Price tag: Palestinian cars vandalized in Hebron
Yair Altman
Published: 01.03.11, 11:37
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1. Disgraceful
Line Singer ,   Ã…rhus, Denmark   (03.01.11)
What flipping morons! I'm not far from calling them terrorists. They are a DANGER to all Jews around the world.
2. Violence is the language of the settler thugs
Avi ,   Israel   (03.01.11)
Maybe the best solution would be to leave the settlers where they are then fence them in as part of the New Palesinian state, then they can have a life under Palestinan rule.
3. Bibi is a high idiot!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (03.01.11)
Look at what this imbeciles attitudes of him are provoking in Israel! We need union among our owns and not union with enemies,what is what this idiot is doing by his imbeciles attitudes to please enemies who are bent to our destruction and are laughing about the humiliation Bubuh is imposition to our owns! I thought Bibi is just a bit more clever and pridefull! What a loser idiot!
4. Right-wing activist Baruch Marzel you are the discrace
Haim ,   Tel aviv   (03.01.11)
Thankyou very much Right-wing activist Baruch Marzel but you do not represent Israel as you seem to have the arrogance to think so.
5. # 1. They are terrorists
kwelam ,   zw   (03.01.11)
6. Nobody will care about their "Day of Rage"
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (03.01.11)
The fact is that they are showing, if not the whole world, at least Israelis, how violent they are ! We should be the one enraged by their dangerous behavior. When Lefties protest, they barely use violence. When Rightist protest, they attack the police
7. Israel does not need to assert its position among nations...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (03.01.11)
Israel does not need to assert its position among nations by bowing her head to imorality. Israel must keep pridefull in what is correct,and the correct is to settle in all Israel. I am not very aquainted to international laws and agreements,but it is already more than clear that Israel belongs to Jews,according to current laws, since the vote of League of nations in 1922,and according to G-d,since ever! No one in Israel should compromise with the truth!
8. You are men, go to Bibi, not Pal civilians
Naomi   (03.01.11)
You are just hooligans in your behavior! What a shame to have such violent Jews?!
9. No worse than when Arabs have intifadas.
10. stupid-criminal-no excuse
Golan ,   modiin   (03.01.11)
When the Arabs do things (much worse) like this we condemn them. We say if something the government did, you can go to court, you can stage a (peaceful) demonstration. And the right wing should be the first to condemn this as should the left be the first to condemn the terror coming out of the Arabs.
11. as a right-winger
that Phepps dude ,   Netanya   (03.01.11)
let me say this loud: DISGUSTING MORONS
12. I will never leave my Samaria
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (03.01.11)
I came here not because I believe in Zionism, but to settle the land. Let's start a popular revolution now, like in Egypt and bring down this Government
13. This keren does not have a clue...
Daniel Friegman ,   Recife - Brasil   (03.01.11)
Union with who? Do you think normal Israelis will join hands with those criminal in the West Bank, babacona...
14. Settlers' hate
Rick ,   San Francisco, USA   (03.01.11)
Settlers have gotten their way too long. Their hate makes them blind and unable to love or feel another's pain. It's me, me, me!
15. Keren, Ricardo, et al
solomon ,   bklyn   (03.01.11)
The point this time is not who owns the land. The point is obediance to the laws of your own country. The same country that you demand protect you in time of war. Protest if you want, but peacefully. Otherwise it is not Zionism or even democracy, it is anarchy. And once Jews cross that line we cannot demand that the arabs not cross that line. We are supposed to be a light among the nations. Given this kind of behavior, we are not even a light among ourselves, but total darkness.
16. I LOVE the 'price tag' settler Jews
Marcel ,   Florida   (03.01.11)
They're the only ones who do not bow to the big 'international community' Idol. The only Jews left with a straight spine who fear G-d and not man.
17. #16 Marcel, if you say it, it's gotta be gospel.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (03.01.11)
18. Baruch Marzel: Activist vs terrorist
Leon ,   US   (03.01.11)
Always the media is quoting Baruch Marzel who is supporting these 'price-tag' attacks against Palestinians for actions taken by other Jews who are in the IDF or police. Settlers attack Palestinians for racists and Jewish nationalistic motives because they realize that a large proportion of Israeli Jews support the Settlers actions and other Israeli Jews only give lip service and mild 'tsk-tsk' to such actions. Isn't Baruch Marzel a Jewish nationalist terrorist trying to intimidate and kill Palestinians through his proxies?
19. Violence and disobedience
Ephraim   (03.02.11)
All of you condemning settler violence are missing the point. The violence has already occured, when police forces destroyed settler homes, and injured 15 settler jews. the question now is "will violence remain only on the police side, or will we also respond to it, to discourage police from acting violently in the future". Police violence is brutality. Settler violence is deterrent and self-defense.
20. #19 Ephraim
solomon ,   bklyn   (03.02.11)
No, YOU are missing the point. Why were people injured? Because they tried to stop the police from destroying something they built illegaly that they knew was illegal to build. That's the same type of thinking the arabs use by attacking Jews, the Jews respond, and the arabs then say they are "responding" to the Jews' "provocation". For shame.
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