Bedouins slated to get ownership of Negev lands
Ronen Medzini
Published: 10.03.11, 20:50
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Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (03.10.11)
The normal definition of 'Bedouins' is 'Nomadic Arabs'. Bedouins can have compensation for their settled land.But if they are settled on land,they cannot be Bedouins;no compensation. Work your way around that. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
2. Rubbish
blash ,   Jerusalem   (03.11.11)
Before this deal, the land belongs to the JNF - meaning, that the land was government land. I see no problem with requesting the Bedouins to follow the law on building structures on government land just like anybody else in the Negev, and permitting them to wander the Negev anywhere else that is not otherwise used (i.e. by the IDF, towns, roads, etc.). But once the Bedouins have ownership, they will be free to sell that land to Palestinians if they so choose. So not only do the Bedouins get billions of shekels from the Israeli government, they'll get billions of shekels from the Palestinians, who are trying their hardest to buy whatever land they can to push back the Israeli government. And why wouldn't the Palestinians give the Bedouins nomadic rights over the land while they work on getting more people into Israel? This is utter insanity. The whole reason why the JNF bought up so much land to begin with, before the State was ever established, was to prevent the land from being owned by Arabs. So Bibi's government just goes and tramples on the graves of our founding fathers as they fall over themselves to solve problems that wouldn't exist if they didn't try to solve them in the first place.
3. Bedoiuns can't steal land fast enough?
BH ,   Iowa   (03.11.11)
4. Context! Context! Context! It is very important to note that
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.11.11)
matters must be viewed in the much larger context, especially in terms of the circumstances of ALL nomad communities, worldwide, and the difficulties faced by the settled society to settle them. The difficulties are both objective and subjective. And when people are finally settled, there is never a sense of full satisfaction. This is a process that always takes many years, many decades. In the case of Israel, and this is also part of the context, there are conditions that generally don't exist elsewhere... Let us hope this process will come to an end soon and to the best satisfaction possible by all parties.
5. How is land deals to bedouins made in other countries?
William ,   Israel   (03.11.11)
Jordan has a great deal of Bedouins as do most Gulf States and the Sinai. How is the land managed on which they reside in their respective countries? Are they given the rights to the land and compensated for simply living there? I recall in one Gulf State (Qatar, I think) Bedouins don't even have citizenry rights meaning they have ZERO access to social programs and profit sharing of oil sales, simply for being nomadic tribes not tied to the ruling party.
6. to blash he olmert govt in 2008 authorized this report
jason ,   haifa israel   (03.11.11)
But lets blame bibi even if he didn't authorize the report. Hope your happy when livni is PM. Keep beating up bibi and we will get the great combo of livni and obama.
7. To blash did you read the article it was olmert's govt
jason ,   haifa israel   (03.11.11)
The national union voters blame bibi for everything even if he has nothing do to with this. Olmert's govt authorized this and yet you blame bibi. So you will take him down and you will get more plans like this from a livni govt. That is insanity blash.
8. Jews forced out of Arab Lands
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.11.11)
Should get compensation Let's take the sum that the Bedouin are scheduled to receive and deduct what's do the Jews forced from their homes in Arab Countries Fair exchange !!
9. 200,000 dunams is 200 sq km
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.11.11)
That's a lot of land being grabbed - not to mention the monetary compensation they're demanding. This is an obscene capitulation by the government. All of this stems from the population pressure which continues apace. So there will be no end to the demands.
10. Are you friggin' insane?!- I guess not!!!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.11.11)
11. This is absolutely crazy and needs to be stoped!
Dati Leumi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.11.11)
Why do Bedouin deserve to get even a square-inch? They came as enemies, they smuggle weapons, drugs and illegal aliens, they beat up Jews and steal their land, they grab state land, they shoot their wifes and daughters and they participate in terrorism. THEY SHOULD GET NOTHING!!! They should be all taken on trucks and be driven to Sinai to their criminal brethren where they belong, but have no share in Israel, which is Jewish and must stay Jewish.
12. this isnt going to solve the problem
zionist forever   (03.11.11)
Trying to buy off the arabs rarely works no matter where you go, especially not in Israel. The government has no right to give so much land to the bedouin and certainly not at such a huge price. The social workers are on strike because they want better pay and at the same time the bedouin are going to be given billions of dollars in compensation. How do we know this will actually solve the bedouin and they are not going to keep building wherever the hell they want and then expecting the government recognize these new villages? They are like rats as soon as you open the cage door they will run in all directions. These land claims are based on Ottoman records which I am amazed Israel recognizes. We are happy to take the old palestinian villages and say they no longer have a claim to them but the bedouin they build all over the place and we give them 200,00 dunums plus billions in compensation and even this may not be acceptable to them., This isn't going to solve a ticking time bomb its just going to open the doors to more time bombs both bedouin and jewish settlers. We should just keep knocking down what they build and spend those billions of shekels developing the Negev and developed land the bedouin can't start building illegal villages in. This much land with this much money spent on you could build an entire town.
13. Bedouins get ownership while Jews are expelled. SICK GOVT!
Chaim   (03.11.11)
Bedouins get ownership of Jewish land while Jews are expelled from the Jewish land and their homes are destroyed. THIS GOVERNMENT IS GETTING NUTTIER BY THE DAY!
14. beduins getting land
julie ,   Israel   (03.11.11)
absolute insanity. Yup Jews get expelled while our insane government gives land to our enemies. Absolute madness. How can the citizens of Israel stop this?
15. Illegal Settlements and Bedoiuns
Edward ,   Savannah, USA   (03.11.11)
Let me get this straight...if a JEW builds a structure on PRIVATE property in Judea/Samaria, it is declared an "illegal settlement" by the government and the IDF and Police forces get to attack it at night, shoot the people, and raze it to the ground. However...if an Arab Bedoiun builds on ANY property, he gets to keep it, is paid Billions of shekels for it, and everyone is happy. Seems to me that ALL of the Settlers in Judea/Samaria need to pay attention to this and declare themselves to be "Bedoiuns" next time they want to build something!!! They will not only be left alone, but will get paid big bucks to do it!!! Smart!!!!!!!!
16. Blame Bedouin for NO EGYPTIAN GAS
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.12.11)
Because they're protesting to Egypt about Egypt's supplying the gas to Israel Bedouin are going to get land and to show their appreciation, they told Egypt to cut off the gas Who is running the Israeli Government, IDIOTS ? Seems so ,doesn't it
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