Report: Mubarak refused to talk to Obama
Roee Nahmias
Published: 17.02.11, 17:00
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1. Obama, being Obama, probably doesn't care!!!
Jehudah   (02.17.11)
2.  Humiliation by Obama is nothing
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.17.11)
compared to the humiliation by his people.
3. Mubarak as a lesson
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (02.17.11)
We should thank Mubarak for the lesson he gave us! 1) You cannot trust the USA (please take note Mr. Peres) 2) Show how big you are in your darkest hour (he resigned, didn't take Obama's call and retired to his house) 3) He said no the the Saudi's offer (he decided to die in Egypt) - Pity we don't have leaders that like Sadat or Mubarak can recognize history!!!
4. For once i agree with the arab press ...
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (02.17.11)
obama threw Mubarak under the bus just like Carter did with the Shah. Sahme on obama - but obama cares only about obama. Arabs will learn ..... eventually
5. Israel should learn that you cannot trust the USA!!!!!!
PERIOD!   (02.17.11)
6. Forget about Obama
Naomi   (02.17.11)
He has only been a president for 2 years and has achieved nothing so far other than making speeches. He had no shame to call Mubarak to resign immediately.
7. Let's not forget how Mubarak humiliated Israel all the time
8. Obama has betrayed Egypt, ISrael, England and America
Jay3 ,   Israel   (02.17.11)
In fact Obama has betrayed all of Americas allies
9. Obama cowtows to Iran for 24 months, and in 24 minutes tells
Jae ,   US   (02.17.11)
ally to get the heck out, while his chief officers say the "muslim brotherhood is secular". Could you be any more stupid and naive?
10. Not very long from now, Nobumma will
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.17.11)
be of NO interest for anyone in posession of a phone...
11. # 4 Lee et. al. open your eyes and...
rob ,   Orangevale USA   (02.17.11)
Lee and the rest of you fools need a wake up call. Here it is. When you, as a leader, no matter how 'comfy' you get with our leaders, start pissing your own people off to the point they want you dead, you will be treated as "dead" by the government of our country as mandated by us, the people of our country. Obama works for us. With friends like Mubarak and the former shah, who needs sharks? We as Americans don't give a damn about personal relationships between the leaders of screwed up places like the middle east. Ala Wikileaks. The dust bins of history are filled with "friends that helped a little too long", and as a result the people suffered needlessly. If you, as a leader of a sovereign nation, are counting on the graces of a "friend" to save your ass from your own foul legacy, you are already disqualified from true leadership, and should not go bye bye with people throwing rose petals in your path. Democracy, in case you forgot, or more likely never understood, is government "FOR the people BY the people". Just as the people of Israel determine their own path, there are no new lessons to be had when it comes to the true will of the people. Lee will learn, eventually (?)
12. of course he feels humiliated...
tom ,   toronto, canada   (02.17.11)
and betrayed and pushed under the bus. obama's very unseemly hurry to embrace the (unknown) protesters in favour of his longtime ally says volumes about obama's lack of understanding of foreign policy, and his overly simplistic approach to problems. in this regard he is no better than george w., and if anything a little bit worse - at least bush hired some experienced advisors. obama's naive faith that "democracy" will spontaneously spring up in egypt (or anywhere else in the arab world), is without foundation or precedent, and will shake every friendly government in the region to its roots. what obama apparently hasn't grasped (yet), is that popular revolts have no hope of succeeding against the most oppressive (and anti-western) regimes, which aren't "weakened" by association with the west, and the need to appear to be respecting human rights. this will leave the middle east a much less friendly place for america, and greatly reduce america's influence in the region. so why was obama in such a rush to "get ahead of the change"? perhaps it will be his turn to be humiliated, come next november...
13. #11
Sol ,   Toronto   (02.17.11)
Rob, you are spot on. On a human level I feel bad for Mubarak but feel much worse for the people of Egypt. Mubarak had lots of opportunities to lead his country towards democratic change which he missed. He ran Egypt as a kleptocracy and was blind to the needs of his people. May he live a long and healthy life in retirement and may the Egyptian people achieve true democracy.
14. #11 Just Like JFK did...
Edwin ,   Canada   (02.17.11)
... to the Protestant Irish and UK allies in his infamous "Kick out the British" speach. Never fully trusted the USA ever since.
15. humiliated?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.18.11)
Obama did not just humiliate Mubarak, Obama betrayed him. Although Mubarak was a bitter enemy to Israel and there is some twisted justice in hearing him condemned for being a Zionist, Obama's treatment of an ailing 82 man is reprehensible and shows what an offensive person he is.
16. President Mubarak's Refusal To Talk
Boris Yasdnilkov ,   Fernandina Beach, US   (02.18.11)
Good for President Mubarak! He showed a great deal of poise and dignity in declining to speak with his betrayer, Barack Obama. Many Americans would probably not speak with Obama if he called us because we don't trust him either. Sad situation.
17. Israel loves Mubarak so much,
Raed ,   Palestine   (02.18.11)
he should run for Israeli presidency. may Israel be blessed with 10 Mubarak if they love him so.
18. #14 as an American citizen of that era...
rob ,   Orangevale USA   (02.18.11)
Mea Culpa. Kennedy worked for us, his boss, the American people. Things change. As a man of Irish decent, you wont hear me whining, why are you? And the UK should be trusted why? At least you are paying attention. Good day sir.
19. mubarak/obama
sad ,   israel   (02.18.11)
good 4 u mubarak. obama should be treated that way by every leader. he really is ignorant about what is happening here and around the world. heard that he is beginning to publish books for children. he probably should concentrate in that and will do a better job. leading the usa and the world his grade is zero.
20. dumb as-!
Skip Gainer ,   galt, ca.   (02.18.11)
Wouldn`t obama make a great friend, to have he even threw his grandmother under the bus. He sure is a role model;!
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