Jews in Turkey fear attacks
Carmel Gat
Published: 18.02.11, 00:23
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1. Leave Turkey immediately, there's a home waiting
Işıner Itri Salomon   (02.18.11)
For you in Israel. Don't wait until the last minute.
2. You cannot blame them
palidov ,   kiev   (02.18.11)
Israel has killed more civilians since 2006 than anybody. This inspires hatred, and not just be those directly affected. If Israel condemns "terrorism" Israel must not act like a terrorist group. Other nations, particularly those in the region should not ignore this fact. indicate that you must be a regularly keeping an interest in truth. Israel's supporters often try to pain the flotilla passengers as militants looking for a fight. You know of course that they neglected to bring guns or bombs, right? Any "militants" that plan a fight with Israeli commandos would normally be armed with something other than a kitchen knife or a club. The IDF boarded the baot in international waters. The passengers are allowed to repulse such an aggressive attack. We often see situations in which the IDF kills a bunch of people and sustains no casualties. Israel's supporters automatically blame the victims. It is not convincing and such justifications only make the original offense look worse.
3. Turkish FM: "Israel doesn't respect democratic principles"
Gobbo   (02.18.11)
That's what the Turkish Foreign Minister said in an interview with Al-Jazeera, regarding the Israeli demand that Turkey reign in their hostile flotillas. Ironic comments, considering how Turkey is described in this article: "Turkey is a dictatorship. They attack newspapers and there are raids against anyone who dares speak out against the government. Those who talk too much find themselves under investigation" And ISRAEL has no respect for democratic principles? How do these liars get away with it? Israeli spokesmen should take the initiative more often and loudly condemn the hypocrisy of their enemies. Stop playing defense. Go on the offense, and repeat the message relentlessly.
4. #2 palidov
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.18.11)
Garbage. Hamas has already admitted that most of the "civilians" killed during Cast Lead were terrorists. Or are you speaking of the "Jenin Massacre" which never happened? Knives kill. Steel rods kill. It is legal to enforce a blockade in international waters. The soldiers, who boarded with paint ball guns at the ready were almost killed. You hide your head in the sand.
5. Time 2 GET OUT Of turkey!
Udi Weiss ,   Tel Aviv   (02.18.11)
6. Moslems in Turkey want to occupy Jewish lands and property
Is Occupation bad?   (02.18.11)
for many ages Moselsm and Chritians attacked Jews now and then and stole their lands and properties and Jews were forced to leave everything behind to these occupation forces. no one in the world ever defends the right of Jews from Turkey and Arab and Islamic occupied countries to be able to go back and get back the lands that Moslems stole from them, and leaving in peace without being attacked by occupation forces. Thanks God Israel is independent today and when Moslem occupiers want to steal Jewish land they can finally go to a Jewish country.
7. We Can Not Let WWII Come Back!
Jane Millar ,   Hot Springs, Arkansa   (02.18.11)
My GOD! This Can Not Happen Again! Far Too Many Died in WWII Needlessly! Please This Must Be STOPPED! Shalom and God Bless! Jane.
8. Palidov
IZL   (02.18.11)
A kitchen knife or a club could not kill. That's why before the advent of guns, no one died... The passengers were entering waters policed by Israel. They were forewarned not to engage in this political game, but Turkey chose to provoke Israel. So if Israel were to sustain casualties this would be acceptable? This is a conflict, plain and simple. There are always three sides to a story, your side, my side, and the truth. Sometimes one side is closer to the truth than other, sometimes they're both way off. Comments like the ones you make are far too generalized. What is your opinion of Israel pre-1967? What is your opinion of Jews during WW2. What is your opinion of Jews not accepting Jesus as messiah? What is your view of Jews not accepting Muhammad as prophet? I know your positions on Israel, but how about on these topics I have just raised? Enlighten me, mon ami.
