Horror in Samaria: Terrorist murders family of 5
Yair Altman
Published: 12.03.11, 06:20
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1. What to do.
Jules   (03.12.11)
1) Annex Judea and Samaria 2) Remove all media and "human rights defenders" from there. 3) Order unconditional live fire against stone throwers and anyone attempting an attack with knife, metal or wooden bar, pistol or any other weapon. People, it's a WAR !
2. get haniyeh
marcel   (03.12.11)
Israel has to go after haniyeh and other top ones and put the fear of hell into them. These deaths are the result of 2 factors 1) the endless number of concessions offered by israel encourages arab resistance which they convert to butchering children 2) all israelis must protect their own houses-guard dogs/and guns. you cannot run to the idf all the time.
3. No words to describe the horror
Aron S. ,   Lancaster, USA (now)   (03.12.11)
Enough already - the purpose of Israel's existence is to be a SAFE homeland for the Jewish people where we can defend ourselves instead of relying on others! When do we start doing what we need to do to make sure this never happens again? It should not have in the first place! We are becoming weak and this is the price for our weakness. May their souls reside in Heaven and their memory be a blessing. May this be the last time I have to write these words in these circumstances.
4. Palestinian terrorists
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (03.12.11)
Once again the "palestinian" cowards show what the can do for peace: Killing a family in the middle of the night that celebrate Shabbat. When Israel retaliates go crying like babies and victims to UN and fuel with the AntiSemitism propaganda. Go back to the Arab countries where you are from and kill overthere. Leave us alone. The mutfy is DEAD you do not have to follow him any more
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (03.12.11)
6. Those brave Palestinian
Howard Immanuelson ,   US   (03.12.11)
terrorists! They are such fearsome warriors, murdering small children and infants in the middle of the night! I'm sure they're proud of their accomplishments and have no doubt they'll be firing their guns up in the air tonight in celebration.
7. On Shabbat!!! Sneaky Bastard!!
Israeli 2   (03.12.11)
The cowards among us. Just like during the Yom Kippur War. They will be no more.
8. Coward Arabs
Eyal ,   USA   (03.12.11)
9. Raze all the nearby arab villages and exile
jason white ,   afula, israel   (03.12.11)
the women and children to gaza. Jail all men above the age of 15 till the killer is caught. Use the land that the arabs stole for their villages to built a Jewish city. The government under bibi and barak are just as responsible as the murderer and the same goes for the court system in Israel.
10. from a christian
fad egypt   (03.12.11)
i cant believe what i read why these people are murdered with cold blood why ??!! because they are jews !!!!!! i cant find words to express my shock and my anger all what i can say that my prayers and thoughts to be with these people relatives and neighbors bibi must either come to his senses and fire the stupid defeat minister barak or he and barak can go home and enough is enough it is the direct outcome of removing the roadblocks in judea and samaria to appeasa the stupid muslim hussein obama and the blood thirsty mahmoud abbas i believe from my heart that the terrorist of this operation is from his men from fatah most of these terrible accidents in the last years were carried by fatah men i am very sorry for this terrible act god please protect your people israel they need you in these dark days help them strength them in the face of the islamic terror dont forget them guys believe me i ve a very terrible feeling i cant describe it you know that egypt is living a very terrible days and the islamic terror is increasing and the radical islam is taking over the country thanks to hussein obama but i will pray for israel and for the jewish people to overcome this disaster in the time when the jewish state is trying to help and assist in the other countries disasters its residents are butchered by the terrorism and of course tomorrow the white house will urge restraint and will prevent israel from doing its job especially if the terrorist is from fatah the moderate the us did that last year when the idf killed the terrorists who killed a father of seven in judea and samaria istead of condemning the terror act they condemned the idf and israel for killing the terrorists shalom
11. Level a few surrounding villages
Ron ,   OC, US   (03.12.11)
Fear equals respect in the Arab world. I am starting to admire Quadyffi. The Iranians and Pals will name a street after the killer(s). Prayers for the surviving children. Prayers for the community. I detest Moslems.
12. Soon the Palis will name town square after the "hero"
Cynic ,   USA   (03.12.11)
13. Jason: why not just put them in extermination camps???
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (03.12.11)
14. Make Them Pay
Yonatan ,   Rishon Letzion   (03.12.11)
I think we can safely say we have proven without a doubt these are not human beings and we cannot be expected to live with them. The kind of brutality and indiscriminate murder and hatred is not something humans or even animals display. It's the behavior of a lower creature that can only be described by its self given name "Palestinian". Since the lives of these creatures are so cheap and worthless to them and they only seem to care about land we know how best to handle this. We should destroy the neighboring villages and expel the inhabitants. Itamar must be expanded into a bustling metropolis. This terrorist is not alone. He just manage to pull off what every Palestinian wishes they could. We will see only celebrations from Palestinians. I sincerely doubt we will see any real signs of remorse or statements of regret. The whole Population despises the Jews. We cannot be expected to cooperate with such creatures. They all share in their Jew hatred and all are therefore guilty of constructing a culture of hatred that leads to such acts. These people should be at our mercy not the other way around. Make them pay and they will think twice next time. This is the only way. This is their mentality.
