch a missile into Israel. They are hear to infringe in Israeli waters in the same manner as North Korea infringes South Korean waters; and if we don't handle it correctly there could be similar results. Unless we handle it correctly, they will first contemplate the possibilities of visiting Gaza--and infringing Israeli waters both arriving and departing. If we're properly ready for this attempt they will likely pass on this stop. However, they may still attempt to infringe in Israeli waters as they pass by Gaza, harassing our navy. We must protect our waters while thoroughly documenting every move and avoiding any excess. Approaching Syria, the Iranian warships will certainly try arduously to infringe in Israel waters as they pass our northern border. For once, we should not underestimate these warships. We paid the price for overconfidence in Lebanon. Let's hope the Israeli Navy learned that lesson. While they don't know everything about our defensive capabilities, they aren't coming ignorant of our capabilities and they expect to learn a lot about our capabilities from this deliberate encounter. Naturally, therefore, we will not unsheathe any secret weapons unnecessarily and limit their intelligence gathering as much as possible. Paqid Yirmeyahu Paqid 16, The Netzarim, Ra'anana, Israel Israeli Torah-reverer & Orthodox Jew: Teimani, Baladi, Dor Dai Advocate for Logic as Hermeneutic Halakhic Authority Welcoming all who choose to keep Torah (When questions to me go unanswered, they have refused to post it. Find our reply in our Web Café at
21. Number 5 Moise
Mossad   (02.16.11)
Number 5 Moise is a Romanian antisemite simpathizer of the Iron Guard extreme right movement. He seems to be obsessed with Jews his paranoid pesonality fueling his mind with "Khazaric" conspiracies.
22. The UN stop and search tour of duty
Egon B.E. Friberger ,   Brussels, Belgium   (02.16.11)
It would be a truly great moment in history when the UN and especially the Security Council would live up to their original mission, with more states requesting a stop and search intervention of Iran warships at the wrong place on the wrong time than states recognizing a Palestinian state outside negotiations with Israel and without the aptitudes, including the aptitude for appropriate negotiations. Especially amidst the sudden turbulence in the region. Every citizen with honest democratic intentions and human values in the region deserves the right not to have his or her dynamic hijacked for clearly declared dark purposes. Whatever, it’s a great opportunity for some justified surprise joint exercises between dynamic states without need for excuses.
23. Iranian worships?
24. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.16.11)
You mean you ACTUALLY believe that Iran has fully recovered from Stuxnet? Are you always that gullible? That news report emanated from Iran and was relayed to certain European diplomats who took it at face value. (Perhaps gullibility is a common European trait.) Did you happen to notice that anytime there are internal disruptions or difficulties in Iran, they issue forth with absurd pronouncements? Do you think that Iran's boast is not linked to the very worrisome demonstrations -- in defiance of a government edict banning demonstrations -- in Iran's major cities? It is. Just the way prior troublesome events to the Iranian "leadership" have been met with (i) announcement of a brand-new intercontinental ballistic missile (which later was demonstrably proven to have been photo-shopped; (ii) development of new second-generation and third-generation centrifuges which -- mirabile dictu -- do not require high-tensile titanium steel and which are bigger, better and faster than anything the West has; (iii) several weeks after Russia announced that it would not sell its missile defense system to Iran, Iran declared that it had reverse-engineered an earlier Russian version and had built a bigger and better one than the most updated Russian system ..... You are quite the fool. Iran is trying to deflect the attention of the world away from the protests (likely because it knows that military action against a very vulnerable Iran has become ten times more likely since the protests began). Stuxnet did not just infect Bushehr and Natanz; it infected all of Iran's SCADA controllers everywhere -- military implementations, oil pumping installations, electricity grids -- and most knowledgeable people are aware of this. Iran is very aware of this. More deflection so as not to be perceived as vulnerable. Now we have gunboat diplomacy, and a foolish pronouncement from Iran's favorite toadie, Hezbollah. I you think these events are unconnected, you are living in a fool's paradise.
25. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.16.11)
It isn't idiocy. These are warships carrying substantial quantities of weapons. It is not in Israel's best interests -- particularly given the instability in the countries bordering Israel, the nasty rhetoric out of both Jordan and Lebanon -- to allow the vessels to proceed to discharge cargo in Syria. Syria is in a state of war with Israel, and anything that Syria acquires will be instantly shared with Hezbollah. Yes, it is true that Israel has sent nuclear armed submarines to the coast of Iran (Bandar Abbas, to be precise). Did Israel launch against Iran? No. It didn't. We know what is coming off the Iranian warships, and we know it is going to two entities sworn to the destruction of the State of Israel. Your analogy is therefore inapposite, and your criticism of Mr. Lieberman could not be more poorly-informed.
26. #14: Persian catastrophe
Israeli 2   (02.16.11)
I had no idea that you can be such a bravadeer when you are over there in an unsatisfied ravaged country
27. Take there boats and add them to the Israeli Navy.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (02.16.11)
Retrofit them to your designs. What is Iran going to do.....start a war? They don't have the nuke yet.....but Israel does.
28. #17 - being an activist at "Peace Now"
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (02.16.11)
29. Nobody takes Lieberman seriously, he is a joke...
..........and a bad one at that!!!!!!!!!
30. @ 10- NORA
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (02.16.11)
What if those warships continued to sail towards the East Coast of the United States would Israel send it's navy to protect the United States. You are talking "fart" so think before you write. The bottom line is the US would help Israel and you know it. If there was a full blown conflict American warships would be off the coast of Israel in a heart beat just like there are Americans somewhere in Israel manning an American advanced radar system that scans the Iranian sky's at all times ready to assist Israel in minutes. Stop being a hater and look at reality.
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