Israel seeks $20 billion in US military aid
Published: 08.03.11, 10:15
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1. Reality check
Asher ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.08.11)
The US is broke, so good luck getting additional funds, especially an extra $20 billion. If the Defence Ministry needs additional cash, then maybe we can stop funding the Independence Party.
2. Not enough!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.08.11)
3. Are there no limits to these schnorrers?
arik ,   usa   (03.08.11)
Yeah, we're just swimming in money here, in case you hadn't heard. All that stuff about budget deficits is obviously Arab propaganda. Feeding the poor, educating our population, updating our infrastructure....all this comes second to what the Israeli government demands of us. Gall nefesh!
4. nonsense
ezer   (03.08.11)
Israel should be going the other way and refusing aid from the US. How can we stand proud when we are receiving handouts from a country that's broke?
5. Are you sure $20b is enough?
Robert ,   Brisbane Australia   (03.08.11)
Any further charity should be conditional upon Israel obeying international law!
6. Most of us want to cut the $3bil you get now! More? Bahahaha
Space   (03.08.11)
8. This could be a first positive sign...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.08.11)
but it is not enough !!! STOP to pressure Israel to give up it's own land is equally important !!!
9. The most moral army in the world needs lots of money
Jack   (03.08.11)
10. Say .. What?
Brod ,   USA   (03.08.11)
The US is BROKE! The US is borrowing trillions from China and printing worthless dollars just to try to stay afloat for a few more days. Unless Israelis want every American to hate them with a purple passion, I would STRONGLY advise NOT asking for any money. Right now most Americans have no idea they the money they do not have for their schools is going to Israel instead. If Israel brings up getting more money, there is a very good chance that Israel will instead get cut off completely because the Tea Party folk will block all money
11. The Light Unto The World... is a also a welfare queen.
seadog1946 ,   ArthurKill, NY   (03.08.11)
Israel's median household income is somewhere between the UK and Ireland's... the Israelis should consider a higher income tax rate instead of applying for international welfare.
12. After Permanent Peace Implemented
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston USA   (03.08.11)
Not based on some pie in the sky temp offer, but based on an implemented Treaty, the US should consider this. We will have our budget and economy in order than and our wars should be over by then too. Iraq is scheduled to end by 2012 and Afghanistan a couple of years later. And if we stay out of Libya and Korea doesn't go nuclear, we should be able to afford something by the time an Israel-Palestine deal is implemented.. Of course, the Tea Party will want to strip the poor, hungry and elderly and veterans of all benefits and aid and try and forward the money tomorrow. Some Democrats probably will go along if paid enough - legal now with US politicians. Will Israel help feed the poor, the tired, the wretched refuse of America when we go belly-up? Maybe you could extend some aid by sending teachers? Many of our states are firing theirs.
13. Madness
pete ,   us   (03.08.11)
14. NO, NO, NO greedy greedy greedy
Alex ,   USA   (03.08.11)
The American people need this money.. we work hard and this money you do not deserve.. all you do is slap our president and vice president in the face.. do what you want, commit crimes, and spit in all faces... I want my tax money for my childrens college fund.. which I cannot even afford due to a layoff, one parent working, high cost of gas, high cost of everything.. you are greedy,
15. has anyone seen Life of Brian?
eddie ,   london UK   (03.08.11)
This is how you haggle in a middle east market. Actually, Israel will soon be an oil and gas exporter, so they can fully pay for their bills!
16. with or without
ale ,   italia   (03.08.11)
israeli ask money to us....question is: with or without hat in the hand?????
17. 20B
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (03.08.11)
not enough take all the money they have :D and later claim that it was already yours... whats gonna happen when dad can no longer pay for her incapable child unfortunatly then is the time for israel to go down if he dont solve her own created problems give the world smallest sign that you want to live in peace then you will win all the hearts and no more have to rely only on usa help will come from very close distance when u need when not if( cause its matter of time) breaks out
18. Sarah
Cameron ,   USA   (03.08.11)
Doubtless that will be the line thrown out when the Israeli kids come knocking on Uncle Sam's door the 2nd time. Given the fiscal mood of the US populace right now, you are going to run into some real trouble on this one. No, this will not sit well.
