Video: Settlers defy razing orders, build on
Yair Altman
Published: 07.03.11, 00:12
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1. Peace Now - absolutely !
Jules   (03.07.11)
So when did Yariv Oppenheimer ask (last time) HAMAS and PLO to re-write their political charters and exclude the parts that call for the destruction of Israel ? Where are his petitions to the Lybians to stop the bloodshed ? Where is his condemnation of the President of Yemen statement that all the havoc in his country is organized from some "center in Tel-Aviv" ?
2. Did you see the video???
Israeli 2   (03.07.11)
BEAUTIFUL buildings! Envy of the world MAMASH! And these are small outpsosts? WHO else but enviers and anti Jewish and anti Torah people would or could object to this???
3. The Islamists converge to destroy Israel
BJL ,   usa   (03.07.11)
and Israel insists on destroying their own in Judea and Samaria, even though the resettlement of the land is 100% legal per San Remo and Balfour declarations. How could you even think about turning over Judea and Samaria when the darkness of evil surrounds Israel to plot its destruction?
4. Clean benefit to the PA worker who will take it as owner.
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.07.11)
5. Peace Now War Tomorrow
Joe Cone ,   USA   (03.07.11)
Guess the US consulate decided to send their lackeys to spy on the building.
6. against couty orders
colin   (03.07.11)
Why is the lies,untruths and falsehoods of peace now so important to the Jerusalem post As a arab representing paper anything against building is publishable. What do the builders say in the constrution of house or is only the word of the traiterous oppenheimer allowed.The leftest courts are only another top fo the J Post to write thier rubbish
7. We wouldn't let Peace Now into Teqoa.
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (03.07.11)
Why wern't they stopped?
8. Who finances Peace Now?
Jay3 ,   Israel   (03.07.11)
Isnt that question more important ?
svietka from shomron   (03.07.11)
every time i read thier updates i m so happy about all the building and expansion that is taking place. they r the only ones who r giving true(or greatly englarged) numbers for yesha--gives me so much optimism and simha... Let them go into all the yeshuvim-lets hear and rejoice in all the building!!!!
10. Let's build, folks
Daniel Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (03.07.11)
If they offered me a good house within the Green Line, I would withdraw to Israel. Since they act with violence, razing homes, I will build more, expanding my house and bringing more family from Israel to live with me.
11. Peace Now
Meir ,   London   (03.07.11)
countries who fund Peace Now include Finland and the UK. Israelis who established Peace Now should be ashamed. They do not seem to care much about Israel but only for money which they make.
12. Palestinians hold title to land so just evict settlers
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (03.07.11)
Why are Palestinians land owners not just evicting the Settlers and moving in? The Laws and Courts seem to be on their side it this and Israelis seem to have no problem evicting Palestinians squatters from Jewish owned lands. Apartheid is when the ruling group is above the law and if this is not then its very close to it.
13. Peace Now
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.07.11)
Yariv Oppenheimer of "Peace Now" draws a very generous salary, yet refuses to say who funds this pro-Hamas organization. Until Oppenheimer agrees to come clean on "Peace Now" funding, we must assume that the rumors of Saudi funding are true.
14. Give Palestinian Owner option to keep buildings or bulldoze
Yishai Cohen   (03.07.11)
The rule of law in Israel and in the occupied territories must be enforced, so those whose duty is to uphold the law that refuse to do so should be fired immediately and new ones appointed by the courts.
15. I agree to #9,thanks to "piece now",I have reports about
Trumpeldor ,   eurabyeh   (03.07.11)
Jewish new buildings in our Judea and Samaria . Thanks you so much,you made my day happier
16. @Bloodyscot , Dallas, Texas
Trumpeldor   (03.07.11)
Mexicans and Apaches are the legitimate landlords of Texas You should give them your home ....
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