IDF: More Druze choose medical field
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 21.02.11, 10:49
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1. Great nation in making.
Jules   (02.21.11)
Throughout the human history, there is an unmistakable sign of a rising great country: when the leading ideology (Zionism in this case) allows and encourages other people to join and be equal, with the principal condition: to be loyal to the country and to each other. G-d bless Israel.
2. Inspiring is it not?
Sean Greene ,   Pasadena, USA   (02.21.11)
These non-jews love israel enough to risk their lives. They are pacifist so they serve as life saving medics. These men should be admired by all religions.
3. to #2 They are not pacifists, but trained
jason white ,   afula, israel   (02.21.11)
in combat roles like all other soldiers. They are armed and know how to use their rifles. They are not like those pacifist medics they have in the U.S. army. If you never served in the I.D.F. do not make assumptions like that. We almost always go on patrol with a combat medic and he has his rifle, loaded magazines and grenades like the rest of the soldiers.And will use his weapon in combat.
4. I am amazed by Druzes
Yossef   (02.21.11)
Good luck! You Druzes are a smart people. We need you. Thx
5. #2, you need to understand
Golan ,   Vineland, USA   (02.21.11)
Sean, Actually, I too was a combat medic and commander in an active combat unit in the IDF. Israel is unique in that our combat soldiers are highly motivated and moral. A combat medic is not a pacifist, they are true active combat soldiers with the identical training and activities as all other soldiers. We are trained however to be an EMT as well as a combatant. While fighting the bad guys, we sometimes have to use our medical training under fire. The amazing thing is that Israeli combat soldiers are moral and fighting for our very existence against a determined evil enemy. While serving in the IDF, I also had the opportunity to save and help Palestinian children. That is what the IDF does. The Druze are an amazing people and I was proud to serve with them and have many Druze friends.
6. Druzes in the iDF
JUDAH THE LION   (02.21.11)
7. I have served with the Druze IDF soldiers with pride
Maxime love Israel ,   ISRAEL / USA   (02.22.11)
Sayeret hadruzim was highly trained and highly modivated. We used to have beaucoup fun patrolling the Negev from Beer Sheva to Eilat and back. Great people, great times and great memories of the fifties and sixties. I'm 70 and forever IDF!
8. #6 #23
Steve rsa ,   JHB South Africa   (02.22.11)
No country in the history of conflict has taken such painstaking measures to avoid collateral damage as does the IDF.The antithesis, is GB who spent the latter years of WW2 carpet bombing populated German cities and, lest we forget, sinking ships laden with helpless refugees .....
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