Iranian naval ships arrive in Syria
Dudi Cohen
Published: 23.02.11, 17:51
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Orao. ,   Srbia.   (02.23.11)
2. US and Israel indecisive
moshon   (02.23.11)
Egypt's military is trying to curry favour with the moslem brotherhood street so it allowed iranian warships through the canal to syria, something that mubarak blocked. US and Israel stood around paralysed not knowing what to do, much as 4 US warships surrounded a somali hijacked yacht with 4 americans aboard and watched them get killed. US should place private security on every ship like israel does. Bibi is the best israeli PM compared to livni, peres, barak, olmert . But he is not a decisive leader. Lieberman or landau would be far better and israel's enemies would be more reluctant to take aggressive measures. The iran file will have to be resolved because the US and EU won't do it, the persian people may not do it with kameinei's good squads of baigi and hezbollah beating th ehell out of protesters and israel will not do it so long as barak is defense minister. Isreal willl do it if yaalon is at defense and general galant is appointed special op on iran.
3. Try approaching Israel's shores if you're so brave.
4. patience
David ,   America   (02.23.11)
"The world should know that the presence of Iranian warships in the Suez Canal has taken place through the deep guidance of the Supreme Leader (Ayatollah Ali Khamenei) and our young and brave personnel's self-confidence," he said." The world should know that the Iranian ships are at the Syrian port because of the patience of the Israelis. Otherwise they would be at the bottom of the sea.
5. Why wasnt these ships stopped and searched?
Jay3 ,   Israel   (02.23.11)
6. All Hell will break loose
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.23.11)
When the Iranian ships attempt to accompany the next so-called "AID CONVOY" attempting to break the Gaza Blockade Let's not kid ourselves, Iran is just itching to stir up more trouble I wonder if any of you Pro-Palestinian Ersatz Heroes are ready to volunteer to be on the “AID” ships ?
7. Israel gave tacit approval for their passage
Israeli 2   (02.23.11)
Otherwise the ships would not have been permitted to go through the Suez Canal. All the rest is commentary.
8. U.N. sanctions are joke
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.23.11)
Last July the U.N. Security Council set a fourth round of sanctions against Iran including the boarding and inspection of suspected Iranian ships. To this date the fearful West has yet to enforce anything and Iran can smell the weakness all the way up the Suez into the Med. It's all hot air,empty words coming from Hillary and her fellow traveler Obama
9. Israelis can breathe easier...
seadog1946 ,   Ong's Hat, NJ USA   (02.23.11)
the Persian sailors passed by with only a baleful glance and an odd feeling of ancient deja-vu. Perhaps when they "show the flag" in the Aegean, that same sense of "having been here before" will also overwhelm them.
10. Iranian warships
moshe ,   ny, ny   (02.23.11)
My dear brothers and sisters, pls don't t sit on your hands as you did in Lebanon, so that you now have 45000 missiles to contend with. It is time for you to "step up to the plate," before events get out of control. Who knows what types of armaments will be unloaded at Syria's port? I want to see you survive and flourish, ce ani ohev lachem.
11. why are israeli's so worried ??? is it a fear or guilt ?
JohnMajor ,   London   (02.23.11)
hey dudes, two iranian ships pass suez canal, wow !! what a news.. i saw many passing though when i went there.. no one noticed.. Now the real thing is that people in israle, and more to that are leaders worries about Iran, so much worries.. is this a fear of iran ? or is it a guilt that israel do to other people like palestianians and to see themselves in the same position ?? Man, i can tell you one thing though, every one has to pay a price, if not today, tomorrow is definite.!! so keep counting as there will be more coming.. some iranians, some indians, some americans, see which one are more friendly and which not.
12. Israel even payed for the fuel and passage rights
JohnnyGlendale ,   CALIFORNIA USA   (02.23.11)
israel has nothing to do with anything . The Iranians probably just transfered some major weapons shipment to Syria , iran used military ships so that Israel wouldn't board and serch the ships !
13. 2 small ships and everbody is crying
Atomino ,   Germany   (02.23.11)
The US ships through all waters of the world as Russia does or any other country. When it was the last time Iran started a war ? So why Israel is worried about 2 small military vessels. Iran and Syria have good relationships so its very normal that such marine events happening. This demonizing strategy will not work - the US will not fight another war against Iran for Israel.
14. While Kharg is supplying
Nora Tel Aviv   (02.23.11)
Syria and Hizballah sophisticated armements Israel and USA look paralized.
15. Jewish state would need to boost defense spending ,...
split ,   US   (02.23.11)
How much this boost is going to cost me ?
