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Zenga Zenga: From Tel Aviv to Tripoli
Itamar Eichner
Published: 28.02.11, 08:13
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1. what does "zeng zenga" mean?
sasha ,   bilbao, basque   (02.28.11)
the clip is fun.
2. Tweedledum Tweedledee : ))))
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.28.11)
3. Compliments to threats - Islamic racism well alive
that proves that there is no revolution capable to change the traditional Islamist racism and hatred into peace-loving sentiments. True peace can be achieved only when this hateful and suicidal attitude is changed. Until that happens, these so-called "revolutions" will only turn into different forms of racist regimes, bent of imposing Sharia law on everybody, and in promoting genocide for all non-Muslims.
4. What about one to Lieberman?
Ricardo Macher ,   Karne Shomrom - IL   (02.28.11)
Try to create something like... Lieberman and Bibi running from mobs in London or Paris that want to put them in jail for war crimes....
5. #4 Ricardo, good idea
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.28.11)
Rica, as you know these days the relation between Netanyahu and Lieberman is not good ....soooo I decided on behalf of Lieberman 's Fans to dedicate an Arabic song called "Ashan asalhak w arda Alek " by Bahaa Sultan to Mr. Netanyahu ; )
6. FAKE # 4 - Complaint
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (02.28.11)
He is a fake Ricardo Macher. I am the real one. This stupid guy is ruining my reputation forever...
7. #2
Lippy ,   Proud Israeli   (02.28.11)
Bored Salma? What about joining Gadafeee?
8. Zenga Zenga
Emma ,   London   (02.28.11)
What is depressing is the typical response from some Muslims when they found out that the composer was an Israeli Jew.
9. Subscribe
Albert mann ,   Montreal canada   (03.01.11)
No comment
10. TO6
the song will be -freeky freeky bla bla shreeky
11. to 9
sure you are not in zenga
12. Kadaffi's Video
israeli ,   ashdod ,Israel   (03.04.11)
To #1, When he said in the Video (dar dar) means (house house). Zenga Zenga, means (alley alley) or nerrow street.
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