'Day of rage': Rightists block Jerusalem-TA highway
Yair Altman
Published: 03.03.11, 15:32
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1. GOOD! These Human Rights should OVERTHROW the government NOW
Chaim   (03.03.11)
These Bolsheviks, headed by that spineless coward Barak and Bibi, are becoming intolerable to the Jews. FIGHT FOR NEW ELECTIONS NOW!
2. causing rage and despair
Carla ,   NYC   (03.03.11)
Oh I get it. Right wing jews can feel rage and despair because of a few rubber bullets and a demolished home, but Palestinians should put up for 40 years with a stolen country and live bullets without feeling any 'rage and despair'.
3. Shot them all with more rubber bullets !
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (03.03.11)
4. to # 3
Gail ,   IL   (03.03.11)
yes I agree shot them all and then we can have a nice civil war and get this over with once and for that what you want? and believe me they will win... because they care about our country more then life it's self... unlike people like you who probably care more for comfort and money
5. Can I build anywhere?
Lewis ,   Jerusalem   (03.03.11)
So, if I build a private house in Gan Ha'atzmaut in Jerusalem, and then the police come to demolish it because it is illegal, then I can I throw rocks at the police, throw burining tires on Road 1, and claim the police are being anti-Zionist?
6. Israel is democracy!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.03.11)
We have Government by the Extreme Right, for the Extreme Right of ALL the people of Israel! We have a Prime Minister who is so obsessed with being Prime Minister that he is letting madness dictate our future and how we live! Maybe Ben Ari's National Union should be called National Socialist and the extreme left, Peace NOW!, B'Tzelem and the other enemies of Israel should be unified into the Bolshevik Party and then let the games begin! Seriously, Jews hating Jews! Isn't the what someone said will destroy Israel? Why are we doing the Arabs work for them?
7. #5 No, You Can't !
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.03.11)
Jerusalem is Palestinian capital... Under international law the area is occupied territory..
8. This only HURTS their cause. If they are trying to get
RR ,   Jersualem   (03.03.11)
support from the citizenry, this is NOT the thing to do! It only makes people angry at them. The Barak machine is out of control and will severely backfire on Bibi for putting this despised man into power. Both the gov and the protesters look crazy for the things they are doing! Its very bad for Israel!
9. #8 exactly right
Golan ,   Modiin   (03.03.11)
they are only hurting our cause with their shenanigans.
10. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people
Avishai ,   Holon, Israel   (03.03.11)
Jerusalem is unified under Israeli law and no country or international body will tell us what lands belong to us. What did Palestinians do for this land during the hundreds of years they were in possession of it? Palestinians are better off under us than in Jordan, Lebanon, etc. What are you complaining about?
M ,   JERUSALEM   (03.03.11)
these settlers are nothing more than parisites on society arrest them all, shoot them all get rid of them and their crackhead ways of doing things. either learn to live by the rules set in place by the government for all to follow or get the hell out of the country!!! no other israeli is allowed to build where they want why should these discracful people be allowed to do what they want the israeli people are fed up with them ( non-religious) all they do is cause problems and delays treat them like the palestinians as enemies of the state and bring them all to justice im tired of having my taxes go to these lazy people that hide behind the torah and religion.... bit**es please !!! either integrate into society or leave you are not wanted !!!!!
12. 7 - salma's right (if you ignore the pesky facts, that is)
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (03.03.11)
ignore facts and reality and you, too, can live in an imaginary fantasy world just like salma. we'll just sit back and watch her embarrass herself, poor thing.
13. To Gail
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (03.03.11)
I don't want any war. That's why we need to remove them from their illegal outposts ! If they love Israel so much, as you said (I hardly believe it), then they should come back to Israel and start getting involved into Israeli life. If they want to stay there, then please do, they'll do it under Palestinian Authorities.
14. as a proud right-wing Israeli
Mr. Phepps ,   Netanya   (03.03.11)
These "settlers" represent a tiny percentage of the Israelis living in Judea, Samaria, and the Golan and an even tinier percentage of the Israeli Right. Their "price-tag" behavior is abominable. Calling them "right-wingers" is like calling David Duke and his friends "Republicants."
15. some accuracy
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.03.11)
The police did not fire rubber bullets, they fired plastic bullets from an FN303 at illegally close ranges. The video evidence currently shows that the police fired illegally because they were not threatened. The worst is that nothing happens to Benny Gantz or Yoav Galant when they steal land, but these people were shot for building on privately owned land.
16. Number 15, Israel Israeli
Name withheld ,   Outside and Inside   (03.03.11)
You are, of course, right. Big time. Elementary logic and facts are all on your, and the residents of Gilad's Farm's side. All else is smokescreen and tale of fantasists.
