Hundreds rally in Jerusalem against racism
Omri Efraim
Published: 26.02.11, 22:03
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1. And if the unthinkable happened
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (02.26.11)
with the detonation of a terrorist borne explosive device, that murdered apporximately 100 and caused various injuries ranging from severe to sleight' would these political tools- fools still maintain their leftist position, or would they be drawn to the cneter or right in self preservation. NAH! there too stupid. They would blame the right for the provocation of the terrorist's actions. It's hell going through life stuck on stupid.
2. ahla orovitz
droreishen ,   isra   (02.26.11)
yishar kohah be mohah
3. RADICAL ATEIST LEFTISTS are the real racists!
period!   (02.26.11)
they wont even live in the same neighborhood with anyone not like them
4. Another Political Rally
sean ,   jerusalem   (02.26.11)
This was not a rally against racism, it was a political rally against Lieberman (who is doing a fine job) and a rally against the non-kooky left. They're just pulling the old left-wing-pulls-race-card-out-of-the-hat routine. What a big turn out too (not).
5. #2
Jennie ,   US/Israel   (02.26.11)
Who exactly did you praise with your blessing, droreishe ? The brainwashed idiots, who are selling our country to the enemy ? Are they aware, that If Israel would ever give in to the demands of the leftist lunatic rioters,Israel would cease to exist as the Jewish State and Jews in Israel and all over the world,would loose the status of a nationhood again. Just like it happened in 70 AD, when the Romans concored Jerusalem and the Jewish land , chasing us to exile...The longing of Jewish people for returning to Zion and the movement of Zionism was what led to the birth of Israel. There is no other place in the world were we can live without being singled out for bigotry & murder. And the meretz and stupid youth are placating slogans against Zionism in the Jewish State ? This is the kind of betrayal that must be delt with immediately...It is beyond democracy or leftism..Its pure betrayal ! If meretz party stands behind such a slogans, they have no business to represent Israel, but rather the palestinian terror groups...
6. First of all...
manicdrummer ,   Madison, WI, USA   (02.26.11)
...who are the racists? Jews who have been persecuted for more than 2,000 years? Or Arabs, who were the persecutors? Or Aryans, who murdered more Jews in Europe in a single period of history than anyone anywhere else? For the record, we Jews are not a distinct race. We come in all varieties just like people of other faiths. To try to set us apart as a race is stupid. But if you all insist on it, fine. We'll all move to Israel, kick all non-Jews out and keep it for ourselves. Fair is fair. You asked for it and you got it.
They hate religious Jews and haredim more than anyone else in the world. They cannot tolerate religious Jews living in the same as city as them, let alone in the same street or building. Ynet's daily bashing of religious Jews proves this well. And they are the ones protesting. What a joke.
8. send them to live in the arab countries lets see how fast th
rachel ,   usa   (02.26.11)
they come back these elitist fascist useful idiot left . They think they know it all .
9. hundreds of LOSERS...
Gilon ,   USA   (02.27.11)
I'm really tired of hearing this racism non sense. What are these left wingers upto?? I think they need to go back to Europe. I'm a Mizrahi Jew like 70% of Israeli Jews until 1990. The Arabs forced us out of the lands because we were Jewish and not because of our race. Because were all were semitic or middle eastern people. And as a Mizrahi Jew, I'm 100% in support of Lieberman. It's not racism. These young people who come from Europe and live in the bubble security of Tel Aviv don't know a thing about the past. And I'm sure they don't know much about us Mizrahi Jews either.
11. unheard voice
osam ,   palestine   (02.27.11)
unfortunately the voice of left wing in israel is low and unheard amid of the current waves of hatred and racism sweeping the israeli community but i hope that this would be anew revival inside israel in the way of admitting the rights of the palestinian people to determine their fate and
12. Jewish Racism
Mark Wiseman ,   Detroit USA   (02.27.11)
Too bad the rally was on Shabbat. I wish many more people would have attended such an important event. So many Jewish people are extreme racists and sadly, are proud of it. G-d is probably very embarrased by us.
13. #6 we are a nation not a religion
Golan ,   Modiin   (02.27.11)
if we were a religion Samaritans would be Jews. And how can you have atheist Jews or secular Jews? You are Jewish if you are born Jewish not because you are a faithful who believes in the ten commandments (Christians do that!) Even in the original Christian religion one had to become a Jew (nation) before they could convert to Christianity (religion.) And my last analogy is Ruth\s "conversion" in which she said "Your nation will be my nation; your God my god." In other words she had to become a Jews (nationally) before she could be "jewish" (religion.) And yes, there is a religious aspect to the nation Israel, but we are a people first.
14. leftists never speak against Arab racism and terrorism. why?
15. Weren't these the same that protested in Sheik Jarrah
William ,   Israel   (02.27.11)
against Jews entering the homes that they legally own, per High Court ruling, and were stolen from them through ethnic cleansing decades ago? When asked, the excuse of these protesters was "this is an Arab neighborhood". How can they claim to protest against racism when they equally support it against other groups (which they disagree with)? Leftism is truly a disease.
