Oscar-winners fight deportation
Meital Yasur Beit-Or
Published: 04.03.11, 14:46
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1. No rubber bullet ? No fn-303 ?
Amihai ,   Yesha   (03.04.11)
Those foreigns family are staying illegaly in the country. But I don't see yassamnikim beating them, or "tel aviv" elite speak out about the breaking of the law, quite the opposite.
2. We all know who gave us the law
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.04.11)
The gentle will have the earth for their heritage; they will take their delight in peace without measure
3. Any of you bleeding hearts
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.04.11)
that want Israel to host these illegals, set an example, invite them into your homes, you house and feed them at your expense Don't be so generous at the expense of Israel
4. more Jewish then most Americans
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (03.04.11)
let her stay
5. Winning an Oscar has ZERO to do with anything
Talula ,   Israel   (03.04.11)
She should be allowed to stay, simply because it's the right thing to do. If the ministry is handing out one-way airline tickets back to counrty of origin, then focus on those Russians who've brought nothing but problems and trouble since they arrived.
6. 1 bilion Africans in Africa Do they want them all in Israel
7. they are ILLEGALS. They must GO right now !
8. Israel deported Jews from Gaza and it will let Africans here
Frederic   (03.04.11)
9. To #1 You are absolutely right !
10. #1
Eugene ,   Israel   (03.04.11)
I also don't see those children disturbing order, causing havoc and generally dragging the whole country into abaddon either.
11. this isnt about little esther its about future precidents
zionist forever   (03.04.11)
I am sure little Esther is a good little girl and whilst she doesn't want to go he must becuse if we don't get rid of these people. The parents will be writing back home to the family come to Israel, have a kid and you will get a passport not a deportation order. Israel is a soft touch and unless they are palestinians we can't bear to turn anybody away, especially if they are poor and looking for a better quality of life. Prehaps it is some kind of Holocaust syndrome where jews think how jews were killed because nobody wanted to take them in. In the case of illegals who have come to israel looking for the goodlife they could be put on the first plane out of here and they would make new lives for themselves without fear for their lives. We are not deporting the children, they re not going to become orphans. We are deporting the entire family. Littele Esther and her friends will soon settle down in their parents country just the same way as the children of oilm find it strange at first but eventually get used to their new life. If we don't want to become the a country whose citizens are all from the thrid world then we need to look tough and cruel rather than welcoming. Its hard to say no to deport cute little children but we need to think about the long term.
12. #10 Eugene
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.04.11)
Psst, give me your bank account number and passcode, I'll be quiet while I'm stealing money from your bank account Psst, give me your bank account number and pass code; I'll be quiet while I'm stealing money from your bank account The fact is that I am not legally entitled to use the contents of your account, And these Illegal’s aren't entitled to use Israel's limited financial resources or facilities "Oscar winner" can pursue her acting career, Hollywood's a good place to start
13. what do you people
JL   (03.04.11)
think of non jews who live in israel legally and get citzenship?
14. #5 Talulla - There's one major difference
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.04.11)
The Russian's were invited, the African's weren't Don't pick on the Russian's, every group that made Aliyah brought problems with them "Morocco Sakin" at one time was a rather popular phrase Ask you Saba or Safta, they'll remember it
15. The solution is simple
04.03.2011   (03.04.11)
Not for a moment would I believe that the little black children would be a problem and I doubt they'd be rock-throwers. So please, keep the little black children and give away all the Palestinian kids. What do you bet there will be peace in the land and people being deliberately injured by the Palestinian thugs will soon become a thing of the past!!!
16. # 13
04.03.11   (03.04.11)
Not a bad idea. Let in the non-arab foreigners and don't renew the arabs papers that are already taking up, and messing up good land in beautiful Israel.
17. I speak French. Does that mean I can move illegaly to Franc
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (03.04.11)
Speaking Hebrew and dreaming in Hebrew means nothing. If you want to stay in Israel then convert to Judiasm.
