Gaza celebrates; Fayyad condemns terror attack
Elior Levy
Published: 12.03.11, 14:36
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31. itamar
paulo ,   brazil   (03.12.11)
the state of israel is very rich ,will feed these animals in its jails and free them in the first opportunity.
32. They are joking
Mike caton ,   usa   (03.12.11)
And Hussein Obama, the Un ,and the Eu want a militarized" Palestinian" state 6 miles from the runways of Ben-Gurion airport and 12 miles from Tel-Aviv and its suburbs. They can't be serious.Well;.. yes they can. Israel must reject this idea at all costs
33. To: Chris at No. 24
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.12.11)
Exactly. Fatah is supposedly made up of "moderate" ersatz "Palestinians." Don't worry -- Obama will find a way to skate around it, and his popularity and approval ratings will drop another five points. Oh, he'll give Israel "private" assurances that he is "horrified" and "condemns" this act of ersatz "Palestinian" violence, but go public with a condemnation? What, and offend his Moslem terrorist friends and cohorts? Never!
34. No mercy for the murderers, death.
Yossef   (03.12.11)
And Salma, don't try to find any justification for that massacre, otherwise you have no place anymore with us. On my side I will never justify a massacre of palestinians. So שקט plz.
35. Little Children Slaughtered by a Kife Wielding Terrorist
Douglas Fireman ,   Chicago, USA   (03.12.11)
The Jews don't slaughter little children in cold blood. When was the last time that you heard of the IDF sneaking into a home in Gaza and slaughtering little children. Before the Jews bomb, in retaliation, for terrorist missile attacks, they drop leaflets to warn the population. What bastards to kill little children in cold blood. And then, their supporters dance in the streets and pass out candies. There will be a price to pay for this recent slaughter.
36. #11
Mandy ,   Israel/USA/Japan   (03.12.11)
Fayyad is not in Fatah. Check your sources. I also talked to my dad in Gaza - he didn't even fuckin hear about the attack. So Ynet, stop this fear-mongering, or is it AIPAC Kohr's instructions have come into effect on a Shabat??
YOAV ,   TEL AVIV   (03.12.11)
38. I know I'm going to get sh*t for this but..
Jeremy ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.12.11)
If this story is true, could we please see some pictures of the celebration... I don't like to take ANYTHING YNet says as fact. Was it an actual party of 100s or 1000s or was it just 10-50 IDIOTS out to get in the news? The murders were extremely horrid and I agree with a lot that has been said by others.. Take those who did this and make an example of them! That being said, as many of you know, YNet is not always a level source of information. Don't go accusing a whole group of people for something that is not the whole groups fault. There are extremist on both sides and they are ALL idiots! Most people just want to live their lives in peace and prosperity... Just my 2 cents!
39. To: No. 36
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.12.11)
No, you check your sources. Fayyad is the founder and leader of the Third Way party, which used to be independent and then, following his "election" in 2007, was folded into Fatah. What's your dad doing in Gaza, by the way? Fomenting terror?
40. So Bibi, Is the blood of a jewish family cheap?
BJL ,   usa   (03.12.11)
Will you do nothing because this G-d fearing family were "settlers"? Will you continue kicking Jews out their homes on the murderers behalf? Or is Jewish blood come at a cost? Which is it bibi?
Rehavam ,   Israel   (03.12.11)
this happend before 48, before 67... it will happen again! the only place you can "hide" is the sea!
42. The problems all countries have . . .
noa ,   israel   (03.12.11)
is when the common riff-raff take the law into their own hands. And Palestine is becoming a country.
43. #5 we have been requesting you occupiers for years to leave.
noa ,   israel   (03.12.11)
andy ,   orlando   (03.12.11)
they incite murder   (03.12.11)
46. To: Jeremy at No. 38
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.12.11)
Here's independent corroboration: More interesting is the allegation that Iran is behind the attack. If true, nothing will save the mullahs now ....
47. to mike:
Liora ,   USA   (03.12.11)
false, iran does too.
48. Has anyone noticed ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.12.11)
the deafening silence from foreign governments?
49. # 46
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.12.11)
Thanks Sarah B. for the links. appreciated.
50. Yes We are all settlers.........
Zvi ,   Ev'en Yehuda Israel   (03.12.11)
51. number44
ESTER ,   MELBA   (03.12.11)
Salma is rejoicing with her friends over jewish Blood...... She is probably the one giving the lollies
52. Palestinians know
Andrej ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.12.11)
that their end is coming. It is just a question of time before Israel wakes up from this nightmare and realise that we cannot live with them around. In the end Israel will have to annex whole of west bank and expel palestinians. Their real homeland is Jordan. Muslims understand only one language, the language of force. Talking with them is waste of time and money. We have to use our military not only to protect israeli citizens but to show to our enemies that they cannot play with us any more. We should not be afraid of what the world will say if we decide to eliminate terrorists from our midst. Force is the only answer. No more empty talks and concessions. We cannot allow ourselves to be weak. We have to stand up and fight, that is the only answer!
53. The far left has brought this upon the Jews of Judea/Samaria
Zvi ,   Ev'en Yehuda Israel   (03.12.11)
Its time the public see what they do in all its candor.
54. No. 5 Palestinian
NYC Girl   (03.12.11)
Your comment about leaving the territories, and then there'll be "no sorrows or pains" is nothing less than ludicrous. There was no so-called Israeli occupation of the territories in 1964 when Yasser Arafat formed the PLO...with the intention of liberating what? It couldn't have been the West Bank and Gaza. So the myth that the only reason for this sort of savagery, on the part of Palestinians, is the probably the biggest bunch of b.s. in the entire Middle East. And that's saying something in a part of the world where lying is practically a religion.
55. they only understand two words : death penalty
rachel ,   usa   (03.12.11)
56. Sick evil wicked bastards
Talula ,   Israel   (03.12.11)
I will never condem my government now for bombing the life out of Gaza. Only a nation of sick demented vile people would celebrate innocent children being stabbed to death. They'll get what's coming. And the life expectancy of the terrorist murderer who did it - is about 4 days.
57. family of 5 murdered
yoel reuben ,   Israel   (03.12.11)
Its a disgrace, killing children and babies how low can you get how can you expect peace, do your scriptures teach you to kill?
JOHN ,   Uk   (03.12.11)
creatures that act like this on not from earth.
59. They celebrate with Hamas
Amram ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.12.11)
they should not complain when they suffer with Hamas.
60. response to Palestinian, #5
Mitch Cohen ,   Berlin, Germany   (03.12.11)
"So leave ALL the occupied territories. Then no sorrows or pains. Save your lifes and ours." When the West Bank and Gaza were under Jordanian and Egyptian sovereignty (1948-1967), Arabs were also calling for the "liberation of the occupied territories", by which they meant Haifa, Tel Aviv, etc. Jews lived on the West Bank from biblical times until the pogroms of the Hitler-ally, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. So really, you don't want us to live ANYWHERE. You want those territories? Make peace. It's that simple.
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