Israel's first openly gay judge appointed
Aviad Glickman
Published: 20.02.11, 18:56
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1. mazel tov !
gays4israel   (02.20.11)
Israel- a light upon barbarism of its neighbours
2. Time to overthrow this corrupt Sodomite judicial system
in Israel. A self-appointed for life non-democratic entity, comprised of haughty judges who believe they are super human an above the law. They are hated by the majority of the public like all other dictators in the Middle East. It’s the season to get rid of all these dictators once and for all. Enough is enough.
3. newsflash: they're all gay
yehuda ,   israel   (02.20.11)
4. I fully support the gay movement in isruiyel!
SyrianFreedomEagle   (02.20.11)
Hello my good friends! Today I want to express my full support the gay movement in ysraiel. I also support the legalisation of drugs in it! Shalom!
5. Make that the only openly gay judge ( or person
Dave ,   uk/rsa   (02.20.11)
for that matter ) in the middle east
6. just what we need!
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (02.20.11)
with all of our troubles, we have to put a person whom the Torah refers to as a perversion in office as none less than a judge. May G-d be lenient with us!
7. But Israel is a racist, apartheid country!!!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (02.20.11)
But but but...if he were a gay Palestinian he wouldn't have been appointed! There must be a special UN inquiry IMMEDIATELY to find out why a gay person was appointed and not a lesbian Palestinian single working mother! THIS IS RACISM!!! The zionists have gone too far this time, putting a gay judge on the bench as an insult to the Palestinians! Israel MUST be made to adhere to its leftist-inspired image as the apartheid racist running dog lackey (ooops, sorry, a little revisionist Maoism there...) tools of the corrupt AMerican military-industrial complex! Smash apartheid zionist boycott divestments occupation resistance now!!! Demand that this gay judge be immediately replaced by an ultra-orthodox right-wing mysogynist racist Arab-hating somebody! Quick! Before the press spreads it around the world that Israel isn't a racist country after all! Don't let them find out! Protest now!!!
8.  Don t judge me.....
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (02.20.11)
is -this gay judge - prior concern.
9. It only proves that the quality of a person
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.20.11)
is above some thousands years old "laws" . There are other countries with openly Gay persons as leaders , this without any problem .
10. Who the hell cares what his sexual preference is.
Al   (02.20.11)
Drar Sir. I couldnt care less what you do in the confines of your home..It doesnt interest me in the least. Question..1..Can you do the job? Question 2: Why are you peddling your sexual preference? In any event no one gives a good damn what the hell you prefer...So get over it and do your job as a Judge.
11. The real reason
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (02.20.11)
The real reason for this choice is that he is a leftist! This is the most important thing required by corrupt Israel's Supreme Court. A court that doesn't care about the people of Israel nor what they think!
12. why is this a news story in the 21st century?
13. 4 Syrian....
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (02.20.11)
You are free to import these, by you supported values, in your country.
14. 10 Al "NO ONE gives a good ..."
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (02.20.11)
You are in a minority among the TBers here.
15. Gay judge.
Leo ,   sweden   (02.21.11)
Congratulations to Israel. In this backward part of the world Israel is the shining exception where individuals are respected and not discriminated based on sexueal preference.
16. Gays in the Government
John Streeter ,   USA   (02.21.11)
Allowing any Gays in the Government is not of God, but will hinder Israel.
17. #14 but he's in the majority in the western world
it's not even an issue in countries like Canada, where I believe Al comes from. It might be an issue in Africa and the ME but it certainly isn't an issue in the modern western world.
18. ¡Felicidades al nuevo juez israelí Dori Spivak!
Flavio Acevedo Díaz ,   Montevideo, Uruguay   (02.21.11)
19. 17 Give stats please
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (02.21.11)
20. Still an issue in the west, but hate is losing!
Patrick ,   Austin, TX, USA   (03.06.11)
It will be an issue for the rest of my life I am sure. You are very right in the M.E. and Africa it is more of an issue. The good thing is in the West hate is losing! Many of the younger people in the M.E. do not take issue with sexuality, that is progress!
21. Really?
Patrick ,   Austin, TX, USA   (03.06.11)
Is it safe to assume an=and or are you so full of blind hate that you would call for my head on a silver platter over it? So much fervor there my friend. Why do you seek to be so hateful that you make enemies? The world has been boiling since Biblical times. Those that can see beyond the great spirit one worships and only care about the spirits that guide the human one day will walk the earth in peace. If you are Christian than you know the bible says the meek will inherit the earth. My question is why preachers are not standing up and teaching their flocks this. Those that blindly hate are far from meek my friend, and most humans would agree that if someone hates and believes they are meek than they are beyond a doubt insane! Ponder this over, slow down and think about it. I wish you no harm, and I do not seek to insult you. There is always spiritual pleasure in helping another human find spiritual balance!
22. Too Bad
Dawn ,   Canada   (07.01.11)
that my country is so lenient on this subject.The bible is about not judging or condemning but I am tired of gays this, gays that, with rights especially if it affects my rights in Church settings re marriage and parades all over, but don't show ones Christianity in public or be a Rabbi in Israel and have your own opinion -its now gone too far, way too far to the left. It could be to the detriment of Israel and what your Jewish heritage is really about.
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