Galliano perfume pulled from Canada stores
Danielle Kubes
Published: 12.03.11, 11:20
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1. amazing what saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can do
zionist forever   (03.12.11)
One minute the fashion industry loves him, and he is releasing his own perfume brand. He gets caught on camera making some anti semitic remarks and the fashion company he is working for drops him and his perfume is being pulled by store owners.
2. Well done to those stores!
Israel   (03.13.11)
3. Galliano s parfum turned sour.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (03.13.11)
4. His perfume sucks!!!! I'd never buy it
Sarah ,   Israel   (03.13.11)
with or without the racist rant.
5. Whats next ? burn his house down
Avi ,   Israel   (03.14.11)
Must say its going a bit far. He made some antisemetic slurs while off his head on what ever. Bit hypocritical when we have ministers in our goverment who feel perfectly free to rant homophobic slurs and incite hatred.
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