Israel allows $13.5 million into Gaza
Tani Goldstein
Published: 25.02.11, 13:31
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1. money to gaza
howard banks ,   usa   (02.25.11)
israel got a nice thank you for the money going through to gaza ,by way of a rocket attack,no more help until hezbollah and hamas have gone home to their daddy in iran and left lebanon.
2. UNRWA funds to Gaza
Emil Schafer ,   Upland, USA   (02.25.11)
If UNRWA sends $13.5 million to its employees in Gaza every month, there must be quite a crowd of employees and they are paid very well. No wonder UNWRA supports such a boondoggle.
3. Israel allows $13.5 million in terrorist aid into Gaza
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.26.11) be used against Israel. We are sick in the head.
4. Why cooperate with the UN anymore?
manicdrummer ,   Madison, WI, USA   (02.26.11)
Let the UN pay its employees from a bank in another country. Israel no longer has an obligation to the Palestinians or the UN...or the rest of the world! All Jews should return to Israel and reclaim the only country we ever had.
5. I have no problem with $13.5mm to Gaza
William ,   Israel   (02.27.11)
but I would suggest instead to drop it over Gaza, from 13,000 feet, in the form of nickels and quarters.
6. #2 - why do you think UNRWA has lasted for so long?
William ,   Israel   (02.27.11)
Because the money and prestige UN workers get, and the welfare without obligations the "Palestinians" get, are too sweet to pass up. Who wants to work hard, through sweat and tears, to create a State like the Jews did when you need only cry and blow something up to get everything you wish for?
7. iraq blown up oil refinery
howard banks ,   usa   (02.27.11)
i hope the king of saudia arabia sends iran a warning, before they send terrorist to blow up his oil reserves,in strong words.
8. And Aid continues whilst Schallit is tortured ?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (02.27.11)
Harsher response than this 'kid-glove teratment is needed.I am surprised that this has not been already advocated.IWe want 'Schallit out A.S.A.P.,and this is the leverage that should be used.Hamas has shown itself to have no humanity residing in its body IDF don't be humanitarian to non-humanitarians 'Schallit' needed you yesterday,,finish the job today !
9. What a disgrace.
Moshe. ,   Israel   (02.27.11)
Let them all starve.! Why should we help them when they bomb us!
10.  Israeli Govt. :E-Mails,100% against policy
Roland Seener ,   London England   (02.28.11)
11. Israel Allows $13.5 Million into Gaza
Leah ,   California USA   (03.04.11)
Yes, where is Gilad??? I just can't believe that he hasn't been rescued. What's that story?
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