Libyan air force pilots seek asylum in Malta
News agencies
Published: 22.02.11, 00:32
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1. Only 2 sought asylum!
Jimmy's girl   (02.21.11)
Wow! that says something about the type of control exerted over these pilots by Gaddafi! and the reason responsible European left wingers aren't out in the streets protesting is.......? Oh! me! I know! Its because it isn't Israel! Got it!
2. " to the last man" and the world yawns.
jo   (02.21.11)
that's the time to use force against such a tyrant. But I suppose that Europe, as usual doesn't want to get involved for these few bodies. Tony Blair and others made a 'killing ' with Gaddafi, African countries don't mix with african despots, as they got plenty of their own, and the Russian don't give a Sh,,t.. What a beautiful world, what a despicable UN filled with despots... impotance at his best.
3. "Qaddafi enroute to Venezuela"
William ,   Israel   (02.21.11)
Can we get ALL dictators to be enroute to Venezuela, then either isolate them or just wipe them out totally? The world would indeed be a happy place the next day.
4. Libya is a former EU colony...and such treated differently
William ,   Israel   (02.21.11)
While Israel gets slammed at every turn, war crimes are tolerated in former EU colonies like Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Chad, etc. because the EU feels a kinship with them. This has never been about human rights nor about justice, the EU's actions have always been about re-establishing the colonies through political ties. The UK threatens Israel publicly for passport forgeries that were never proven, but willingly releases a terrorist who murdered 200+ for an oil deal. With the EU acting so selfishly, no one should chastise the US for vetoing the UNSC resolution which has no purpose but to hurt the peace process.
5. Gaddafi belongs in an asylum!
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (02.21.11)
6. Combat aircraft against civilians? Sounds like the IAF
franz von fear   (02.21.11)
7. #6 very poor taste
Georges Michael ,   France/US/Canada   (02.21.11)
mr von fear
8. Hey franz von pots
David ,   On this planet   (02.21.11)
You ought to be afraid . Your muslim friends are at your door step. LOL
9. Gaddafi Duck Lied?
Edwin ,   Canada   (02.21.11)
Did he lie when he said the troops would fight to the last man, or did he mean till the last man fled?
10. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.21.11)
Sounds a whole lot more like NATO, actually. Or do you think that Israel does not have the right to retaliate when missiles and mortars are fired at Israeli population centers? Guess again.
11. the lucky two
observer ,   Egypt   (02.21.11)
there is report that Gaddafi executed the other 10 pilots who refused to share in the "operation".
12. 3 down, who's next?
Raed ,   Palestine   (02.22.11)
Filthy dictators are dropping like flys Arabs filled with pride, Israelis with fear Wonder if Israel called the white house in support of yet another Arab dictator So sad, waiting for the day in Palestine along with the rest of the arab world
13. #6; franz, one in every crowd
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (02.22.11)
Why is it that there is always one dope in every crowd. Save the antisemitism. This is about Gaddafi murdering his people who are protesting his 42 years of tyrannical rule.. So just leave Israel out of it. The desperation of the antisemitic crowd is sad and depraved. Sorry franz, nobody but you is buying it. So what new name will write under now? Since you've lost all credibility?
14. UN human rights comitee
Philip ,   miami   (02.22.11)
Doesn't Libya head the UN human rights comitee? What a bunch of smucks!
15. So let me get this straight....
Jewish Warrior   (02.22.11)
Libya - a country that shoots unarmed protesters and BOMBS THEM FROM THE AIR gets a seat on the UN Human Rights Council, and the Council makes Israel a mandatory agenda item every session (no joke, its actually written down!)
16. In America, there are many German Luftwaffe pilots who
Rivkah   (02.22.11)
fly cover over American cities because the politicians don't trust American pilots to shoot down an airplane if it is hijacked and that is necessary. It was learned that the Germans planned to strafe the cities if there are riots and that was stopped according to the information I read. The ELS Torah codes on the situation in Libya indicate Gadhafi will be executed.
