Report: Shehadeh killing legitimate; civilian deaths due to intel failure
Roni Sofer
Published: 27.02.11, 21:49
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1. israel should have hurled huge boulders on the house instead
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.27.11)
since throwing rocks is considered a legitimate form of expressive protest in the eyes of the world, israel should have pounded shehadeh's house with tons of boulders and there would have been no problem. after all, the palestinians love to hurl stones and complain when israel tries to stop them, so they should not mind if israel was to do it themselves.
2. Of course it was legal
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.27.11)
Even the Geneva Convention agrees that combatants hiding among civilians are legitimate targets and that if any civilians are injured or killed that is the fault of the combatant.
3. Israel has NO choice but to cut the head of the snake.
do not stop.
4. Shehade deserves only contempt.
John-boy ,   Canada   (02.27.11)
Shehadeh is responsible for the death of 13 innocent individuals. His warped brain no doubt counts civilians on either side fair game.This man is, and now was, (like many of his cronies) pure evil.
5. why blaming the IDF? it was PA's intelligence failure
observer ,   Egypt   (02.27.11)
Israel!, that was very genius.
6. I got some inteligance for you
USA   (02.27.11)
Blow them up and don't think about it
7. # 5
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.27.11)
Yes, we know we are the best & the brightest. Nice of you to admit it.
8. everyone knew it was legal
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.27.11)
Everyone knew that the attack was perfectly legal. It was only called illegal by the Saudi-funded "Shalom Achshav" and "Yesh Gvul" organizations.
9. He's Dead, drop it
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (02.27.11)
The fact is, because he was killed it has saved probably dozens of lives. We all know the IDF and Israel do everything they can to avoid collateral deaths. In his recent book "Son of Hamas" the son of one of Hamas's founder's stated quite clearly, the thing that both shocked and impressed him was Israel cared more about avoiding innocent Arab deaths than his own people and Hamas. It was one of the main reasons why he left the Hamas movement, and changed religions from Islam to Christian. He just became disgusted with Hamas and their hypocrisy.
10. the only criminal is tibi lieing to arabs and jews alike,
ralph   (02.27.11)
11. Tibi believes Jews breathing is a War Crime
GZLives   (02.27.11)
12. "He's dead, Jim"...
seadog1946 ,   InSeasonalTransit   (02.27.11)
lets move on... Jim... Jim... come back Jim... Jim?... Jim?
13. #7 absolutely not the best would have understood the opposit
observer ,   Egypt   (02.27.11)
14. Isn't Tibi Needed.....
Eli F. ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.27.11)
In Libya to help his close friend Kaddafi..I recommend he take with him the other traitors that recently visited their "Hero" and do us all a favour and STAY THERE!!
15. Shehadeh
27.02.11   (02.27.11)
He was pure evil and got a deserved death, but rocks on his evil brain would have been better.
16. This is nothing close to a war crime
William ,   Israel   (02.27.11)
The only part of that accusation by Tibi which is accurate is the world "war". Israel is involved in an active war with Hamas, one Hamas delcared unilaterally and until the death of every last Gazan. This guy was not only a terrorist who was preparing yet another attack on civilians but was a mastermind of organizing terror attacks with many more deaths and injuries on his hands. According to the rule of war, this guy was a legitimate target back then, as is every person in Hamas today. Based on calculations used in war, this met the threshold of collateral damage, which is compared against the injuries and deaths of civilians on both sides by this man. Tibi is quite silent over the most obvious war crime which is using civilians as human shields. Until today Hamas does this but Tibi says nothing. He's more concerned with his reputation after being photographed with and honoring the butcher of Libya.
17. Tibi
27.02.11   (02.27.11)
Why can't the knesset scum Tibi be dumped???????
18. Rules of Engagement
Yosi ,   Gilo   (02.28.11)
Under the same international rules of engagement that the USA follows, they would not only have killed this terrorist, they would have also taken out Mashal and all the other Hamas crooks, and rightly so. Yes, there would have been collateral damage, because they hide behind women's skirt, as in Afghanistan. Nevertheless, they would have done at least that and more. As the Boob Tibi said, this is war...
19. The Price For Sedition Re:Tibi
superhero ,   Johannesburg RSA   (02.28.11)
Tibi should know the price for sedition according to Muslim Law as applied by Muslims on Jews during the Medina Massacres of 627. Is Israel wise for doing nothing to blatant traitors or just plain stupid?
20. proportionality should also mean more he kiled more around
ralph   (02.28.11)
him can be killed. idea of proportionality should not mean a killer can hide among civilians who exult him in any case. they know what he did, they praise him and taunt us saying they support him with their lives until they see we are serious and run away.
21. Interesting ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.28.11)
"MK Ahmad Tibi (United Arab List-Ta'al) also addressed the issue, stating 'those responsible for the assassination carried out a war crime and should be prosecuted for killing innocent women and children.'" Careful, Mr. Tibi. You've got enough to answer for with your abrupt 180 degree reversal on Ghadafi. I think you should keep a low profile for the nonce.
22. Justification
BAMA ,   USA   (02.28.11)
I guess Hitler would of come to the same conclusion for what he did. I was necessary to protect the country and the people. the death of 8 children does not mean nothing to Israel or to the commission.
23. another cockroach crushed. so?
Barney ,   USA   (02.28.11)
let him worry about the collateral damage. oh yeah, he isn't worried about that only how many Jews he can kill. Most likely the collateral damage had his same philosophy so goodbye to the lot of them. they are now with their virgins and rivers of wine. may many of their like thinking brethren join them
24. since Tibi is the best friend of Gadafi
ghostq   (02.28.11)
two days ago ynet advertize the picture of both together, it is safe to say that he is on the short way to be kick by arabs.
25. What else did you expect?
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.28.11)
one-ton bomb to kill one man in a densly populated area is legimite !!! make sure the message arrived .
26. What a complete and utter waste of money
Danny   (02.28.11)
doing this investigation. 1) Shehadah was the head of the Hamas counter-intelligence and deputy head of the military wing. 2) Shortly after he died the number of Israelis killed in suicide bombings started to sharply go down. After Rantanzi and yassin were killed they virtually stopped. Case closed.
27. #22, don't know about Hitler
Danny   (02.28.11)
But the allies certainly felt so.... they killed far far far more than 8 kids. I assume you feel it is just a shame those 8 kids were not Israelis.
28. #22; BAMA, Go put on your white hood
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (02.28.11)
Since your ignorance is only surpassed by your hatreds. Whenever conducting special opts, real time info is important. but at times you have make your move without the most up to the minute info. It's always a judgment call. Certainly not criminal. The single greatest loss of life, in any one attack, in the first Gulf War, was done by us, moron. It was a friendly fire accident that killed about 150 soldiers (our own guys in the coalition). No criminal charges were my knowledge...against any soldier. Now why would you compare the IDF operation to such a diabolical person like Hitler? Easy, your antisemitic and a fool. As I said in my previous post, if you can read, in the book "Son Of Hamas" the author states the extraordinary efforts Israeli forces go to, to avoid these kinds of collateral damage. While his own people do NOT show that same regard. Add to that, that two previous attempts were in fact called off for that very reason (to many civilians lives were deemed at risk) and your analogy goes up in smoke with your hate. They thought they had him at the right time, and were wrong, it happens. But why? Because the Arabs hide among their own civilians (human shields) quite intentionally. Yet nobody ever takes these cowards to task for that. At the end of the day blame Hamas for their illegal tactics.
29. #2 then, why afraid from EU courts' trial?
observer ,   Egypt   (03.02.11)
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