15. heartbreaking
leslie ,   usa   (03.12.11)
My heart goes out to the family and these poor children who were killed. But please don't let the acts of a crazed killer stand in the way of peace, and don't cast all Palestinians as murderers. Let the lives of these children move us to find peace, not to make more war.
16. Message to Bibi
Rachel ,   US   (03.12.11)
Do your job and stop fighting Jews and protect them. Your 2nd term has been as pathetic as your 1st.
17. HRW, Betselem, No word, no comment
Jorge ,   Tegucigalpa   (03.12.11)
U.N., Palestinian Goverment, completely mute. Later on, they will blame the deceasced, mostly the 3 month old, for beign a settler, so, not condoning but " justifiying" the act of the" poor" Palestinian, he had no choice, but to kill agresive settlers in their sleep, the 3 month, and 3 year old, the more agressive ones.
18. Another 'freedom fighter' against the occupation'
No sympathy ,   for terrorist PALS   (03.12.11)
You see, its not about 'the occupation' at all. Its all about killing Jews. Even little babies butchered. Unbelievable - and I bet this guy is now a "hero" in their eyes.
19. What do you suggest Rami from Nazareth
ak   (03.12.11)
Give the killers medals? Give Arabs more land? Nazareth? Jerusalem? Get rid of the Jews, or better yet, keep the Jews as dhimmis so they can work for their Arab masters, as they did in the past? Will that make you happy, Rami?
20. Let's generalize and make them all pay.
Sam   (03.12.11)
21. Israel needs Lieberman...
Malone ,   Hfx   (03.12.11) put a stop to these animals. Actually,animals don't act this way!
22. Time to tell the Arabs they are no longer welcome in Israel
elhrac ,   USA   (03.12.11)
23. #20
Yonatan ,   Rishon Letzion   (03.12.11)
My proposal is a last resort. We are there now. Palestinians only care about land NOT lives. Since that is the case we can take back our land from them and try to make them rethink the value of their actions. My proposal to expel them from their villages doesn't involve hurting or G-D forbid killing anyone. My proposal merely removes a violent hostile population from the midst of innocent Jews. I wish it didn't have to be this way but they refuse to live at peace with Jews. And most are guilty on some level. As I previously stated they cultivated a culture of hatred and violence. Even if there are some peaceful civilians among them why should we take any chances? Haven't we taken enough already? And lastly as I stated before they only seem to care about land so we must threaten to take it from them if it is the only thing that will make them stop. Human lives (especially those of our own population) must come first. Captured Palestinian suicide bombers were interrogated and asked what could have made them reconsider. They said: "If I thought my family would lose their home." That's when Israel started home demolitions of suicide bombers' families. My proposal follows the same logic.
HAL TRIPP ,   LA PAZ, BOLIVIA   (03.12.11)
25. no mercy
krzysztof ,   krak√≥w poland   (03.12.11)
no mercy for these killers. I'm praying for this family.
26. Senate Hearings /Phobias/ Shooting Self In Foot
Mea   (03.12.11)
As in: whomever the genius is that planned a terror attack in the insinuated and hoped for new state of "Palestine" the very day the US Senate actually holds hearings on the Muslim tendency to do insane crimes, must an colossal fool, which leads one to blame who? It will be interesting to see who claims responsibility.
27. Out of respect for victims and family
Marcella   (03.12.11)
I won't say what I really want to say. Arabs can't help being what they are. But no Israeli government should risk the loss of Jewish lives for the sake of playing political games. The Jerusalem Post has a column by someone whose intellect I admire, giving devoted advice to the PM on how to stay in power without surrendering the last of his principles. No, don't go further left just because Kadima is higher on the polls, this journalist says. Replace Barak with Ya'alon. Band-aid here, band-aid there. While Jews are bleeding and dying in Israel - good people such as that columnist fail to see where the problem lies. The Yesha Council and Likud MKs, are fully discredited. Likud MKs voted en masse against the February 23 National Union bill for the annexation of the land - or quietly left the room before the vote. Now they'll shed crocodile tears for every victim of terror or expulsions. Israel's real problem is its fake right wing and the fact that too many citizens still don't know how fake and how dangerous to the country that fake right wing really is.
28. Palestinians had shown once again
Dan the Jafa ,   Auckland,New Zealand   (03.12.11)
how ready for statehood they are.
29. Israeli gov is also to blame
BJL ,   usa   (03.12.11)
For allowing the slander of "settlers" and the willingness to destroy resettlement communities.
30. For them to kill a Jew is like killing an ape or a pig
USA   (03.12.11)
They don't view Jews as human much like the nazis didn't view Jews as human.
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