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'Arab unrest signals Messiah's coming'
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 23.02.11, 14:57
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31. #30, ORA, The greatest game ever
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.24.11)
Of all the stories religions have given us, of all the hocus pocus, the rituals, and games religions play, there is nothing bigger than what regards the messiah. I will say that whoever invented this thing was the greatest genius who ever lived and wrote. Give her the biggest Nobel Prize ever (it had to be a woman, so smart, so refined, with such a tremendous foresight.) I think she was the first one to state "anything can happen." For those who take religions seriously, messiah is the greatest game ever and they have been entertained by it tremendously, many even died for it. And the game continues to be played on and on. As to myself, I prefer chess; at least I am able to comprehend it. Best wishes.
32. 31 Michael
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (02.24.11)
The problem,very smart people have,they only believe what they comprehend,and reject what human brain,because of it s limits, has not the capacity to understand. Give the needed attention to your soul,Michael,and with your great potential you will be very successful doing WHAT IS RiGHT,with G-D s help.
33. Messiah's coming
AM ,   OR, USA   (02.24.11)
I agree 100% with #27 (Psalms 83). In addition, people need to just read the Holy Scriptures to know what prophecies have been & are soon going to happen. Read on!!!!
34. We need gutsy leadership now. We can wait for the Messiah.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.24.11)
What Israel most urgently needs is gutsy leadership. Leaders who have no trouble saying "NO", when called upon to make concessions and cede our land. And who are never deterred from standing by this decision. Leaders who realizes this tiny land is ours and always acts on this knowledge. There are countless wise and courageous men and women in Israel. We need many more of them in political office. We can wait for the Messiah. Our urgent need is for gutsy leadership now.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (02.24.11)
Such as your brain...
36. To number 8
World citizen ,   World   (02.24.11)
Man we need more and more of you... You made my day by your comment, because it's the smart truth pure and simple...
37. 34 Chaim
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.24.11)
The courageous men are so till they enter in politics.We need G-Ds help.
38. 8 Washigton,You are completely erring
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.24.11)
Orthodoxe have more hope to reach an agreement with Palestinians as we have the same G-D in common. All the the non-fundamentalists on the planet have absolutely nothing in common.Are you suggesting that Jews combat Jews? Great!
39. Arab Unrest Signals Messiah's Coming
Stephen Lafer ,   Bend, OR, USA   (02.24.11)
I think these bearded old men are putting us on. Behind those grey beards are Eric Idle and the rest of the Monty Python crew.
40. To Chaim#34. Leaders Must Acknowledge.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (02.25.11)
Quote :“What Israel most urgently needs is gutsy leadership. Leaders who have no trouble saying "NO", when called upon to make concessions and cede our land. And who are never deterred from standing by this decision. Leaders who realizes this tiny land is ours and always acts on this knowledge.” Those leaders (you are speaking about) will have to accept the existence of YAHWEH, the Supreme Lord. Thereafter, those leaders must acknowledge that YAHWEH is the Owner of planet Earth. Unless YAHWEH ’s ownership of planet Earth is acknowledged -- one can NOT be considered a real leader in the eyes of YAHWEH. Unless one is a leader in the eyes of YAHWEH -- he must be considered to be a so-called leader, a fake leader, a dishonest leader.
41. heed his words...
American Jew ,   New York City, USA   (02.25.11)
but as a messianic Jew, the messiah coming will be Yeshua!!! Baruch HaShem!!!
42. 2nd Coming
Laurie ,   Michigan, USA   (02.25.11)
Christ is coming back soon in 2 phases or stages. First the Rapture or catching away for all true believers called His Bride, then the 2nd Glorious Coming. See the New Testament, also some of the prophecies in the O.T.
43. #3&4 Charles
David ,   America   (02.25.11)
Your words will exist for all eternity. You better hope that either you are right (which you aren't) or that Eloheim will excuse your ignorance.
44. Stupid, stupid, stupid...
KD ,   USA   (02.25.11)
The individual calling everyone stupud but himself asks a question of his creator that has already been answered. Could it be you don't know the answer because you are so lazy and arrogant that you simply refuse to find it?
45. Thinking themselves wise,
KD ,   USA   (02.25.11)
They became fools.
46. world in choas
linda ,   Ky. USA   (02.25.11)
God is not causing all this trouble HE is allowing it because it is necessary in order for HIM to rapture all Christians up to HIM. God is allowing Obama and whomever else to do what they do because it is in HIS plan. We need to keep a close watch on what happens in Israel because they are the clock that tells the time of the Rapture.
47. #4 - Charles
Deborah ,   Midwest, USA   (02.25.11)
"The mocker seeks wisdom and finds none, but knowledge comes easily to the discerning." Proverbs 14:6 So, you are too intelligent to see or understand anything that is not in front of your veiled countenance. Pity.
48. world choas
Linda ,   KY, USA   (02.25.11)
i need to correct myself when i said, " Israel is the clock that tells the time of the Rapture". I don't believe we know the exact day or time. But Israel is our clock that tells us the time is getting close.
49. Yeshua is Returning! All Glory to God.
Tyra ,   Lebanon, USA   (02.26.11)
50. Every knee shall bow....
Joyce Ellis ,   Etowah US   (02.26.11)
Whether the events going on in the ME now signal the return of Christ, is known only to God. But one day, every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. The Jews are God's chosen people, and he loves them with a great love.
51. 14Jo With your 20/20vision do you see...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.26.11)
your soul?That , which upgrates you from a sort of ultra sofisticated robot ,into a human being
52. 45KD Yes, but overdevelopped fools.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.26.11)
53. OY! The Sky is Falling!!
Yehudit ,   US   (02.27.11)
These guys are certified nutcases.
54. You can know
a human ,   Atlanta, US   (02.27.11)
Don't let these humans tell you what you can and can't know. We can know if we study the book and seek the One that is the subject of it. God is not causing these things humans are. God gave us the world and we gave it to the other one. God lets things happen because He is bound by His word unlike us humans who say whatever it takes to try to live our little cushy lifetime on this little planet. There is more and God alone will enable us to enjoy it, not our efforts or other humans efforts. Only what God has done, does, and will do will allow any of us to fellowship with Him like Adam and Eve did in the garden. No human, from them to us, are worthy and only God can cover our unworthiness. Don't listen to what humans think seek the Creator. He is and He is available and He seeks us more than we seek Him.
55. Who are the blind ? TRY # 2
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.27.11)
Those who need a white stick or a dog to help them . Here they call this tora , god or belief . They need it to live , otherwise they can't behave , they need those "laws" , those thousands years old writings . But they don't see , blind as they are , that they live in the 21st century , that the world is older than their 5700+ years . They don't want to know that this "god" they believe in , allowed , could not prevent , or worse , wanted the Shoa to happen . Well it are poor people who believe in this god .
56. the power of GOD
daniel ,   cisnadie, Romania   (02.28.11)
For Israel ISAIA 41, 42, 43, 44, 45...
57. SIR, Is the Time At Hand ?
Save By Grace ,   New Heaven & Earth   (03.02.11)
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