Benayahu: I entered UK with pseudonym
Published: 01.03.11, 14:17
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1. Suggestion
R ,   Israel   (03.01.11)
Perhaps the same laws being exploited by our enemies to target Israeli officials can be used against the representatives of Hamas, Fatah, Erdogan's government, and others like them.
2. To # 1
Jose FARIAS ,   Sao Paulo - Brasil   (03.01.11)
Of course no, representatives of Hamas, Fatah, Erdogan's government, and others like them are friends of EU.
3. anti-Israel activists are exploiting universal jurisdiction
Spencer ,   Israel,   (03.01.11)
If the British Govrnment or any EU government wanted to legislate against these buffoons who are using "laws" to get warrants against Israeli politicians, they could do so immediately.
4. Somebody Should Voluntarily Get Arrested
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (03.01.11)
This has dragged on for way too long now. What we need is a brave leader to go openly and get arrested in order to force the issue. Only that will embarrass the Brits to change the law immediately.
5. Pseudonym use
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (03.01.11)
OK, smart, you got away with it this time. But it is only a matter of a short time before all the Zionist military leaders and architects of that illegal state are brought up before the International Criminal Court and sentenced to serious prison time. Lawfare works!
6. #5 graczek
solomon ,   bklyn   (03.01.11)
Once again, ad infinitum: The State of Israel is legal. Normally I suggest that you READ articles you may not 'agree' with. Are you that afraid?
7. Gen. William T. Sherman : War is hell.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (03.01.11)
Brits, we know you've become a muslim nation, but try and get back in the 21st century and amend your laws.
8. "IDF" Spokesperson is a liar & coward .
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.01.11)
9. To#5
Jonathan ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.01.11)
Seems to me that Graczek is a name from east Europe so it would be safe to assume that you are not a member of the Lenape, Nanticoke or other native American peoples that were the Indigenous inhabitants of what is now known as Maryland. Can I take it that you are taking appropriate action to restore the land to it's rightful owners ?
10. No Surprise here
Mike Caton ,   USA   (03.01.11)
No surprise here, since the UK must bow to its powerful Muslim minority. The UK is already a partially Muslim country. Within 25-30 years it will be a Sharia- law country with Islam as its principal religion.
11. #8 You should talk..
Historical Observer ,   USA   (03.01.11)
Using a fake country and probably a fake name, a bit hypocritical. Keep living in that fantasy world where you lie about where you are from.
12. Keep Blair out of Israel until Brits fix this outrage
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (03.01.11)
A perfect symbolic protest against Britain's nauseating "universal jurisdiction" nonsense would be to boycott Tony Blair inside and outside of Israel, not let him into the country, until the Brits keep their promise and stop harrassing Israeli citizens. Blair is no friend of israel, and was continuing to spout in speech after speech that Israel's failure to complete a peace deal was the source of all unrest and instability in the Muslim world, Morrocco to Indonesia - right up until the day he was proved comically wrong with the current explosions against Arab tyrants by their fed-up "subjects". Had nothing to do with israel. You can't trust a guy who talks through a smile - didn't we learn that with Jimmeh Cahtuh?
13. #8 Is that all you have to say? Slander?
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (03.01.11)
Why does YNET continue to publish grotzek's antisemitic tirades ?,grotzek,belongs to the old school of christian antisemites,who love to hate Israel and Jews,i have no problem with muslims attacking Israel,a dispute between neighbors over land, but this grotzek is doing it for fun.
15. The UK is buckled under
Ali ,   Scotland   (03.01.11)
its 2% Muslim population ,lol .The simple thing would be don't commit war crimes.There is nothing absurd about this law,we all saw the crimes being committed on TV so there's no point to denial.War criminal know who they are ,Almog,Livini, Ashknazi,send them over we promise to look after them ,;)
16. Arrest the British Spies
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (03.01.11)
The Israeli government should Arrest the British Spies in Israel and the Brit diplomats helping the left wing groups
17. here's an idea: KEEP YOUR BIG FAT MOUTH SHUT!
dante ,   uk   (03.01.11)
18. Old news, heard this before
Danny   (03.01.11)
exactly what "war crimes" would this guy be guilty of? Not being able to do his job properly
19. #4, Yaalon didn't run away from NZ
Danny   (03.01.11)
and the case was thrown out, as it has been every single time it has been brought
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (03.01.11)
Beniyahu and Tzipi are cowardly .This issue needs to be forced ,otherwise it will only get worse .
21. #15 Ali
solomon ,   bklyn   (03.01.11)
It always amazes me when I read statements such as "we all saw". Don't speak for the rest of the world; they are not as blind as you. And please state where and what you "saw". What you saw were Hamas' rockets indiscriminately shot at the civilian population. Soldiers weren't hiding behind them, as Hamas hid behind their people. Israel did not make unarmed civilians stand on roofs about to be bombed, as Hamas did to their people. Yes, speak to us of "war crimes...."
22. # 15 The UK
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (03.01.11)
Ali ! Israel has the right and the duty to fight the hamas terrorists by all means,like Russia,who fought the Germans during ww 2,it's the duty of a nation to defend it's populatio,and don't forget,hamas is a democratically elected government,who has a madate from the people in Gaza to attack Israel,hamas fired on Israeli troops while hiding behind civilians,hospitals, schools,the people of Gaza are lucky,if they had Russia as a neighbor,Russia would have destroyed Hamasteen in 5 hours.
23. Ok Since you asked
Ali ,   Scotland   (03.01.11)
No one said Israel could not fight Hamas . The fighting becomes a problem when Israel fails to take civilians into consideration i.e. Willy Pete on top of urban areas causing fires and Injuries ,Intentional destruction of civilian infrastructure i.e. Lebanon Gaza.The point is Israel could do better to protect innocent parties.I suppose us gentiles being like Donkeys makes it easy to maim and kill civvies
24. #23 Ali
solomon ,   bklyn   (03.02.11)
In addition to my post #21, I neglected to mention the IDF calling 'palestinian' homes, telling them to leave as there will be fighting in the area. But you ignore post #21 in your post #23. Do I speak of facts too inconvenient for you to acknowledge?
25. War Criminal
Geo. ,   Canada   (03.02.11)
COWARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26. Benayahu enters UK under false name
Jim Guild ,   Halifax, Canada   (03.02.11)
I wonder what Israel would do if an official of another country (an ally) admitted to entering the country using a false name and presumably a false passport.
27. To #6
Janet ,   Oakville. ON, Canada   (03.02.11)
Yes, Israel is an illegal state. General Assembly of UN cannot create states without the acceptance of the indigenous people. There should have been a referendum to seek the opinion of the Palestinians. Since this didn't happen, Israel is an illegal state!
28. #27 Janet
solomon ,   bklyn   (03.02.11)
1. "General Assembly of UN cannot create states without the acceptance of the indigenous people." Assuming this is an actual law (in any case, it is a good principle), the Jews ARE an indigenous people in what was then called Palestine. In fact, they were the ones called "Palestinians"! Most Arabs came to the area in the early 1900's, after the economy improved because of the return of many of the Jews in the late 1800's. 2. ALSO: you are therefore saying that Canada, the US, Jordan, etc are illegal states. When (and to where) do you plan to move, as I'm sure you do not want to live in an illegal state. 3. OR: are you saying that while the creation of states by the UN is illegal, the creation of states by war and conquest is legal?
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