Kfir Brigade troops threaten mutiny
Yair Altman
Published: 09.03.11, 15:39
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1. Higher law
Marcel ,   Florida   (03.09.11)
The little gods of Israel Netanyahu and Barak assume they are above God. Even a Christian knows that God told His people Israel upon their return from diaspora to build,build,build and rebuild the cities and villages on the land He gave them. The bottom line is; Will Israel obey the puppets of a failed foreign agenda who carve up His land to His enemies or will God be obeyed ?
2. This should be treated with iron fist.
sasha ,   Bilbao, basque   (03.09.11)
3. Barak has started already a civil war
Seppo ,   Finland   (03.09.11)
Maybe civil war is Barak's way to get Israel to pull out of Shomron and Judea. He keeps on fighting against Israelis with heavier and heavier guns. Somebody should teach Barak international law which tells that Shomron and Judea are Jewish homeland and even UN cannot with any decision eliminate those rights.
4. kuffir brigade?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (03.09.11)
5. Barak= Kadafi! must be brought down!
Period!   (03.09.11)
6. Jail them immediately
Jonny ,   South Africa   (03.09.11)
Jail them, we dont have to have this callibre of soldier. I certainly would not have felt safe having soldiers like that as my comrades.
7. If they keep talking this way they will not get released
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (03.09.11)
This kind of talk does not result in release it results in court marshal with long jail terms for insubordination and incitement. The army is required to follow the path set by the government and upheld by the courts - choosing to go against that is a jail-able offense, Yes Weisman was treated badly, but this kind of talk will not help him nor those threatening mutiny - which in other countries would be a capital offense as we are still at war.
8. Looks like a civil war in the offing....
Edithann ,   USA   (03.09.11)
What is Gods steal others lands? What kind of God is that?.. Anyway, there is no returning to anything that you admittedly once gave up. And be honest, there is no proof of anything you claim ....You abandoned the land and you can't take it back under any pretenses...even using God.... TATA.
9. Common Sense
Abu Wen ,   Hong Kong   (03.09.11)
What do expect from someone who is willing to give up his life for his country, only to come home and see it demolished??
10. that's the problem
ale ,   italia   (03.09.11)
settler=illegal=problem=obstacle=no peace=guns=democracy x jews...... settlers.......
11. Electric current flows
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (03.09.11)
in both directions. Seems like the command echelon is peeing on the troops' leg and telling them it is a gentle spring rain. Loyalty is not just from the bottom up; but is first from the top down. When a faithless commander see those he commands as chattel; as cattle, the breach is beyond repair. A symptom of a very sick unit. These men are supposed to obey blindly and follow orders that may result in their death or injury. BIG problem brewing here, and fools like the coddled and curdled Ehud Barak may be the irritant. Look. Your home is destroyed and you are supposed to smile and say "Thank you sir. may I have another?" Not too likely.
12. Soldiers swearing loyalty to rabbis over commanders
Chaim   (03.09.11)
are the TRUE Jewish soldiers and HEROS! Kol Hakavod to them. We need more like you in Israel, perhaps then there will be less corruption in the IDF army.
13. Kfir clowns.
Orlando. ,   Afula, Israel   (03.09.11)
Time to teach these clowns that they do what they are told, thats what soldiers do. OBEY ORDERS.Otherwise off to jail
14. To #8
TZ ,   USA   (03.09.11)
Jewish people purchased Gilad Farm from the Arabs that owned it. The land was bought and paid for.
15. if this is the attitude of the kfir unit,
Eshkol Hakofer   (03.09.11)
the entire unit, as well as it's rabbis should be given the treatment of the ir hanidahat only in a spiritual way. they should all be discharged dis honorably and subjected to spiritual herem!
16. Small skirmish becomes middle size becomes a civil war.
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.09.11)
17. 2 recruits do not a mutiny make!
eddie ,   london UK   (03.09.11)
compare to the 100s or more of leftists who avoid serving, or choose not to serve in the territories -
18. the soldiers are right...............
meyer ,   israel/holland   (03.09.11)
the army musn't be used for political purposes. if you must deport jews us goyim or bring in mercinaries from africa like kaddify did. of course you are causing a possible civil war if you do so. the best approach, DON'T DEPORT JEWS FROM THEIR HOMES.
