Kibbutz builds dairy farm in Hebron
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 31.03.11, 08:08
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1. This is a good example
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (03.31.11)
This is a good example of what the Palestinians can achieve if they COOPERATE with Israel for their own benefit and the sky's the limit on possible mutual projects like this. But instead of that they continue trying to eliminate their neighbours and keep bleating all the time about 1948 refugees and all that rubbish.
2. They also produce ruminating pigs...
ORA ,   jerusalem   (03.31.11)
for sale tomorrow from 10 to 12AM. There is something fishy about that.
3. Hebron is in Judea and is Jewish former capital .
Trumpeldor   (04.01.11)
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