16. #11 Just because Israel's nuke subs patrol Persian Gulf....
Strangelove   (02.23.11)
Iranians should have free reign in the Mediterranean.
17. 13# And when was the last time Germany started a war?????
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (02.23.11)
Then killed millions in their little ovens. Jews worry about Iranian ships....just like they worry about German Ovens. The oven thing happened a little over 60 years ago. It's ironic how soon a person from germany would forget such things. Keep telling those Jews not to worry as you put them in containers again with Iran's help. There's no danger from Iran........They weren't fighting Iraq several years ago either. It really doesn't matter who started the fight.......Iran was willing to lose over a million people. But they aren't a threat to anyone. They are pacifists.
18. iranian warships
howard ,   torquay devon   (02.23.11)
now this what you do so listen carefully , you get 2 midget submarines , place magnetic bombs under neath then bang and let them try and prove it
19. Not to worry-IDF will know what to do when the time comes
Stephen in New York   (02.23.11)
The Iranians are trying to establish a precedent and soon enough will overreach. Then they will get the response they so richly deserve.
20. Ignorant we are
David ,   Jerusalem   (02.23.11)
Fellow Jews lets be honest here a holocaust happened and it could happen again. Why are we being so ignorant waiting for the intl community to do something? the yids back in hitlers era did the same thing they just sat on there backsides (with respect to them) Israel must stop being so conservative and take action against any threat or provocation and let the arab world learn a valuable lesson. HARSH military action is required first blow up these ships in Syria and then go into Iran and bomb the hell out of these nuclear plants once this is achieved bomb the Iranian presidents palace an every one of his of his subordinates. Israel really needs to flex her muscles and not worry about what the world thinks. they never helped us then and they will not help us tomorrow. Thanks for letting me vent.
21. # 13
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.23.11)
Best for you to be quiet as you dont have a clue about the real situation in the ME. (Middle East)
22. # 19
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.23.11)
"Inshallah" (from your lips to G*d's ears)
23. 2 #1 now they are closer to you & Europe....
standing tall 4 IAF ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.23.11)
I'm just going to wait and see how long it takes before you realize that they present more of a danger to you than to Israel! after all we've already seen "911", in the USA, Spain and a whole host of terrorist attacks on European cities. I for one am not worried because I know that between G-d and Israeli's enemies fly the ladies and gentlemen of the IAF and do remember we did just fine taking out the Iraqi reactor in 1981 and the Syrian reactor in 2006 so you know I'm not worried I've got the precise IAF team on my side!!!! What have you got? Boobkiss! that's what!
24. at the right time in the right manner we'll respond....
the rest is just ,   idle chatter!   (02.23.11)
25. #2 Moshon Great Read May I
Brazen   (02.23.11)
ask how a solution can be reached? And by whom?
26. TO BLOW UP THE EVENT...........#13
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.23.11)
It has hardly to do with the ships at all.As usual,it has been the trend to overdo whenver Iran does anything at all.The whole world media talked about two ordinary ships that sailed through the Suez Canal.We are used to it by now. The biggest worry was,however,that the Egyptian authorities were caught up in a very awkward situation as direct orders normally are flowing from USA but on this occassion,USA had to keep itself out of the picture for reason well known to you and myself
27. To: Nora at No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.23.11)
Nope. No sophisticated armaments on the KHARG. Saw some real-time footage of both the KHARG and the ALVAND going through the Canal. I know a ballasting vessel when I see one, and both were ballasting. I imagine the Israeli experts -- who had a much closer look -- know it, too. That's why the ships made it to Latakia. The mullahs want to antagonize Israel. They do not want to engage Israel. That's an engagement that they cannot win, and they know it.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.23.11)
29. #11 JohnMajor
GOOD ,   USA/IL   (02.24.11)
Israeli's are not fearful nor are they suffering of any guilt complex. Israel is guilty of what? defending herself from terror? You, however, living in Londonistan should be very worried. You see, the Israeli's are ready to fight any enemy, you are not. You will be eaten for breakfast by Muslim radicals pretty soon here so good luck with your arrogance.
30. #13 Atonimo
GOOD ,   USA/IL   (02.24.11)
Sounds like you are pissed that the USA put a halt to your leader's plan in WWII. Israel doesn't give a damn how good the relationship is between Iran and Syria (the two major sponsors of terror in the world). Demonizing? Iran openly threaten Israel on a regular basis that they'll wipe Israel off the map. As Jews we learned (from you guys) to take threats like these very seriously. Never again means never again.
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