17. settler protests
alexi   (03.03.11)
there are some 350000 israelis in judea and is probably time that all of y ou do your idf service and martial training. Then you should consider forming the stae of judea since other israelis are not as committed. Set up your own police force etc.later you can confederate with israel. The tel aviv crowd is tired and are still believers in 2 state rubbish. Even ilan baruch who had an eye blasted out in the 73 war believes in spite of suicide and rocket terror in giving up most of the west bank so he could lose his other eye in the next war which will surely come if more concessions are made. The concept like that of eli zeira that egypt will not attack without syria an vice versa still lingers with the oslo concept, trade land for peace, lebanon, west bank and gaza. Well addressing ginsberg in particular, israe withdrew from parts of west bank, gaza and south lebanon. And what did it get? peace? No- it got terror, rockets and death. So to hell with oslo and the blind men behind it-beilin, ben ami, peres, ramon, livni, olmert, baruch, barnea-to hell with all of them. its like saying after hitler killed so many jews, lets have peace taljs with him, perhaps he will stop killing us. No the palestinian's number one goal is to kill jews and drive the rest out. Only then will they be more relaxed.
18. To #11 and Rodents
Ginsburg ,   US/IL   (03.03.11)
Your sweeping gereralizations about settlers show your lack of knowledge and understanding. These "Rodents" don't sit in Yeshiva and collect stipends genious. They all serve in the army and disspraportionately are very high achievers in combat units. That aside you need to seperate activists/agitators vs those who live in settlements and should have every right to do so. The police Yamam or Yasam are way too heavy handed on Da'ati Leumi protestors in every instance even with girls. This is discriminatory and the Smolani/Heloni mentality in the Police/Shin Bet is out of place and out of control. Get your facts straight.
19. Salma
Ginsburg ,   US/IL   (03.03.11)
Unfortunately for you there is no "Palestine" (Old Roman Name after Phillistine) and there is no such thing as a "Palestinian". You are an Arab Salma, plain and simple.
20. sharon's dictum
marcel   (03.03.11)
sharon had said that israelis should not take up arms against each other. So what has happened using the marmora pneumtic guns was an ignorant decision both for the commandos and for use in civil disturbances. Ben eliezer, most of labour, the israeli republic have repudiated ehud barak for his failures as prime minister and his incredible lack of responsiveness to terror. he continues that as defense minister where he was against the syrian nuclear facility hit and where the was ambivalent after 3 days of cast lead. His decision on the purchase of the F35 aircraft is questionnable since they won't be ready for some time and the restrictions that the US places on both systems and payments. Moshe yaalon would be far better. The main point is that whatever barak has done early in his career, fine thank you, now go and get out. it happened to dayan, it happened to halutz and now to barak. there is nothing barak to rescue his failed career. Whatever the goals, eyes must be wide open, not wearing blinders and hoping for the best. That does not work now or ever.
21. Everyone in here hates those Settlers
David ,   On this planet   (03.03.11)
#11 one of them was serving in the IDF , The rest you don't know what they were doing , your taxes don't mean a thing. Netanyahu and Barak are the ones to blame. Everything was calm and grate until they decided to start trouble. Stop blaming the Settlers for your leaders mistakes. We the Jews have enough people who hate us. so try to support each other for a change
22. Couldn't agree with you more but the world doesn't agree!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.03.11)
Abu Mazen claims that 150 countries will vote for a Palestinian state in September this year. I would be very surprised if its only 150! True the US and the EU are not "pro" a unilateral declaration by the Palestinians and they will probably abstain in the vote as they don't want to upset the Muslims at home and, of course, oil is oil! Don't forget for one second that our little country was created by a UN vote with many abstentions including the UK! We created the precedent. The behavior of the settlers and these right wing fanatics is doing is just as much damage that our left wing fifth column is causing us. When you see the actions on the settlers, Mazel, Ben Gvir and the others on the foreign TV services the hatred of Jews and Israel, already rampant all over the world, add fuel to the anti-Israel campaign far more efficiently than the Palestinians same old rhetoric does! The world one stood by when 6,000,000 of our people were butchered and they will do it again! Whether we like it or not, we have to compromise with the West Bank. Like you,I regard a unified Jerusalem as our capital city but we should hold our breath on that issue!
23. #19 exactly! "palestine"
Yossu ,   Canada   (03.03.11)
...only on Facebook... face it, there never was, is, and never will be a "palestine"..end of go and build something on the "palestine" facebook wall.
25. Settlers
WadiAra ,   Karkur ,Israel   (03.03.11)
Why worry about our neighbors destroying us when we have our Settlers who are doing an exemplary job! The present government has created this situation but is unwilling to end it - let alone bring a just peace.
26. # 7
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.03.11)
WRONG. This is Israel & we follow Israeli law not international law or have you not noticed? You will never get your hands on Jerusalem, but please dont allow me to stop you from dreaming your delusional dream.
27. And about time too - Israel's future is in the hands of
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (03.04.11)
the centre right. Leftists will lead Israel to oblivion only. Europe will become more right wing due to islam.STOP THEM NOW!
28. *7 Salma - please explain something really important ...
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (03.04.11)
if 'palestine' is and has been so 'important' to arabs for 'so long' - why did the arabs never think to give it an arab name and retaining the Roman name? Somewhere the arabs obviously overlooked their pride. You have no viable answer for this. You are LIARS!
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