9. jews of turkey
it will eventually get worse with erdogan at the helm. is this how you want to live your lives? to continually need to be "protected"? where is your spine? why don't you leave and go where you can be safe and free like israel. the jews of iran are much more afraid. they never go out now anyway. i have not seen them in a while in the streets of tehran. they are afraid and say nothing out of fear of being imprisoned on the street or of the basij and guards taking part of their families to evan prison. my jewish friend there told me it is very troubling and there are lots of antisemitic riots against them. hameed aboughaze, iranian
10. #2
you're one to talk. tell me now, how many jews has russia killed so far in its history? how many jews did the kiev nazi bastards kill during ww2? yes, indeed, you are the one to NOT TALK AT ALL.
American ,   Los Angeles   (02.18.11)
and don't wait for another kristallnacht. The islamo fascist regime is pushing all jihadists entity in the ME against Israel. Anti-Semitism in turkey is now official policy and the media is not far from that.It's very simular to Germany 1939.
12. @#2: You are wrong.
Bat Zion ,   Central Israel   (02.18.11)
Turkey itself, Hamas, Russia, the UK and the USA - all leave Israel far behind when it comes to killing civilians. Why did you choose the said period? IDF actions on the Mavi Marmara were according to international law. Turkish boat was in breach of a naval blockade, destined to stop smuggling of weapons. The Quartet set three conditions for the lifting of this blockade: 1. Recognise Israel. 2. Recognise past agreements (Oslo) 3. Renounce violence.
13. I second #1: Jews of Turkey, come home to Israel.
Bat Zion ,   Central Israel   (02.18.11)
You'll be welcome here.
14. Now is
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.18.11)
the time for all Turkish Jews to make aliyah.
15. # 2
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.18.11)
Your entire post is a twisted rant against Israel. You do not have a clue of what you are talking about. I look forwardto read the bashing you are about to get on this forum. En li coah for your crap !
16. turkey
ali ,   turkey   (02.18.11)
Im talking all Jews of Turkey that has moved to Israel. Return to Turkey, your home since 1400s (for some of you it's older)
17. No need to fear. Leave for Israel.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.18.11)
18. Hello ! Turkey is a DEMOCRACY
SAS ,   USA   (02.18.11)
Turkey has been holding elections since 1950 and has a tradition of democratically elected governments for a longer period of time than many European states. Turkey is no dictatorship, its Prime Minister being popularly elected. Turkish Jews should feel safe in Turkey as the government there has REPEATEDLY stated it will not tolerate any anti Semitic backclash after the flotilla attack. The whole anti Semitism canard is being manufactured and regurgitated to persuade Jews to move to Israel.
19. Jewish fears are justified
Mark ,   SF   (02.18.11)
Yeah...I'd be afraid..things are happening in the MEast that Western intelligence agencies don't's Iran all over but this time, worse. And Turkey is part of it-they're going religious and the army can't stop it. I'd pack my bags and do what hundreds of thousands of Jews did-escape their homes in muslim lands.
20. palidow
jorge stern ,   mexico   (02.18.11)
its a bitch when Israelis defend themselves-isnt it
21. Turkey will become another Iran
J.M ,   O.C   (02.18.11)
and after Fridays' protests, Iran will become what Turkey used to be 4 years ago, ie, Democratic. Shabbat Shalom
22. number 3
J.M ,   O.C.   (02.18.11)
All civilian deaths are not Israel's fault... their deaths fall on the bloody hands of Hamas. Hamas might be a disaster for Israel; however, they are a bigger disaster to the Palestinians themselves.
23. its all about stealing land
Palestine Hawk ,   alqods   (02.18.11)
There is lots of talk and lots of criticism about Israel building settlements outside their national borders. Even Israeli courts have ruled that at least part of the land used belongs to Palestinians. It would be useful to find out exactly who supports settlements and who does not. America has always indicated that they opposed settlements, but, since Obama personally criticized settlements last year, he has completely changed his position. It would be interesting and enlightening to see what, if anything, Obama would say as part of his vote for or against settlements. The only way to find out is to proceed with the vote.
