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Life in the bunker
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 03.03.11, 07:58
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1. Killing?
Jesse ,   Ashdod   (03.03.11)
What's the point on killing this despicable rat? He's already a living dead, a shadow no more.
2. i want ot hear more about his severe psychological problems
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (03.03.11)
it's amazing how someone clinically insane can attract such a large following. speaks volumes about those who follow.
3. Big hero
Rafael ,   Yerushalayim, Israel   (03.03.11)
Nasralla is a cowardly slime, about as significant as a rat's ass. And he trusts his life with his son-in-law? What a fool.
4. Nasrallah : like a rat scurrying from sewer to sewer.
5. Fear
Ron ,   OC, US   (03.03.11)
I have a feeling that his major concern is not Israelis killing him, but his fellow Arabs. Palestinian's in the camps, Sunni's, Christian's or like so many in power for just too long a time. Somebody is looking for him and somebody will find him.
6. His ranting speaches prove his brain has cave rot.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.03.11)
7. Iranian Embassy
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (03.03.11)
I believe he is hiding in the Iranian Embassy looking out the window assuming that Israel will not attack the Iranian Embassy. The Iranians have a major interest in keeping this diaper head wearing clown alive at all cost and what safer place to be than an embassy.... then again that is what the Chinese said during the NATO war in Kosovo. wink wink...accidents do happen like wrong targeting coordinates and old satellite info.
8. A life spent in the shadows
Cameron ,   USA   (03.03.11)
A boy for the Persians forever looking over his shoulder.
9. Nasrallah
Bola ,   Lagos, Nigeria   (03.03.11)
i am so surprised by this very unrealistic article that makes no sense and full of contradictory reports. No one knows his bodygurads but in son in law is the one he trusts the most. makes no sense. i can keep o writing on the rubbish of this article but one thing i know for sure is isral and all the people dont have a clue of what hezbollah is becoming today.
10. Who fears who?
Sarjoun ,   Kfar Molhid   (03.03.11)
"charismatic successor like him; a man who has the political clout, ties with the Iranians, and religious authority" this is a say-it-all by an Israeli. Israel is just looking to kill a political rival.. political assassination and murder period. as if your army officers and political leaders use less security in relative terms. besides almost all your officials are afraid to travel outside Israel if not for security reason it's the fear of prosecution for their war crimes.. the fact is Israel is dying to kill him because they are scared of him..the bad news for you is, so what you will only end up facing an even stronger leader. or do you think succession plans are not part of the strategy. Fast forward 6-12 months and you will have to answer to neighbouring governments that respond to their people and work for them.. you will regret the greed and will strive to sign a treaty based on UN boarders 1948
11. From his bunker in "........." :
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.03.11)
Nasrallah can make "Israel" to count to million before thinking of any stupid move against Lebanon. Nasrallah health appears very good , as if he actually live a normal life : )
12. Y Net News - How can you!
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (03.03.11)
Show such a horrible image Imagine the damage to childrens minds all over the world when they see this image of this putrid mass of fat. Not to mention the affect on poor lippy Lawrence the Talkbacker! Ducking and diving amongst the rats in the sewers - he purports to be the LEADING LIGHT and SAVIOUR of Lebanon? And bizarely a man of the Koran? Yet you will be surprised that though he thinks he yields total control over Lebanon fear of his militia is gradually being transformed into unprecedented anger and hatred I wouldnt like to be him or Hezbollah in Lebanon when this Lebanese rage boils over
13.  11 - salma Palestine-wherever that place is....
03.03.2011   (03.03.11)
that fat over-fed coward will NEVER be able to lead a normal life. If one goes down trying to kill him, the next steps forward. Now tell me how he can have a happy healthy life. he's a rat in a hole, and that hole is lready his coffin!
14. There are loads of Arab enemies too, Israel is small pie
JO   (03.03.11)
All this talk of Israel Israel. He has plenty of Arabic speaking eneimes that would love to see him gone. Saying that none of that would solve that. Let the fanatic clergy live and one day he will dig his own grave with his own "people"
15. pathetic!
palestinian   (03.03.11)
So the conflict with Hezbullah is reduced to the hiding of Nasrallah. It's really funny... This kind of discussion reflects how annoying is this guy to you. This is regardless how bad/good he is.
