'Settlers attacked Palestinian houses'
Elior Levy
Published: 12.03.11, 15:28
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1. Of course we are evil
Dr Yeruham Leavitt ,   Kiriat Arba, ISRAEL   (03.12.11)
Of course Arabs are OK if they kill Jews and we settlers are evil if we uproot a few tomato plants or something (whether or not we really did it). But this may be my last contributiion to these discussions, including those of jpost and others. I have noticed that almost all contributors on all sides are anonymice. ( No spelling error),. Those who do not give their real names do not stand behind their remarks. So their remarks cannot be trusted. Who knows what they really believe?! So the next time I see an anonymouse in these discussions will be the last I bother to read them.
2. Dear Settlers,
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.12.11)
terrorize the Palestinian children and the policy of collective punishment is not the right answer, our children are watching you, and what you're doing is only helping to create more killers. think again , what are you doing in our land? why are you here? let us live in peace , If we can't live in peace, then let's think about and focus on peace, truth, justice .
3. now dear pals, you paid for what you did and pls don't cry !
4. If the can only "claim" and cannot show bodies
Alba ,   Malmö, Sweden   (03.12.11)
it means that those good Jews did not do a good job. As the Psalmist teaches: "The righteous shall rejoice at the sight of vengeance. He shall wash hands and feet in the blood of the evildoer" (Psalm 58) and "Pay back seven times to our neighbors for the shame they shamed us with" (Psalm 79)
5. Dear Ron, Barak's busy
Marcel ,   Florida   (03.12.11)
As you know my primary focus is on pleasing those raping Israel and not Israel or her citizens,especially those on the other side of the imaginary green line. I have removed security roadblocks and given the Palestinian Islamic terrorists more freedom and other incentives to show our weaker,gentler side while giving less freedom to trouble makers Jews who oppose my plan of surrender. This murder of the settler family in Itamar works well for our agenda of handing more land over to the Palestinian's which I will announce shortly with my Lord Obama. After this limited show of force nothing will change as we must surrender and allow defeat to level the playing field as we are out of balance with so many defeats of Arab armies. It's only fair that we raise their level of self esteem by giving them one for the Gipper. Jews are used to sacrifice and I will lead them in this way. I'm sure you heard this week of my plan to build thousands of homes in Gaza for the Hamas clan. Anything I can do to serve and assist Israel's enemies as this is the only way I know to bring the peace of the grave to Israel. By the way ,the Muslim murderer of the family of five in Samaria we let out of Prison early cut the fence surrounding Itamar. We must protect the rights and aspirations of our dear Palestinian partners first and foremost because that is what Hillary told me I must do. sincerely, The two B's-Benji n' Barak
6. Ynet, too!
fg   (03.12.11)
"Nachman called on the government to "probe all the bleeding hearts that de-legitimize the residents living here."" - Oh, that INCLUDES Ynet, too!!!
7. Responsibility
frank ,   israel   (03.12.11)
We as citizens of a democratic country have abandoned our right of self-defense to all the government to accomplish same. The goverments mandate is to protect its citizens and again, for that, we have given up our right to do it ourselves. The government has refused and/or is incompetent to protect us. This could be due to gross incompetence, not caring or giving in to the US demands for their agenda. Each of these reasons are unaccpetable. Either the government protects us or we take the matter back to our own hands. It is really simple, either the government does their job or we need to do it for them. I say arm our population and allow them to do what needs to be done to protect our families, our land and our country. We should no longer cave in to foreign interests but every decision made must be made in the interests of our citizentry. If that means changing the government, fine. If that means that the US is upset, if England cries, if France is france, I don't care and I believe that the MAJORITY of the population also does not care about them, but does care about Israel and how to protect and defend same.
8. #2 Salma "Our Land" you're kidding!
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.12.11)
Despite my repeated requests that you prove it's your land in the first place, you still refuse to answer the easy questions that you were faced with, not even a measly, picayune one There should have been absolutely no hesitancy to reply, weeks have passed still no response It makes one think that you're claiming what doesn't and didn't belong to your in the first place Concerning the children, we don't teach ours how to implement terrorism while they're still in kindergarten, nor do we glorify Jihad in their Kindergarten Graduation Ceremonies
9. What a contrast in standards !!
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.12.11)
Palestinian's killed five innocent people, in turn they allege "Settlers attacked some houses in revenge" What we have is a contrast, blood being spilled, lives taken, inanimate objects allegedly being destroyed Somehow or other, I fail to equate the two
10. Palestinians attacked their own to cry victimization!!!!
EST ,   Miami USA   (03.12.11)
Palestinian PR stunt to excuse their own animal behavior!!!! Very much like them.
11. More anonymice
Dr Yeruham Leavitt ,   Kiriat Arba, Israel   (03.12.11)
There you go. Every contributor to this thread so far, except for my self, is an anonymouse. (No spelling error.) With no courage you withhold your real names or give at most your given names. You, especially this hateful Salma guy, don't believe in what you write strongly enough to identify yourselves. So there is no reason to believe you. So I am finished with you, as well as the anonymice talkbackers on jpost. No need to reply to me as I won't see it. No point in reading this stuff.
