Obama: Israelis must show seriousness on peace
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 03.03.11, 09:10
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31. #22 Terry
Devorah   (03.03.11)
Farrakhan and Wright are busy gloating with Obama's other friend, Qaddafi. I heard that Hugo Chavez is busy licking their boots while the patriotic American, Beyonce, is providing the entertainment.
32. Hey Obama, whose country is this?
Avishai ,   Holon, Israel   (03.03.11)
Obama should worry about America's problems and the crippled economy and learn that Israelis will never assume the position of the inferior party. Don't tell us what to do, what right do you have?
33. "Palestinians"
Jew ,   Israel   (03.03.11)
For all their talk, most "Palestinians" in Israel prefer to remain under Israeli rule. They are afraid to say it out loud, but they know that life in a "Palestinian" state will be much worse for them.
34. jeremiah wright pupil
jacob sassoon ,   london uk   (03.03.11)
obama wants to get elected so he is trying his bottom he is still is what he always was a student of jeremiah wright. obama's outlook is that of a third world man looking on what he sees are colonialists. obama is hostile to question.
35. 25
Z ,   Israel   (03.03.11)
Yeah, but it's not more than Latin American. We'll see what happens when the Hispanic population officially takes over the white demographic, how quickly you will change.
36. Land for peace is a leftist hoax!
Robert Blum ,   New York USA   (03.03.11)
If you read or if you merely read the charter of Hamas with regard to Israel and Islamic goals, if you visit, if you visit and type in the words Islamic Demographics in the 'search' section, you will know that goal of the so called "Palestinians", who are actually Trans-Jordanians & then Jordanians who re-named themselves in the 1960's as "Palestinians", in order to revise history and win world sympathy toward their cause of destroying Israel, which willing anti-semites & leftists are eager to do. Obama is a Muslim (a photo of him preparing for Muslim prayer with a Muslim visiting contimgent at the White House was taken & published; he invariably quotes the qoran, NOT the Christian Bible! He calls Israeli settlements Illegal when they are perfectly legal (search "settlements" on to see the truth!). Israel gave "Palestinians" Gaza in return for peace, but instead Israel's civilians were terrorized by over 10,000 Muslim missles fired from Gaza, which finally led to operation 'Cast Lead'.
37. To: President Obama
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.03.11)
Why don't you call on the ersatz "Palestinians" to recognize the State of Israel as a Jewish state? Why don't you call on the ersatz "Palestinians" to recognize the absolute right of the Jewish people to have a State in their ancient homeland? Why don't you call upon the thirty-odd ersatz "Palestinian" organizations, each of which purport to be the sole true representative of the ersatz "Palestinian" people, to repudiate their vile charters which call for the destruction of the State of Israel and the extermination and/or expulsion of the Jewish people? Unless and until you achieve those rather simple goals, Israel will not negotiate. We need to know that the ersatz "Palestinians" are good faith negotiators and, frankly, nothing they have ever said or done inspires us with confidence.
38. There will be NO territorial concessions
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.03.11)
and Hussein No-bumma is on his way down...forget about this Muslim wimp...
39. "land for peace" is indeed, a fraud. Peace should be
Yardena ,   Rosh Pina, Israel   (03.03.11)
reached for peace. But clearly, the Arabs have demonstrated for many decades that their interest is not peace but rather land, including the land of the sovereign national home of the Jewish people, Israel.
40. It does not matter
Shalom ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.03.11)
because Jews will vote for him again in 2 years because they will vote for ANY Democrat no matter who he is
41. #25 what's your point?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.03.11)
In the US, all citizens must be loyal to the country. Disloyal citizens (including african-americans) who support the enemy are executed 18USC115. In Israel, all citizens are required to be loyal to the country, though disloyal citizens are not executed. The problem is that Obama is trying to set-up a new ethnically pure Islamic apartheid country where Jews are forbidden.
42. Israel and Obama
jack ,   pekin, usa   (03.03.11)
Obama needs to understand that there are certain aspects of the peace process that Israel will simply not negotiate with. They will not give up control of Golan Heights.
43. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.03.11)
One day of rage (justified, I might add) versus seven decades of terror and two intifadas. Since you're keeping score.
44. Obama's true intentions
Chaim Naveh ,   Arad   (03.03.11)
“Nothing that he said would I interpret in any way as being anti-Israel or opposed to Israel.” I have learned both from my mother and experience that it is not what you say, it's what you do. This man Obama and his administration is not to be trusted.
45. The Pals demand a state and Israel must give them the land
Harry Wright ,   UK   (03.03.11)
for it., plus more. No more Arab states. Enough is enough. The whole Arab world is on the boil. Arab leaderships are changing. Now is definitely not the time for Israel to do anything except wait and see how things pan out. What is given today will be regretted tomorrow. Don't sacrifice Israel on Obama's sinister altar.
46. Obama / Israel
Tim ,   San Diego   (03.03.11)
I'm sure that the one person who felt Obama projected "enormous hostility towards Israel" was Mort Klein of ZOA.
