Israel ranked among least popular states
Published: 07.03.11, 08:53
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31. That tells you something!
Observer1 ,   Chrangbegbo, Ghana   (03.07.11)
The so-called survey only tells you one and only one thing: Israel will prosper. Don't just get me wrong. Everyone of us wants to feel loved from time to time but God that established Israel before The USA, Russia, China or any other countries mentioned here were born, that same God announced a long, very long time ago that time will come when Israel will be hated by nations. Maybe worse is yet to happen to Israel. Israel will NOT disappear because a survey institution said so. Rather the opposite: URVEY INSTITUTIONS WILL ALL DISAPPEAR but Israel will still be here, prospering and flourishing simply because He Who established Jacob is Alive. If it brings peoples of the world some joy hating Israel, well I'm sorry there's little we can do to change stupidity MAGNUS . "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies" PSALM 23.
32. Don't kid ourselves lets call a spade a spade....
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (03.07.11)
Well you can only blame the arrogant Israeli government for the negative publicity. They see everything through the lens of antisemitism in which it might fly with Israeli public opinion, but in world opinion that sh*t won't fly. Instead of spending money to promote Israeli causes through a public relations campaign they put that idiot FM Lieberman as the face of Israeli foreign policy. No offence Lieberman but you have the personality of a frog with warts and you might be right, but part of diplomacy is being diplomatic not an arrogant idiot.
33. the good news here is :
Israel's popularity has risen consistantly since 2007 while that of Pakistan, Iran and North Korea has plummeted.
34. Italians & French rate Germany higher than Germans do!
35. Ynet is twisting words again
Ynet quotes numbers of people who ''support'' Israel. The question in the survey was not ''do you support Israel or not'' People wanting to understand this info should read the report the itself. Once again I am amazed at the way Ynet sensationalises stuff and sees everything through a special filter.
36. Israel & the BBC
Mike O'Brian ,   Liverpool, UK   (03.07.11)
Its Not Israel at the bottom of the table but that Notorious Hotbed of Marxists & Arab Lovers - the BBC. Who in their right mind even watches the BBC?
37. 6 billions people can't be wrong
fridman ,   petah tikva'israel   (03.07.11)
the ugly face ,under successive governments,too many mistakes ,too close to crimes against humanity, that's what we did 'that's how we're perceived
38. Israel is my favorite Country
Rune F ,   Oslo Norway   (03.07.11)
I love Israel and the jewish people.From Rune in Norway.
39. note: 30% had no opinion about Israel
although it sometimes seems like everybody is obsessed with Israel it is worth noting that nearly 1 person in 3 had no opinion about Israel , one way or the other.
40. Let us be popular among us,to begin...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (03.07.11)
Somebody who has no self esteem can t expect to be esteemed by others.Jews need to know what they are worth,what are their values,represent their values,teach their values to their children, BE a LIGHT AMONG the NATIONS.
41. So what?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.07.11)
So thanks to a concerted effort of the Israel extreme Left and limitless Saudi funds, Israel has been delegitimized. This doesn't change the basic fact that Israel is right. Soon, the Saudi king will hang and without his funding the Leftists will become insignificant.
42. 'poll & 'pollsters
tiki ,   belgium   (03.07.11)
Being unpopular has been good for Israel. Tourism & Economy is BOOMING. This 'poll sais more about the 'poll & pollsters than about Israel. This 'poll is about ignorance & jealousy. The 'enemies are 'protesting while Israel is inventing, producing and exporting like never before. Let the 'pollsters continue to poll, the demonstraters demonstrate and Israel do what it is doing and doing good! Better be 'unpopular & strong with a 'booming economie than being 'looooved & weak and in need of 'help organisations to get food on the table (if you're lucky to have a table).