12. liar
cristian ,   bs as arg   (03.12.11)
lie lie lie lie liar you lie lie lie lie tell me why tell me why d´you have to lie should´ve realised that you should´ve told the truth should´ve realised you know what i´ll do you´re in suspension you´re a liar now i wanna know why you never look at me in the face broke a confidence just to please your ego should´ve realised you know what i know you´re in suspension you´re a liar i know where you go everybody you know i know everything that you do or say so when you tell lies i´ll always be in your way i´m nobody´fool and i know all cos i know what i know you´re in suspension you´re a liar you´re a liar you´re a liar lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie liar you lie lie lie lie i think you´re funny you´re funny i don´t need it don´t need your blah blah should´ve realised i know what you are you´re in suspension you´re in suspension you´re in suspension you´re a liar you´re a liar you´re a liar lie lie
13. #2 Salma
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (03.12.11)
Arab grabs Jewish land The San Marino Treated assigned the land for Jewish and then the arabs calling thenselves "palestinian" grabbed. Read the history. By the way they are not settles they are habitant of Israel you are the settler
14. barbaric acts by brutal people
observer ,   Egypt   (03.12.11)
why calling him Palestinian? if Jews in the settlement feel that Arabs in the surrounding itamar are fatally aggressive, why the 12 year old girl was allowed to be outside and only return home at the chilly midnight? Goldstein murdered 29 praying Palestinian and injured 125. Did Goldstein look Arab? Arab Jews ans well as so many Jews all look Arab.
15. #11 DR in what ?
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.12.11)
But who cares if You won't see it ?
16. no single country recognizes Israel's occupation of WB
observer ,   Egypt   (03.12.11)
as legal.
17. Oh I'm Sorry
Yonatan ,   Rishon Letzion   (03.12.11)
Oh I'm sorry we can't assist you at the moment. Jews giving you trouble again? Oh so sorry. We would normally reign them in, but our forces are a little tied up right now. You see we are currently devoting much of our military, security, and intelligence capabilities to tracking down and arresting a savage barbaric sub-human creature that stabs babies to death just because they are Jewish. You might know him. It could take a while. Hang in there and just remember it could always be worse. People could be stabbing your babies to death.
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.12.11)
The 12 year old girl wasn't just wandering in the streets, she was within the protective fence of the settlement, which proved to be faulty at the time the murderer's entered and killed her family I don't condone or excuse what Goldstein did, that's still not a reason for entering a home and killing the family while it's sleeping BTW- How did you know the night was chilly, did you have a thermometer at the site ? One more question, when was the last time you actually witnessed anything in person ?
19. 11 I stand by what I say Dr Yeruham Leavitt
(Alistair) Ali Clark ,   Scotland   (03.12.11)
I don't agree with killing minors. This is all the fault of the Israeli gov. If I told you there are man eating lions that live in that area would you take your kids camping in such an area? and who would be to blame if the lions ate the campers?If Israel was a regular country this could never happen.Settlers go home to Israel proper and find peace!
BENJABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.12.11)
WHO CARES ? These very same countries ignored it when Israel was attacked rpeatedly, forcing it to take the WB in order to prevent further attacks Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Israel's security is in it's own best interests One more tidbit, the world stood by while our six million were killed, so as far as I am concerned it's screw them, you included
pepe ,   china   (03.12.11)
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.12.11)
Always why, why, why Because he's never seen anything, Yet he has the nerve to pretend that he's observing The fact is that he's merely a windbag with a keyboard & computer that he prefers to hide behind in safety, rather than observing something in person and possibly jeapordizing his cowardly ass
23. # 2
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.12.11)
You are the ones creating more killers in that you raise your children from birth to hate us, to throw rocks at us, commit suicide attacks on us, kill innocent babies in their sleep & us Jews for the land you think you own. Dont you dare come to an Israeli news website & twist the truth. We have no intentions of giving you our land. This land belongs to the Jews & the sooner you accept this, the better for your sakes. Mecca Medina & Jordan are yours, lechi kfar le shama.
24. # 4
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.12.11)
Oh shut up will you.
25. # 16
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.12.11)
Does that mean its ok to kill 5 Jews from the same family ?
26. #18 other settlements don't make fences at all, because
observer ,   Egypt   (03.12.11)
settlers says fences attracts more violence. but, Israel builds separation wall. Fences repel murderers away? that's not the case here! were in the story they, except of course settlers, said the assailant was Palestinian?
27. Salma
Sarah ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.12.11)
Salma, Daughter of Imperialist Arab Invaders of the 8th century, who oppressed all non-Moslems with your bigoted Sharia laws, get out of MY country and off of MY land! This land was ours before you stole it, and the League of Nations gave it back to us. It has been Arab nations, Arab armies, Arab terror groups that have inflicted war on us for 60 years because YOU can't accept international law--a Jewish state, a dhimmi state. You won't be happy until all the Jews of Israel are dead and all the Copts, Armenians, Assyrians and others are slaves to Moslem rule again. Get out, and take your Imperialist Islamic attitudes back to the desert.
28. 16
jorge stern ,   mexico   (03.12.11)
'occupation' is in the minds of those who hate
29. Sad day
Mike ,   Uk   (03.12.11)
A horrific attack, but this will not be the last. There must be some thing wrong for communities to live in areas protected by soldiers and security fences. A bad enviroment to bring up kids.
30. To Dr. Yeruham While I agree with you,there are many
James T ,   U.S.A   (03.12.11)
There are many anonymous who write positively toward Israel and do not descend to ad-hominems are always for Israel.I am surprised to read that you found the same at JPOST .Ican understand if it came from Haaretz that lets in all the detritus --i.e Israel bashers, NOT letting in most of Israel loving posters .. Dr.Yeruham I need your advice. I used to be a very frequent poster at JPOST,until they revised the format.Now I want to get back to them but find it difficul after reading responses,trying to reply is a bit odd. One has to go UP,WRITE ,REGISTER ETC FIRST. Can you please help me solve the problem?? Advance thanks
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