Iran's Rafsanjani ousted as chair of state body
Published: 08.03.11, 11:37
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1. "Assembly of Experts" Right?
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.08.11)
Experts on what? There is no such thing, Islam has no real authoritative experts. Each splinter group as its beliefs, with nobody agreeing on anything. Each group interprets what they want, to suit their political ambitions. How else would you get "experts" tell their flock, you go heaven and get 72 virgins as a reward from G-d, for murder. What do you think an unprovoked attack or ambush is, when your life is in no immediate danger? Then you go to a market, shopping mall, a street filled with pedestrians, a pizza restaurant, a library and simply murder the unsuspecting people. Is this a religion of peace and tolerance? Really, I must be missing something? Go to the website "" to better understand the mindset.
2. Wrong Title & Storyline
IRAN#1   (03.08.11)
He did not seek re-election as the chairman, he did not lose in voting.
3. #2 He was Forced Not to seek re-election
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.08.11)
Read between the lines.
4. Left out of the assembly of morons
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (03.09.11)
Do not worry! There are plenty of them around in Iran. This guy could not spell his own name before the revoulution and he still can't. Now, he owns milions of dollars of propery in Canada and other countries. I guess the poor got their wish after all. And people still follow him like a God. Stupidity is a bliss in ME.
5. I don't like Rafsanjani, but
Persian CAT   (03.09.11)
I do know that he knows when to abandon a sinking ship. He's among the "smartest" politician alive in Iran.
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