19. Police Should Be Handling Civilian Matters
David ,   Israel   (03.09.11)
These people are not attempting to overthrow the government or terrorize its citizens, leftist polemics notwithstanding. Sending an army against such people is worse than mere bad optics. It can go bad in a lot of different ways.
20. Exaggerated bombastic sensasionalist headline!
rewrite it!   (03.09.11)
21. Anat Kamm the traitor is walking free
David ,   On this planet   (03.09.11)
And Shimon Weisman the hero is in jail. Go figure Israel today. LOL
22. The IDF Oath/affirmation says:
EBR ,   Jerusalem   (03.09.11)
The oath/affirmation translated from Hebrew is: "I swear, affirm and promise upon my word of honor to be faithful to the State of Israel, to her laws, and to her authorized institutions: To unconditionally take upon myself the yoke of Israel Defense Force discipline To obey all orders and commands given by authorized officers To dedicate all of my strength even unto sacrificing my life for the defense of the Homeland and the freedom of Israel" ANYONE VIOLATING THIS OATH AND THREATENING MUTINY SHOULD BE ARRESTED TRIED AND SENT TO MILITARY JAIL. NO EXCEPTIONS!
23. Marcel #1 & all other Non-Resident Israelis &/or Foreigners
IDF veteran ,   Jerusalem   (03.09.11)
STAND DOWN!! This is an internal Israeli matter, and more accurately this is an internal Israel Defense Force Disiplinary matter and as such it is none of your concern! You want the right to have an opinion earn it - come live here and serve in the IDF then you can talk other wise Stand Down from your idle arm chair chatter immediately!
24. #21 yes u need to go figure...let me help you...
Coco ,   Can   (03.09.11)
Kamm's treasonous offense was committed after she'd completed her IDF service and therefore she's being tried by a civilian court. BTW, Please explain how full house arrest is "walking free". Soldier Shimon Weisman went AWOL while wearing an IDF uniform and so he's in the military jail. BTW please explain how going AWOL and violating military orders is a sign of heroism. Neither one of these two extremists are heroes both have committed actions which are treasonous and detrimental to the State of Israel. both should remain under arrest. See it isn't so difficult to figure out now is it!
25. #14 ur factoid is incorrect...go review again
26. not rabbis, not mutiny
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.09.11)
A combat soldier is asked to sacrifice his life for the greater good. To do this properly he must trust his commanders. Armies that rely on punishments, humiliation and threats instead of leadership and inspiration always lose. Look at the IDF under Barak Barak who sacrificed Madhat Yussuf is DM, and Benny Gantz who meekly accepted the sacrifice is CGS. The extreme Leftist leaders ethnically cleansed Gush Katif despite the soldiers' warnings. The soldiers died in the two resulting wars, and the IDF is powerless to rescue captured Gilad Shalit. Barak is calling for the destruction of the homes of the widows and orphans of IDF heroes who died in the Lebanon II war that was caused by the ethnic cleansing he supported. Benny Gantz and Yoav Galant steal land to build mansions, while Private Weisman is punished for being angry that he is homeless and the laughing YSM shoot his friends. Does the Kfir commander think that he can inspire people to follow him into combat to their death, when this is the leadership they see? Why shouldn't they choose to be tabachim or pretend to be handicapped like the Leftists?
27. to all who say soldiers must obey commanders orders..
Rebecca ,   Modi'in   (03.09.11)
To all of you who say soldiers must obey their commanders ... May I remind you off all the nazi troops who's excuse was "we were just obeying orders". Our boys are not blind simple machines. They are g-d fearing, honest, intelligent people. and the Israeli army has laws that expect them to do the right thing, especially when their orders are wrong.
28. Pro-Islam IDF Leaders Despise Patriotism & Loyalty to Israel
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (03.09.11)
They punish patriotic IDF soldiers whose only desire is to protect Jews and Israel.
29. #21 Yes. Traitors are Adored & Treated Like Rock Stars
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (03.09.11)
Despicable Leftist traitor, Anat Kamm, committed wicked treason against Israel and did not even go to jail! All these things prove that Israeli leaders have NO interest in defending and protecting Jews and vulnerable little Israel!
30. 3. Barak has started already a civil war ,...
split ,   US   (03.09.11)
Why woul'd you care you're in Finland
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