Gaza assailants plant bomb under Christian car
Associated Press
Published: 27.02.11, 18:17
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1. So sad the world looks the other way.
Claudia ,   Tampa FL   (02.27.11)
If Christian churches don't mend their ways, stop blaming Israel, and begin opposing the viciousness of Islam everywhere we are ALL in deep trouble. It is so past time that the Catholic church looked inward and recognizes their replacement theology is WRONG and not the correct interputation of the scripture of the New Testament. They give the Arabs a pass on everything, and Christians that continue this path are just as evil as Mohammad.
2. The Good People of Gaza
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (02.27.11)
The ones so many seek to defend, the only question is, Why?
3. and people call this the 'arab-israeli" conflict
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.27.11)
this is a conflict between islamists and everyone else, as it is everywhere else in the world you find significant populations of muslims.
4. What if ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.27.11)
What if Israel had finished the job in Gaza and defeated Hamas ? Instead they listened to their master Bush as they did with Hizbollah in Lebanon. Defeating ones enemy is a lost concept in Israel today. They have been dumbed down by their plantation masters in Washington to the point that surrender,appeasement and land for rockets and jihad are considered the path to peace.
5. What if this had been an IDF "targeted action" I'll bet...
EBR ,   Jerusalem   (02.27.11)
that this would be all over the world newspapers and tv news would be carrying it as a top item.... but since "it was only 'Gaza assailants' (like why couldn't AP call them terrorists?) that plant bomb under Christian car well then it is something that all can easily ignore. Particularly those very liberal European left wingers -- I can just hear them saying: "News out of Gaza! Oh not IDF action; we'll sleep in this Sunday morning!" Sheesh! their hypocracy is showing big time! It isn't about human rights it is all about Israel bashing!
6. and if and when the car exploded, they would have blamed isr
7. Gaza Christians
The Christians in Gaza & West bank are supporting the Muslims,and this way by killing you by saying THANK YOU.Revolt against them
8. Thank the Left
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.27.11)
Any Israeli land that Israel surrenders to the Arab colonists ends up being a killing field for Christians. It happened in Bethlehem, it happened it Gaza.
9. @#8 do sit down!
Sally Forth ,   Jerusalem   (02.27.11)
Have you taken a look at Nazareth, Israel lately? No one has left from there except for the Christians who have all moved away and given up because they are being pushed out by the Israeli Moslems of Nazareth! In other words my friend it has nothing to do with the Israeli left and everything to do with the policies of the long term right wing Israeli government policies with respect to our minorities! Get over yourself my friend
10. To: No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.28.11)
Nazareth has not been surrendered to the Arabs. I suggest that you go back and re-read the post at No. 8 before sallying forth with a stupid response. I think you owe the poster at No. 8 an apology.
11. Sarah B.
Boris Yasdnilkov ,   Ferniandina Beach, U   (02.28.11)
You have a keen mind, solid knowledge, penetrating insight and a quick sense of humor. Your discourse is followed by many visitors here. Thank you.
12. arab christians' arab identity more important than G-D
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (02.28.11)
to an arab christian, their arab identity more important to them than their what G-D said in G-D's Words. so much so that they can choose what to believe in Bible and throw out what they dislike/ or against their arab ideology. m sick of their anti-israel propaganda rantings to tourists everytimes naive christian-tourist visit their arab churches. i personally watch one very outrageous video by Pals christians, sick to e core! thus, most of the time they even willingly covered up their own christians-sufferings for the sake of the Pals Dream override every other justice. This kind of christians doesn't glorify G-D, if you love G-D, you should loves whom HE loves - the Jewish People.
13. #9 - Policies of Israeli Right in Nazareth?
William ,   Israel   (02.28.11)
Wow, where do I start? "ong term right wing Israeli government policies with respect to our minorities!" Muslims are a minority in Israel yet you claim their taking over of land and pushing out Christians is a result of the Right-wing. Just last week Salah, Tibi, Zoabi and others condemned the Right-wing in Israel but according to you....the right-wing helped Muslims by being against Christians?? Let's take a history trip. When Netanyahu was elected PM the first time he helped Nazareth Christians who almost lost the Plaza of the Ascension to Muslims who claimed it was some burial plot of an obscure sheik. They even tried to create facts on the ground, 24 hours a day with heavy machinery, to push the Christians out. Fact #1: today, Christians in Nazareth have their beautiful plaza Fact#2: Netanyahu is Right-wing.
14. Sarah B when was the last time u were in Nazareth?
a ME christian ,   now of Haifa   (02.28.11)
#9 is correct even though her logic is foggy! the Christians of Nazareth have been pushed out by the Moslems. Its the same all over the ME Christians have been squeezed out by Moslems and really despite #8's foggier logic it has nothing to do with the Jews or Israel!
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (02.28.11)
The Christian's of Gaza thought they were brothers of the Muslim’s; not realizing the fact is they're mere Dhimmi's (second class citizens) As far as Hamas is concerned, it's Hamas' way of the highway Time to go; soon you'll be like the Copts of Egypt, afraid to go to Church to pray
16. Sometimes being an example of the christian message
Galut ,   Selah   (02.28.11)
. speaks louder than words and is more effective.... and therefore threatening to a society which bases its belief system on hate. Quote: "Ayyad says he does not preach his faith. "
17. #9..Christians being forced out of Nazareth by Moslems
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (02.28.11)
How can you in all truth state that this is the Israeli governments's fault ? Moslems-Pals-arabs are not tolerant of other people's beliefs or religion and are outright hostile. Place the blame in the right place, you have missed the mark this time.
18. Ever notice it's never Christian Gazans committing jihad?
Sean Greene ,   Pasadena, USA   (02.28.11)
I'm just saying they seem to be peacefully living their lives and working like Druze and other non-muslims in Israel. This guy would be a lot better off and safer in the West Bank.
19. well I'm amused!
Sally Forth   (02.28.11)
I'm not to blame the government but it is perfectly alright to blame the left! All of you are very humourous! and Sarah dear when you apologize for gratuitiously calling everyone who disagrees with you stupid, dump and users of faulty logic well then I will think about taking your shining example to heart! In the meantime I am having a good laugh at the fact that my faulty logic was taken seriously... wishing you all a great day from Jerusalem
20. 19 - it's not the government
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.28.11)
as the husband of an arab, and with many friends of arabs from nazareth (even arabs who have left nazareth out of frustration) i can say that of all of the christian arabs i know NOT ONE complains about the government when it comes to day-to-day life here. bureaucracy and prejudice afflict jew and arab alike, but all christians who live around muslims are worried, even scared, because of the muslim attitudes and treatment they receive, which is the number ONE reason for relocating. arabs i know that have left nazareth usually move to nazareth ilit or haifa, you know, to live around jews. ones who are rabid antisemites actually leave the country, but they usually have a screw or two loose to begin with.
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