47. #1, #20 and #21
Emperor ,   USA   (03.03.11)
KOL HAKAVOD!! And that is the way it should be. Am Israel Chai!
48. ZerO Sum Game
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (03.03.11)
The flashing brilliance and towering rhetoric, laced with arguement crushing logic, was outstandingly present when the current occupant of the USA's Oval Office made his statements calling for Israel to be "serious" in their "committment towards peace". It should be noted that Mr.Barak Hussein Obama has received his flashing brilliance from Frank Marshal Davis, the Marxist child molester who "mentored"t him. The owering rhetoric came from Zerobama's religious pastor Jerimiah Wright, who is an avowed anti-Semite and Black Liberation theologist. The "crushing logic"? Well that comes from Minister Louis Farrahkan of the nation of Islam. So Israel? Time to listen to the malevolent and incompetent American president? Ahhh.Really?
49. Sarah B # 43 Actually, more than that! The war-of-attrition-
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.03.11)
through-terror against the Jewish community of Eretz Israel (Land of Israel) commenced, in an organized way, in 1920, upon the conclusion of the Nabi Moussa ceremonies in Jerusalem at which time the Muslim-Arabs, in an organized fashion, began their first organized pogrom against the Jews of the Land, long before Israel came into being, long before the Six-Day War and even longer before the first Jews returned to Samaria and Judea after they had been expelled from the territories by the Arab rulers in 1948.
50. It's time to realize that Obama
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.03.11)
is more concerned with the Arabs than he is with America He's kowtowed and kissed the ring to a range of Arab leaders When it comes to helping the American Unemployment situation, he's only made it worse, failing to help in reducing the price of oil & gas, which effects every American, Obama could care less Obama's forte is giving dinners with $399.00 dollar bottles of wine & $200.00 per lb. Kobe (Hand Massaged) Beef, not to mention elaborate vacations for himself and Marie Antoinette Michelle His name say's it all, that's where his heart is, in the Muslim world
51. Obama is Malware, a Trojan Horse Virus for Jews
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (03.03.11)
he's a dangerous, malicious and malevolent dictator destroying America
52. The jesters have done their best.Time for serious talks
jo   (03.03.11)
"" The palis are not confident that Israel is serious about territorial concessions "" --- The Israelis are not confident that the palis is serious regarding a full peace."" --- ""Obama implies that Israel bears the primary responsibility for advancing the peace process "" ---- and the merry-go-round contines it's journey to nowhere. Since 48', and many years before, muslims have killed defenseless jews; men, women, children, with the encouragements and blessings of their mosques and palaces. Thousands have been sacrified to their sadistic god muhammad.From 48' on, 1% of of mostly survivors from the holocaust, or the equivalent of 3 million Americans have paid the ultimate price ( it took 18 months) in order for the remnant of Europe's inferno, and the savagery of arabs, to have a shaky, but their own secured country. Like all dificult births, it was bloody. Would you Americans show the forgiveness you are demanding from us, to the Japanese or The Nazis had they inflicted the same horrific casualties? I think not. We survived all this and we feel that we overpaid. We already gave back too much territory, ( we were fools ). What have we got in return? Nothing but empty talks in the diplomatic circle in English and French, and venom from ALL their leaders encouraging the mob to slaughter Jews, in arabic. I think that the time for us to draw the line is long overdue. Because the Netherland, the French, the German, the Brits have all admitted the total fiasco with their approach (irreversible ) to assimilate the arabs, the opposite is happening. doesn't mean that we have to fall in the same trap (with America following). When the bill is due, they will recognize the hefty price. too late.
53. #43 dear angery sanfoora,
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.03.11)
The jewish day of rage should be against Netanyahu's government and not against the Palestinians ! Here's the address : The Occupied Jerusalem. sanfoorty, don't let anger destroy your health .
54. The Court Jews
Steve ,   Ra'anana   (03.03.11)
So Obama goes to the American Jews so they can tell our independent country what to do. Again, Obama shows no understanding of how the world works. Comments such as his do nothing more than strengthening the resolve of most of us to rely on ourselves. Ill-informed, ignorant, naive.
55. what peace... apiece of sh
Obama Paraoh ,   il   (03.03.11)
no way while the world"leaders" insist on treating fundamentalists and hamas as "peacefull organizations" obama has to learn a piece or two about middleeast and characters- all can back fire obama
56. #43 Salma
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (03.03.11)
I think you should go for a career in stand-up comedy. You'd do really well. Either that or undergo lengthy therapy to counteract the brainwashing you've been subjected to. You are the reason why your Pali friends will never be able to make peace.
57. "palestine"...
Yossu ,   Canada   (03.03.11)
just give them a Facebook state and be done with saps...
58. In the ME nobody wants peace:not Arabs,not Israel,Obama only
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.03.11)
59. #53 The 'day of rage' IS against the government, idiot.
60. @16
he is neither of the three. he is a NOTHING!
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