19. Absolutely not!
American Taxpayer   (03.08.11)
20. USS Liberrty
IBForum ,   Los Angeles USA   (03.08.11)
When Israel admits to their deliberate and deceitful murder of US citizens on June 8, 1967 It might deserve aid from the USA. Until then they should not receive anything but recriminations for the very type of behavior which they claim is the cause of their acts toward other countries.
21. That's why Barak is trying to get the West Bank yudenrein.
For money he'd even be willing to sell Jerusalem.
22. He is risking the $3,000,000,000.00
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (03.08.11)
I am shocked he would even suggest $10.00 in aid. The American people will revolt if the US government gives Israel that type of money. The Israeli government is out of touch with reality. The American people where disgusted by the bail out to American manufacturers and Banks and these idiots want American tax payers to fund what? Do we have to borrow more money from China to fund people that hate us. I DON'T THINK SO.
23. No common sense
David M.   (03.08.11)
Over the next several years Israel should reduce the current US aid to zero as a gesture of friendship toward the States that are broke and not ask for more money. This would also give Israel much more maneuvering space in the future. His failed peace negotiations with Arafat, his actions and his assessment of the M.E. clearly show that the man doesn't have a sound grasp of reality.
24. Price tag?
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (03.08.11)
One more demagogue statement from this corrupt businessman-Barak. For 20 billion he's ready to give up Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria and Israel's security to make peace to an artificial entity that can't even control Gaza. Netanyahu and his DM. must go!
25. why not just take the US?
genie ,   USA   (03.08.11)
you've drained us already to beyond deficits. we owe our children's butts cause of you and even though the rest of the world views us as wrong for defending you and vetoing, you want more? haven't you shown enough how you control us? we have homeless people here and we cut off unemployment benefits to support your war crimes? i will never support or buy ANYTHING from israel again!
26. Is Bibi insane?
Rachel ,   US   (03.08.11)
I thought he kept up with the US? Does he know the US is facing a government shutdown? This is pure insane. Israel will be 63 this year, it's time to pay your own bills.
27. I dont believe this story. $20 billion over how many years?
nero ,   nyc   (03.08.11)
It depends over how many years. But the USA is broke , and Israel is in better shape then the USA. I suggest that Israel contact China, and stop making American Jews look stupid.
28. This must be a joke or just showes how Israel
Sam   (03.08.11)
is just disconnected from reality. Make peace clowns didnt you hear? We are cutting our budjet and rom paul is caling to cut the exsisting aid. Halo, any body there??
29. More American tax money to fund the settlers
Avi ,   Israel   (03.08.11)
lets face it they are using the money to pay for the illegal settlements. What about inner city development in the US, what about the poor and needy in US cities. The israeli goverment is having a good laugh, on one hand they talk about peace and on the other they build more and more appartments of the religious in the occupied terrotires, Israel under the current goverment has no intention of making peace and just want the americans money to squander on the settlements.
30. Barak hardly speaks for most of Israel
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.08.11)
It's not "Israel" that's putting its hand out for more; it's Barak. He acts like he's still Prime Minister, always seems to be promoting his own policies, yet most of the country wishes he were gone. Most Israelis are working to REDUCE their dependency on the US. They know that aid comes with strings attached, and especially with the current administration that often uses that leverage to pressure Israel in directions it would rather not travel. Funny though, the US seems to grant ever more aid to the Palestinians while getting nothing in return - another $150 million announced just this week. We often hear from the usual crowd that Lieberman should resign because he "embarrasses" Israel. Well, what is this claim for more aid from the US if not an embarrassment for a country seeking to assert its sovereign independence?
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