43. talkbackers
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.07.11)
This should make most of the nationalist, racist talkbackers happy...shows their policies are working
44. BBC Bias
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (03.07.11)
Should anyone expect anything different frm anythign sponsored by the BBC, which is a far left anti-Israel organization at the best of times. I still can't understand why Israel hasbara isn[t shouting loud and clear the facts of the San Remo 1920 Treaty, whose legality has never been repealed or superceded by any other treaty. Even the 1947 Partition Plan is just that - a Plan, since it was never accepted by the Arabs and therefore never became law. Instead we moan and wail at the world's insidious attempts to deligitimse us instead of standing up and proclaiming the facts loud and clear.
45. #10 Reality
mlewis ,   r   (03.07.11)
I think your name is totally unsuitable since Israel does not occupy any land that wasn't legally given to it (1920 San Remo Treaty - see my later post) and no later document exists that legally countermands that Treaty.
46. Poor Israelis, again and again!
Bob ,   TA   (03.07.11)
Of course! While Iran, Pakistan and Korea deserve such rating, poor Israeli is again just a victim. Victim of anti-Semites, Arab propaganda, BBC.... bla bla bla.... Never ever we can see some soul searching, always is someone else to be blamed. But... What about to think of DFM Ayalon, humiliating diplomats of other states? What about arrogant Israelis abraod? What about treatment of Palestinians? What about racist Rabbis? No clue?
47. Wait!
J   (03.07.11)
About 2 weeks ago Ynet published a survey showing 63% of americans supporting Israel! how is it that this article shows 43% support??!
48. Libya
Mordechai ,   London   (03.07.11)
Libya, got a higher ranking than Israel. This world is crazy,
49. 3- not judging just reporting.
Sam   (03.07.11)
you think the results would be different on any other news outlet outside of fox?
50. BBC
Jeff ,   Judea/Samaria   (03.07.11)
The only thing they are good for is Top Gear and Kitchen Nightmares
51. BBC. kindly restrict yourself in reporting Prince's wedding
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (03.07.11)
BBC, be good ok. you may continue with stuff on The King's Speech's winning at Oscar. listen and obey, you very bad boys!
52. If Israel didn't exist and the same survey were conducted
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.07.11)
about least favorable peoples, there is little doubt, the Jewish people would be at the bottom of the least. Israel, in the eyes of many, is simply a substitute for the Jew in society of yesteryear... We, Jews, should first and foremost be proud of who we are and of our achievements during the 4,000 years of our history as a people. And then, we, Jews, within and without our nation-state of Israel, must do what is of essential national and security interests.
53. Am I the only one to notice
Doives ,   Holland   (03.07.11)
That the countries that scored high, are all countries where muslims go/like to go to... No wonder, with the amount of muslims in the world
stude ham   (03.07.11)
afghanistan was more popular than israel???? what a farce!
55. Israel doesn't care and they shouldn't
Eyal ,   USA ISRAEL   (03.07.11)
Tourism to Israel is at record highs, economy blooming, jobless is low, while the world is collapsing. Seems like pure jealousy to me.
56. aus supports israel
oz ,   australia   (03.07.11)
australia by majority supports israel, but these polls are usually conducted with left wing green tree huggers and muslim immigrants that hate israel, the anglo people of australia, the workers and backbone of the country support you and your right to freedom away from the threats of death from the filth that surrounds you.
57. to # 17
AvnerA   (03.07.11)
And indeed, where are Sweden? Norway etc? missing, thus ensuring a high place for UK, Germany.
58. #28 ale
Eli ,   Yerushalayim   (03.07.11)
Berlusconi is a real great leader.
59. Hasbara Rule #1 - If You Do Not Like the Message and
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (03.07.11)
have no argument to refute the message, then attack the messenger to distract attention from the message. Hmmmm. BBC is just a bunch of anti-semites!!!! And they probably are holocost deniers also! And all of their writers and staff are radical muslims.
60. #10
David N. ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.07.11)
Don't delude yourself--most people neither understand nor really care about the so-called "occupation." It is classic anti-Semitism. Criticizing Israel honestly and with good intentions is good, acceptable and healthy. This "unpopularity" poll is pure and adulterated journalism.
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