17. Franz von senseless
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (02.22.11)
How would you like to adapt the Libyan refugees? Egypt has set up camps at the border. Why don't you send refugee asylum to them? You have to convert pretty soon anyway.
18. Raed #12
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (02.22.11)
Your wait is kinda different. Yours is kinda never going to happen. It's like the lottery ticket that I nvere win since I never buy a ticket. Your wonderful leaders took any chances of Palestine being created from you. I say knock down Jordan, and you get whole a lot of Palestine right there. It's your land anyway. There are all Palestinian there, but why you must have won in Israel is a mystery to all of us all. Your monkey in Iran is next in line.
19. Gadafi Will Survive
superhero ,   Johannesburg RSA   (02.22.11)
He is the sponsor and author of many a resolution in the UN Human Rights Council that was eagerly supported by others and hence deserves the dignity to be supported by those that supported his motions. Strange that these "peaceful protestors" know how to drive tanks - fire rockets things that usually take months of training to do.
20. red white and blue
scott ,   jasper usa   (02.22.11)
I know i am off subject here....but i support israel big time.As an American ,same as you,why every chance you trash our military.i,ve family who have served with honor whether noted or not.Israel as much as I pray for their survival depends on God first and the U.S. military.
21. Israel and Arab Regim's
Libyan Guy   (02.22.11)
Israel was not happy when thing changed in Tunisia and did not even welcome the freedom movment of its people, the same happend when the people of Egypt seeked freedom and even there they were worried about their peave treaty rather than supporting freedom and democracy and in the end Libya and its misfortune with Gheddafi, they are for sure not supporting anything that is not Zionistic but in the end we shall have democracy and freedom that Israel will never enjoy since they do not have problmes of bombing a suspect rather than bringing him to justice ... its just the other face of zionism that suxs ... Ghedaffi is finished and ISrael should listen to freedom whe it seeks it way. what will happend if tomoroww all the palestinean people come to Al Quds ? will you bomb them also in the name of your sceurity ?
22. And Gadaffi sang
Talab ,   Morocco   (02.22.11)
I'm Leavin.....On a Jet Plane......Dont know when i'll be back again
23. #6
bill ,   uk   (02.22.11)
well spotted. the Israel air force has been bombing defenseless civilians for years.. they are the masters
24. Note, the only island of stability: Israel. Does Obama....
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.22.11)
...appreciates it that of all the US allies in this important region Israel is the only stage, reliable and loyal ally of the US and Europe?
25. All due respect to the 2 Pilots
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.22.11)
But they could be more effective, they know exactly what is the place that must be bombed, Gaddafi should not run away after all these massacres.
26. Let Pilots/Planes defect here. ,   London England   (02.22.11)
ed ,   kh   (02.22.11)
To #6 and #23 Really Israel is MAGIC, MAKE THE STUPIDS TALK.
28. To #25
ED ,   kh   (02.22.11)
Cann't you be original and find a solution without blood? My G'd will bless you!!!!
29. But Israel was also an EU colony!
Arnon ,   Israel   (02.22.11)
30. To: No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.22.11)
Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. You would do well to look to Israel as an example. Being Arab, of course, you have no history of democracy, no experience of democracy and no knowledge of democracy. You will end up with one or another form of tyrannical leadership, be it the military, the Moslem Brotherhood, or a new Ghaddafi rising from the ashes. It is all that Arabs know; you're comfortable with it, at least for a while. You think all the ersatz "Palestinian" people will come to Jerusalem en masse? You cannot be serious. The ones living in Israel could not even be bothered to move twenty miles to the PA to help build a viable society and create a credible government. Why? I'll tell you. They do not want to leave Israel -- a democracy -- for the tyranny of Arab leadership. Can't say that I blame them. Israel already enjoys democracy and freedom. You've been drinking the Arab propaganda Kool Aid far too long.
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