Olmert files libel suit against state prosecutor
Aviad Glickman
Published: 17.02.11, 14:02
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1. Remarks damage Olmert's reputation? Impossible!
adam eliyahu   (02.17.11)
Olmert is a shining example of a petty thief turned politician. Anyone who did any construction or real estate in Jerusalem knew that his door was always open and he never refused a bribe. Ooops! Was that slander? If he sues enough people for slander, maybe Olmert will have enough money to pay back the loan.
2. Leftists Olmert refusing to apologize, but seeking apologie
Yaawqove ,   Israel   (02.17.11)
He wanted to sell Israel for an arm and a leg and with 2% public support. only meretz liked him
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