Gaddafi: My people will die to protect me
Published: 28.02.11, 21:52
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BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.03.11)
The foolowing was posted under the original subject, I directed your attention to it, I can only assume that the instructions were too complated and it flew over the coo coo's nest you call your head "132. NON-OBSERVER The video was taken by an Arab, Nariman al Tamimi, there's an imprint in the lower left corner Women's face were blurred by editing the image,it's quite obvious if you look The video was edited from start to finish, the beginning wasn't included, just a Pallywood version protecting the kids ass Now, take your load of horse pucky and peddle it elsewhere,or save your self the trouble, sit down and eat it BEN JABO , ISRAEL (03.02.11) BENJABO1@HOTMAIL.COM
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