Egypt's Moussa says running for president; adopts harsher tone on Israel
Roee Nahmias
Published: 01.03.11, 23:59
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1. I'm not worried by him, the Egyptian people will reject him
Brian ,   Judean Peoples Front   (03.02.11)
Amr Moussa is a prime example of the Arab old guard. As leader of the Arab League, he is the top defender of the Arab dictators. The Egyptian people appear to want change and progress. Amr Moussa is most definitely neither. He's most likely setting himself up so that when he loses the future election he can do what Arab dictators have always done - blame Israel.
2. focus
Matt   (03.02.11)
Egypt is a mess I suggest you turn your attention to domestic issues. That should keep you busy during your fist term.
3. Why not accuse the Jews/Israel/Zionism if it can help...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.02.11)
...advancing his personal ambition...?? We, Jews, have been used to it, having been on the receiving end of this attitude towards us for centuries. Moussa is not the first and is not likely to be the last of accusing us of standing between in the way. It will be sad to see the "democratic forces" in Egypt once again falling into the same trap of spewing at the Jew in society in order to advance their goals...!!
4. thanks hussein obama
fad egypt   (03.02.11)
you brought down your ally mubarak and his deputy and you forced him to resign before his term ends in next september closing the door to his deputy sulieman and opening it to the islamists and the arab nationalists
5. cange the record please
zionist forever   (03.02.11)
Traditional arab way of trying to boost up their image is condemning Israel for something even if it hasn't done it. As the elections get closer the more the Israel bashiing will increase. in the arab world policies like jobs & health care are minor issues the real vote winner is who can make as much trouble for Israel as possible. DONT YOU JUST LOVE ARAB DEMOCRACY?
6. Mickey Moussa
moriah ,   sacramento usa   (03.02.11)
7. good old anti-israeli sentiment last refuge of the scoundral
ralph   (03.02.11)
8. Mousa just wants a patsy to blame
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.02.11)
The Military will put up one of their own as nominee, who will be elected Military has been in charge ever since Farouk got kicked out, and they intend to keep it that way
stude ham   (03.02.11)
sounds like they're just the same anti-israel creeps they always have been. let them rot with their new leaders.
10. another delusional arab
with conspiracy theories about israel's involvement. do these arabs never learn???
11. He acts and looks like Arafat and...
Israeli 2   (03.02.11)
...he thinks that being tougher than Mubarak against Israel will have the Egyptian voters on his side...because he seems to think somehow that most of them are with the brotherhood. I think, the tougher the Arab leader against Israel, the better for Israel.
12. Yet another "Blah de blah de blah blah blah."
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.02.11)
13. Is he ready to return Sinai to Israel?
LK ,   USA   (03.02.11)
IF not, he will have to behave just like Mubarak, who promoted him. His is just full of BS.
14. Amr Moussa, Egyptian leader
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (03.02.11)
Once Amr Moussa, a statesman with an impressive record, becomes president of Egypt. the Egypt-Israel treaty abomination, perhaps better known as the Sadat sell-out, will be torn up and thrown into the trash bin of History. Perhaps some months later, the entire Negev, which sticks into the Middle East's heart like a dagger, will be liberated and under Egyptian administration.
15. Look at the kleine pischer: already threatening, Ha!
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.02.11)
16. How sad!
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (03.02.11)
Egypt may face a new and democratic future and in the process it is to be hoped that Egypt will cease being the source of absurd rumours - like the Mossad killed Princess Diana and her boyfriend, etc etc. It is also to be hoped that it will cease being a source of acute anti-Semitism. Amr Moussa is culpable of the former - he's doing it now with these ridiculous suggestions of our involvement in attempts to stop his Presidential candidacy - and skirted often over the latter. It would be smart if he stopped doing both. And it would also help us if we stopped behaving like a Desperate Housewife. Not everything in the region is about us or to do with us and the more paranoid we sound about it, the weaker we look.
17. In the interests of peace 'get lost'
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (03.02.11)
18. So much for 'change, Arab style
tiki ,   belgium   (03.02.11)
"The "need to (mis)use Israel to succeed and to blame for failure". Nothing has changed in the Arab minds. They still can't 'succeed on their own. They think that "Free election = Democracy, but in reality it means 'to get the power and than adopt your own personal (dictatorial) program. As one Belgian professor, who knows and lived in Egypt, wrote "I pity the woman of Tahir squire demonstrating for Democracy, for they don't know what's waiting for them, and it won't be women friendly." They are helping to 'veil themselves.
19. And we are expected to sign peace treaties
Jerry ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.02.11)
How many time must an Arab country with whom we have a peace treaty or any treaty or agreement revoke it before we realize that paper burns easily. Let's see how long it takes for President Obama and all those encouraging and ordering us to sign, sign sign, criticize Moussa.
20. Once a moron, always a moron
Zvi   (03.02.11)
Moussa, that is.
21. #14 is easily impressed
Zvi   (03.02.11)
As for what Egyptians think of Amr Moussa, maybe Graczek would like to name one impressive thing that Moussa has actually done. Being chairman of the Arab League of dictators isn't "impressive," and the League has just about collapsed during his tenure. As foreign minister of Egypt, what great deeds did the man actually accomplish? But then, Graczek's choice of words and objectives demonstrates that the only thing that appeals to Graczek is Moussa's anti-Semitic paranoia.
22. He needs votes, trying to appease everybody.Heard it before?
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.02.11)
23. What you read is not always truth.
He would not be a bad canidate but that alone is the Egytians to decide. Israeli also have their disagreements, likes and dislikes, with Egypt but peace and security for both countries is the one thing they both have in common. That is the only question in Israel's mind (
24. Amr Moussa
No wonder even Thomas Friedman referred to him as a gas bag.
25. Ermmm, who is trying to stop him?
Danny   (03.02.11)
26. Just another Mubarak Cronie...
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (03.02.11)
Former Mubarak appointed foreign minister. Former Mubarak supported head of Arab league. If the egyptians reject him it will be on the basis that he was part of the problem no the solution... but far easier to blame Israel.... It can't help his election bid
27. On #14
Reuven ,   Jerusalem   (03.02.11)
More likely if the Egyptians embark on more warlike adventures the entire Sinai will be liberated for the second time.
28. #14
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (03.02.11)
You are more than welcome to try. We'll swap Gaza for Sinai. Or better yet! Keep Sinai otherwise you will die from hunger. you cn use the tourist money. Please take Gaza too. They really want you to. Your other hero Nasser also was delusional and he lost then. You will loose again.
29. Moussa is a tool of Israel
zbrk ,   Eshkolot   (03.02.11)
Please stop all these talkbacks. Our friend, Amr Moussa, is doing exactly what we have asked him to do. The Israeli political leadership have worked with future president Moussa for many years, in order to clamp down on Hamas, which threatens both our countries. Obviously, this could not be published, and Amr is very closely following the anti-Israel script we prepared for him. We agreed that if he did that he would cut down the chances of more serious anti-Israel candidates. We're going to be much happier with the diplomat than we would be with someone who has brotherhood support. So again, please stop attacking our colleague--who will work to improve the status quo into a much warmer "real peace." Avigdor, MFA
30. Amr Mussa`s fangs.......
Nora Tel Aviv   (03.02.11)
.......spit only venom. He is a well known enemy of Sadat-Begin truce. If he gets elected, there will be an arctic cold relationship between Egypt and Israel.
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