24. To all who opposed my logic take this
palidov ,   kiev   (02.18.11)
Israel is very bad at dealing with difficult situations. Turkey is one example. Looked at from Turkey's viewpoint, they could not allow themselves to be seen as a nation that always bows to Israel. It is possible to have a good give and take relationship between nations without going to peices at every bump in the road, but Turkey had to demonstrate that their policy was not built around Israeli policy as is the case for America. The convoy may have been seen as an unfriendly act by Israel, but it was necessary for Turkey. Egypt, Jordan, and America were seen as stooges of Israel. Turkey was headed in that direction before the convoy. By throwing away their relationship with Turkey over the convoy incident, Israel only hurt themselves. Israel must realize that they cannot have every single thing their own way. Israel must be able to deal with difficult situations without throwing away the valuable relationships with other nations just over a single issue. This made Israel look even worse in the eyes of the world. Israel is like the spoiled brat that throws a tantrum over every trivial thing. Israel is like the kid who is so unpleasent that the parent must actually pay others to pretend to get along with him. In adults, this would be called arrogance. Sadly, Israel's behavior has never really risen to the adult level, so we must leave it at spoiled brat for now.
25. ...
Hami Koç ,   Turkey   (02.18.11)
rubbish. it's a minority's protest. Turkey have democracy. so even terrorist (PKK) can make protest. Nobody can make anything to Jewish in Turkey. Sorry but Turkey's people have more freedom and security from Israel and USA. "Turkey will become another Iran" this comment is wrong. Cos, Turkish Youth's first duty is to preserve and to defend Turkish Independence and the Turkish Republic forever.
26. #25 Iranization of Turkey
Cynthia ,   USA   (02.18.11)
Erdogan literally rolled out the red carpet to Ahmadinejad and now you're dependent on Iran for gas and oil. Based on changes taking place in Turkey, you can kiss democracy goodbye. It's a shame Jews of Turkey no longer feel safe.
27. Hysterical TBers please do relax....
EBR ,   Jerusalem   (02.18.11)
Random acts of terrorism can happen anywhere including Israel! If the Turkish Jewish community wishes to continue to live in Turkey it is their choice and their decision and I back them 100% (I find the comments and the hysteria raising from the American TBers particularly rich! I mean really folks are you packing it in and moving to Israel? What with all of the hate crimes in the United States and with your wild eyed hysteria it would seem to me that you should be on the next plane to Israel later this afternoon!)
28. question 4 Americans/Canadians urging Turkish Jews 2 leave
Linda ,   Jerusalem   (02.18.11)
Is this about the "When the Jews return to Zion" thing that some of you have or is this about real concern for the Turkish Jewish community or is this some strange closeted anti-semitic thing? I ask because your hyper hysteria doesn't sound even remotely Jewish!
29. # 24
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.18.11)
I hope this will be your last post about Israel. We do not need you, a Russian from Kiev, to advise us what to do & how to behave. Thank you but no thank you.
30. Erdogan's rule in Turkiye; Turkish Jews
G. ,   Istanbul, Turkiye   (02.18.11)
It is not only anti-Semitism, but also anti-secular and anti-Ataturk views are encouraged by pro-government Islamist media in Turkiye. Opposition and ciritism are demonised by Erdogan and pro-government media. It is true that Turkiye is now going through a real dictatorship period, but this dictatorship is masked under holding elections. Islamist fascists think that democracy means elections only. There is no separation of powers, no independent courts, no independent media, no freedom of speech under Erdogan's rule. But, Turkish Jews should not leave Turkiye. Turkiye is their home for over 500 years. Turkish Jews are just as Turks as any other Turks regardless of ethnicity or religion. I hope one day Turkish Jews who immigrated to Israel and US would come back home to Turkiye.
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