18. Hard Decisions
Yonatan ,   Rishon Letzion   (03.04.11)
I am a new immigrant and already feel like I'm back in galut when I enter some parts of South Tel-Aviv, Arad, and Eilat. Illegals are everywhere and they are unafraid to walk about despite their illegal status. I'm already worried about the future and what sort of terrifying demographic threat my children will face. I am not a racist. In America I had and still do have Asian friends, black friends, Hispanic friends, Indian friends, Arab friends, white European friends. This is about law, society, order, and survival. I don't care how bad your situation is. It is not Israel's responsibility to solve your problems. The UN should be handling this matter. But it seems unless you are a Palestinian refugee they just don't care. These immigrants are for the most part not facing genocide or even persecution (though they love to lie, exaggerate and distort the truth about this). They are fleeing poverty. My children and their grandchildren may live in a majority gentile and minority Jewish nation thanks to this liberal suicidal nonsense. These ideologies are killing our state. We don't have another. Let us not kid ourselves. If we lose Israel the chance to get it back may not come for another 2000 years. There is no room for error. These immigrants are here for economic reasons and our tough economic situation will only be made harder now. There are plenty of African countries who can easily accommodate their vast numbers. They don't care that they will cause Israel's destruction demographically. They only care about bettering their lives. We cannot continue to serve as a safe haven for Jews if we have a majority of non-Jews. Even if we can stop the inflow of illegals we may still have doomed ourselves. There are already so many here. Who can we ask to take them? Who will agree? How can we convince them to get out? There are countries who can take care of them and whose character they won't threaten. Why shouldn't they take responsibility for them? Israel has always had to make hard decisions and unpopular ones as well. It is no harder now than it was before. It just feels harder because we have grown weak and are unaccustomed to making them. Nothing has changed except us. Let's fix it.
19. Israel is a secular state
me   (03.04.11)
It's not a jewish Iran, you dont have to convert to Judaism or live according to it. The majority acutally is secular. Israel is jewish in a national sense, not a religious. Read the Declaration of Independence! You call yourself zionists, but most are just hatemongers with no clue about Zionism. This girl is obviously as Israeli and Zionist as it gets. Deport the troublemakers, fifth-column arabs or moronic haredim, who want to turn Israel into Iran. Not children that contribute to the country, will serve in the army and grow up to be loyal citizens!
20. #5, #11 Both of you sound xenophobic
Roman Vitkin ,   Israel / China   (03.04.11)
and rude as you fail to acknowledge the positive impact of any immigration. Including the Russian one, to which I belong. As a little refresher for you in history, this state has been once founded by immigrants. And again, largely by Russian immigrants. I'd love to ask you, Talula, what good have you brought to this country except for your hatred?
21. Zionism
Meir ,   London   (03.04.11)
It is not true that israel is a secular country. More than half of israel's population believes in God and the secular population in israel is decreasing. Give it 20 years or so and i reckon that 75% of Israel will be what it should be-religous.
22. Convert to be Jewish or leave!!!
andy ,   orlando   (03.04.11)
23. #22
JL   (03.04.11)
your are pathetic..a nameless coward living in a far off forfeit your place here to those who want to be here even if they are not jewish...go jump in a lake..or better a swamp...there are plenty in florida for your ilk
24. # 20
Joshua ,   USA   (03.04.11)
Are the residents of south Tel Aviv wrong in their allegations that many of the refugees are responsible for an increase in crime in their neighborhoods? If that's true then it's a quality of life issue that wealthy Israelis in Tel Aviv shouldn't spring upon the poor in their city. I recall reading that one MK proposed building housing for the refugees in one of Tel-Avivs more upscale neighborhoods and I haven't heard of his proposal being met with approval from Tel Avivans in those areas. Suddenly they're not so tolerant. These illegal immigrants make for good cheap labor I'm sure for the rich "liberal" Tel Avivans but apparently they don't think they would benefit from living next door to them. They're only too generous to let the poor reap the benefits from that relationship. Perhaps the residents of south Tel-Aviv should hold their own anti-racism protests In Ramat Aviv and demand the rich enjoy the fruits of their "liberal" policies.