16. No, not the Israeli leftists!
Amy ,   San Francisco   (02.27.11)
The worst are the American Jewish leftists. Hypocrites who are so consumed with hate that they hate even themselves. Human beings who have lost their natural instinct of survival like those pathetic bleeding hearts, are nothing but mentally ill idiots
17. Only leftist freaks think the rightists are racist.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.27.11)
18. wave of folly, not racism, sweeping Israel
dante ,   uk   (02.27.11)
the clowns on the Israel left should realise that Israel cannot save the African continent. It is not racist to use reasonable intelligence to determine the facts and draw appropriate conclusions. Israel cannot save Africa and it cannot accommodate all the African refugees that would like to live there. why cannot these refugees find refuge in other, larger, African or muslim countries? don't be stupid.
19. To all the rightists here:
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (02.27.11)
You are the types who would happily have been picketing mixed schools in the racist South a few decades ago. And you would have been justifying your hatred by invoking some twisted version of patriotism and nationalism. Is this what half my family was murdered by the natzim for??? So our nation would be even blinder and more aggressive in our hared?!? YUCK!! You make me physically shudder...
20. "1500" or one zero less; that is the question!
FG   (02.27.11)
21. using Liberman's Russian roots to call out against racism
- classic
22. Big brother's siblings
Ilan ,   Ariel   (02.27.11)
Meretz and the other hypocrites who redefine terms to create a reign of terror.
23. Yaniv Openheimer and the leftist need help
phillip goldstein ,   mcallen Tx usa   (02.27.11)
It is so disturbing to see the leftist in Israel acting the way they are. The woirld is falling apart they are so brainwashed about peace with Arabs. Arabs do not have peace with in themselves there are approximately 6 civil wars going on right now in the Middle East. Israel is the only country somewhat sane Here in America our glorious annointed one is whacked out of his mind he is running the country like LOuis and Maria antoinette. They are so worried abot peace let them first make shalom with there jewish brothers the torah teached veohavta lerocha kamocha then we worry about the rest of the world. Moshiach is coming soon People tsinat chinam has to stop we need to rebuild the temple and be together because the jewish nation is one.
24. Left Wing, are you still alive ???!!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.27.11)
25. yes there is healthy sceptisism about brain dead lefties
ralph   (02.27.11)
26. kick Lieberman out of the holyland.
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.27.11)
27. To # 6 We are a religion first and foremost.
Vanessa ,   SA   (02.27.11)
We started out as a religion from day one. How do you think we came about as Jews. We received the Torah on the basis that we would be Jews and it is only due to the Torah that a child born to a Jewish mother is Jewish. That is what made us who we are today. We only received the land of Israel after receiving the Torah. We are such a small nation. We should appreciate our land and not take it for granted that we have a place we can truley call home as a Jewish State. The truth is Israel is a Jewish State first and we just happen to have a democratic country that allows you to believe in what you choose. Rememeber though who or what would you be if you didn't live in Israel. Jewish.
28. Which racism????
aline silverman ,   Israel   (02.27.11)
What are these so called Leftists talking about ???? There aren't any Racist laws in our country....Even Liebermen isn't the monster they describe. He tries to find solutions to a real danger we are facing..,.Having said that we live together here for the better and for the worse...Jews of all kinds, Arabs moslem and christians....Noone here is limited...We go to the same hospitals , the same hotels when on vacation, the same beaches....There are unfortunate cases of violence and this is very sad and terrible. However all the crimes committed are not necessarily motivated by racism. This poor Beduin Kid murdered by his school friends,RACISM???? Why do these leftists(?) try to make us look worse than we are???? Of course we have to teach our kids to be tolerant : towards Arabs, towards Mizrahiim, towards Ethiopians, towards Russians, towards Ashkenazim...the list is long.....With such a mix of people and cultures it is already a miracle that we live side by side....Where do the Leftists live that they do not see it ???? I Ramat Aviv ???? where there aren't any "darker" people ????
29. There should be right-wing protests of the racism too.
Josh   (02.27.11)
The idea that only liberal left wing people see racism in Israel is false. Peace Now handles issues that range from good to bad, in my opinion. I don't like the idea that struggling for a Torah righteous non-racist (like Arbarham) is attached to bleeding hearts and self hating rhetoric that only exists because insecure people want to feel like they have something important to say. I would like to see the struggle to allow Ethiopians to work in high tech rather than only as dishwashers, touted by some responsible Right-Winger. (One law for all Torah) I would like to see a right-winger help resolve Ashkenazim and Sephardim secret wars. I would like to see the convert and the foreign workers treated with dignity not because someone wants to slip in some racist pro-anti-jewish palestinian state but because it is the right thing to do and Torah requires it. Right wingers doesn't mean crazy racist dati yes men of kooky extremist Rabbis that break Torah. One Law!
30. #18-There is nothing wrong with race
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.27.11)
Its a mystery that we cherish family, friends and neighbors to something quite new. We read the Torah to understand this mystery.
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