17. This BS article reflects Israel frustration
JOHN ,   JERUSAEM   (03.03.11)
over July 2006 defeat and its inability to get Nasr Allah.
18. Nasrallah
juan solana ,   san diego   (03.03.11)
This is scared man talk, no more no less... I just want to know of any israeli general going outside, to the beach or coffee shop, as regular people do...
19. Sewer rat who hides in the sewers of Lebanon
Darren McKenna ,   London UK   (03.03.11)
A miserable coward who hides in sewers his time will come soon.Like the rodent that he is,he shuns daylight.Israel could have wiped out Hizbollah,if only the UN didn't interfere and stop Israel advancing on to Beirut.Nassrallah is a very small cowardly man who has a very big mouth.
20. He's not hiding from israel
Anton Orde ,   Visiting Cyprus   (03.03.11)
He occasionally just needs to take a rest from his tempestous polygamous marriage to those big bad husbands -Assad and Ahmadenijad!
21. Nasrallah
Olaf ,   Amsterdam   (03.03.11)
One thing is for sure when Nasrallah speaks he gets the attention from the Israëlis/Jews even their PM's don't get...
22. 2 Issues
SyrianFreedomEagle   (03.03.11)
Hello, my good friends! Another hypocrit article. Two issues have to be clarified. 1. Even if Nasrallah is killed (probability is very, very small because of the resulting complete destruction of northern yisruiel), there are many, alternative Nasrallahs. 2. The assassination of Nasrallah will lead to the assassination of any yisraeli(s) abroad. Every yisrueli, living abroad, will be a target. The murders carried out by Mossad will result in bloody sequence of assassinations of any iysraieli. This is not only a question of revenge. It is also a question of brutal deterrance. Enjoy your day! Relax and be careful!
23. To #19
Olaf   (03.03.11)
Get your facts straight: the UN interfered under Bush's command Sven it was clear Israël couldn't do any of the goals it set forth... meaning Israël was on the losers side, time to admit and get rid of the biased mindset..
24. #22 - syria and freedom do not go together
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (03.03.11)
coming from your chinless baby dictator, you only wish you were free like israel. just jealousy, can't blame you. you must be one of those hizbullah nasrallah worshipers. like i said, not which one is most pitiful: crazy hassan or the dupe that follows him.
25. #21. Olaf -Mmm Certainly got your admiration and attention!
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (03.03.11)
Unlike the overwhelming majority of Lebanese So my friend you can have him - with pleasure
26. brave hassan
mohson   (03.03.11)
hassan, why do you hide in your bunker? You are going to paradise so what is there to fear? You claim that you are strong and israel expecially under olmert was weak, so why do you hide? No, the persian people and the army together will sooner get to kameinei and ahaminejad and when that day comes, revenge will be the order of the day. And you know what will happen. You will be retiring in saudi arabia or venezuela.
27. With full respect 4 the ladies & gentlemen of the Mossad
EBR ,   Jerusalem   (03.03.11)
Thanking you "Sirs" for sharing this information, it is very interesting and enlightening material. Now, May it be the will of the Mighty & Merciful G-d of Israel that He will grant you the skills & abilities so that it will be speedily & our day that Nasrallah will meet his earthly end! (Personally I will settle for a clean & simple action, one similar to that which ended the life of Mugniyah, nod wink know what I mean?)
28. Big hero like the Israeli leaders Shamir and Bagen
yousef ,   palestine   (03.03.11)
He believes that time will not stand still
29. I read that his price tag is one Million Israeli
turkman ,   istanbul   (03.03.11)
will be killed in case the israeli take a shot at him the other day he planted the one milloith tree outside his home So get off this bunker mentality you only live in a bunker
30. Not killing Nasrallah is probably even better than killing
leo ,   usa   (03.03.11)
him. Alive and hiding he is as good as in drerd and he looks like nothing more than just a scared rat. Dead he might be exploited as martyr. The best solution would probably be is to catch him, put in into a cage and have him dragged through the ME. But it is impossible so having him in a rat hole is the next best thing.
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