25. 20 Touchy touchy
Talula ,   Israel   (03.04.11)
Just because you are Russian, try and be a little constructive. The Israel before the Russian invasion was completely different. There were no Nazi lovers, no swastikas, no drunken brawls in the street, and Israel was a better place. Why is it that Russians are disliked and not respected, but, an Anglo who made Aliyah is welcomed with open arms? Not to mention that 65% of Russians aren't even Jewish. They have not assimilated into Israeli society, but expected society to assimilate to their needs. If they want to watch Russian TV, stay in Russia. But no, they even have their own TV channel here. Don't go and live in another country, act entitled and expect everything for nothing.
26. Jews DO NOT deport children! The Nazis did!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.04.11)
These kids are probably more Zionist that most Haredi kids. They speak Hebrew and they want to serve in the army. I don't see any donning a Nazi uniform and using the Law of Return to come here and bash Jews! So who would you rather deport? Yishai wants to deport them but does nothing about the illegal Palestinians in Israel and those building luxury homes for the "settlers" and waiting for the moment they can kill an Israeli.
27. #25: Talula - Well said!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.04.11)
I am surprised the the Editor idin' censor your TB!
28. #26 David, you're confusing the deporations
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.04.11)
Jews were sent to the ovens and death; these children are being sent HOME from whence they came It doesn't matter if they speak Hebrew, Adolph Eichmann spoke Yiddish Many Palestinian Arabs speak Hebrew, yet you want them deported Jews that employ Arabs should be ashamed of themselves, they're spending money so the enemy can buy explosives and bullets to be used against their fellow Jews
29. The children are numerically not the biggest problem
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.04.11)
The illegals are roughly divided into three categories: The largest consists of Palestinian Arabs crossing the Green Line without permits, as well as those who came via "family unification" (few go the other direction). The second involves who came legally as guest workers, but *illegally* stayed beyond their permits. The third is the Africans - some genuine refugees, the majority economic migrants. (Note that there's a push to INCREASE the quota for guest workers for the construction sector.) Some of us suspected that with the first wave of African refugees, the nicer and more accommodating Israel was to the "first wave", they'd only be throwing out the welcome mat for more to follow. And that's exactly what happened. Israel is today their "Promised Land". If you really want to challenge those insisting Israel should "let them stay", ask them how many Israel can take in, and what actions would be appropriate once that number was exceeded. You'll find them stumped.
30. #20 I somewhat agree.
Yonatan ,   Rishon Letzion   (03.04.11)
I am an Anglo Israeli married to a Russian (Really Moldovan) Israeli. I agree to an extent with you. They should have been more discerning when bringing over the Russian Jews. Too many of them had forged documents claiming they were Jews. Too many of them consider themselves non-Jews and even feel hatred towards Jews Many even have Nazi sympathies as you pointed out. But of course we can't say this about all. My wife and I frequently have this debate. Communism worked incredibly hard and was very efficient at purging Jews of their Judaism. Many of those who made it to Israel don't believe in Judaism. Some don't believe in G-D. Some have embraced Christianity. Some practice weird syncretic religious practices of their own making. Many adamantly believe in Curses and witches. My mother in law is a perfect example of the latter (Seriously I'm not kidding. I had to go with her once). In truth they are just plain confused. I went to my brother in-law's house and he had a Christmas tree up with ornaments and a star on top (not six pointed). There was a Santa Clause doll underneath. He insists it is a "New Year's Tree". We should have been more discerning when we brought them over, but what should we do now? In my opinion we have a long road of tough integration ahead. We must work to convert those who want to and bring back to Judaism those who have strayed. If they want the discrimination to lessen they should work with us. Every group here in Israel feels discriminated against (me too with all the stereotypes about Americans being rich and lazy) but most groups work hard to integrate. I agree they haven't worked hard enough. But perhaps if we work a little harder and go that extra step we can succeed in encouraging them. Perhaps not. But we must do everything in our power if for no other reason than to deprive them of an excuse for their shortcomings in their efforts. They aren't going anywhere. Trust me I've been praying for my mother in-law to leave and go back to Moldova since I got here. No such luck.
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