Israel's natural gas supply temporarily suspended
Tani Goldstein
Published: 05.03.11, 18:34
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1. Gas Supply
Edward ,   Savannah, USA   (03.05.11)
That's WHY Israel needs to develop the Leviathan oil/gas field as fast as it can to be energy independent.
2. wicked world
cristian ,   bs as arg   (03.05.11)
the world today is such a wicked place fighting going on between the human race people got to work just to earn their bread while people just across the sea are counting their dead a politician´s job they say is very high because he has to choose who´s got to go and die they can put a man on the moon quite easy while people here on earth are dying of old diseases a woman goes to work every day after day she just goes to work just to earn her pay child sitting crying by a life that´s harder he doesn´t even know who is his father
3. Egypt cuts off gas to Israel
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (03.05.11)
warning to the world and investers,Egypt doesn't honor agreements and treaties !!!,they just follow in the footsteps of their prophet mohamed,who broke a treatiy with the Jews, because he didn't need the treaty any more,congress should reduce or stop the aid given to Egypt,till the gas supply to Israel is resumed.
4. pollution
Rebecca ,   Toronto Canada   (03.05.11)
Now, wouldn't it be ironic if the winds blew all the air pollution into Egypt.....
5. @ 1 you mean to steal the Leviathan oil/gas !
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.05.11)
its our gas not yours....develop somthing else if you can
6. Levithan gas field belong to lebanon
tea man ,   marjayoun   (03.05.11)
any hand that will extend to touch it will be cut
7. Gas
jim ,   uk   (03.05.11)
You are not keeping up with the news. Mubarek and cronies are being investigated for selling Gas to Israel at an artificially low price. Seems Egypt may have been screwed out of 500M$ Get ready to pay up
8. #"s 5 & 6 What are you morons smoking.
Avi The Builder ,   Eretz Yisrael   (03.05.11)
9. and the oil fields
hassida ,   eretz yisroel   (03.05.11)
Thirty years ago, when the Camp David agreements were signed, the Lubavitcher Rebbe cried out that the agreement was not worth the paper it was written on. And the oil fields --- to give away our oil fields for a worthless agreement?????the Rebbe exclaimed. The oil fields were not only important for military needs but domestic as well. And to give them up for a worthles agreement???? It's about to learn what else the Rebbe said.
10. # 5 you mean
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (03.06.11)
Salma ! Is there anything on earth, according to quranic law that's not yours ?.
11. Lewithan
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (03.06.11)
cold tea man ! Does Lebanon belong to Lebanon ?.haven't you heard the news,Lebanon was sold to Iran by the quisling nasarala.
12. # 7 Gas & hot air
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (03.06.11)
jim ! If you purchased a house 10 years ago,and the value of the house vent up,will you pay the seller the added value of the house ?.typical muslim logic.
13. Yeah right !!
Cairo Egypt   (03.06.11)
First of all I'm pretty sure it was the Jews who broke all their treaties Second its our gas !!
14. @10 yes,
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.06.11)
Brooklyn is not ours, stay there don't think to come here. according to Torah law that's fair enough ;P
15. palestine
Meir ,   London   (03.06.11)
Palestine was almost uninhabited before jews starded resettleling. Arabs from mainly Egypt and Jordan started populating israel more and they became known as palestinians. Israel belongs to jews not arabs. END OF STORY
16. to Salma
Salman   (03.06.11)
With alll the assets that could be given to a people, if it's all what you've been able to achieve, you deserve being MISERABLE , among all the world's nations.
17. #5 Salma,you're more confused than ever
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.06.11)
You said you were from fictional Palestine, you never claimed you were Lebanese In any event the gas isn't yours, since you have an adequate supply of your own, you're full of it
18. To all of you gasbags that claim the gas
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.06.11)
The fact is that with modern drilling technology, they don't have to drill straight down to get to either gas or oil They can drill sideways from miles away, that's exactly what the Chinese are doing in American waters, as they tap into offshore American oil fields There's not a thing you can go about it
19. Drilling technolog has advanced
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.06.11) Horizontal drilling is the way of the present & future, the proof is in the photos
20. Drilling technology BEN JABO
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (03.06.11)
Israel should beware of the hamas tunnel diggers,soon Lebanon and hamas will start tunneling,to steal Israel's gas,what happens when 2 thives bump into each other in the middle of the night ?.while on the same mission.
21. J.K. when they bump in
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.06.11)
They can light a match to see if the other person is friendly That should take of it
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