Israel distributing Itamar massacre photos
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 14.03.11, 00:47
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1. short-sighted
Ynetno ,   UK   (03.13.11)
All over the world there are psychopaths who do this kind of horrible atrocity to families - this isn't unique to the west bank, no matter how tragic it is. So when Isreal declares this is 'the kind of animals we're facing' as if the whole of Palestine would support this or do this, it just makes Israel look more isolated and paranoid. It will doubtless fuel revenge attacks on innocent people unrelated to this crime, which will in turn incite further retribution. For one thing no-one knows who did the crime. For another, psychopathic murderers exist in all cultures. What happened is terrible and tragic, but trying to suggest this is how Palestinians behave will only make Israel look foolish and increase tensions and the risk of retribution. This is a great tragedy and should be used as a moment for reflection on both sides about how to move forward. Both sides are bound to the commandment 'Thou Shalt Not Kill'. Both fail to honour it.
2. Where’s the condemnation of Terrorist Organizations: the UN,
Chaim   (03.13.11)
PiecesNow, Human Rights, Betzelem? Where’s the condemnation from the US, UK, France, etc.?
3. Again 100% CORRECT, RELEASE
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.13.11)
The photo's, how do you think the Arabs have gotten support for their mythical cause? Arab news agencies release video's, photo's of dead Arabs mostly without any context. This has been going on for decades. This is the difference, and why the Arabs get support. You must release the pictures, the old adage is true, "a picture is worth a thousand words". The Arabs have known this for the last thirty years. Wake up Israel and smell the coffee. The world must see what kind of savagery Israel has to deal with. Then show the hatred taught to their people. Which makes this kind of sick murder that would horrify all in the world possible. What kind of hatred does it take, to slit the throat of a 4 month old helpless baby? Pure hatred of all Jews, that's what kind. There are NO excuses whatsoever for this heinous act.
4. It's the end of the "peace process".
Jules   (03.13.11)
Hopefully. Never again.
5. This is proof
Mike Caton ,   USa   (03.13.11)
This is proof, as if further proof were needed,that there can never be a "Palestinian" state without military control by Israel--not for the next 50-100 years , anyway.
6. For #1
Mike Caton ,   USa   (03.13.11)
Ynetno must be addicted to some kind of psychotropic/utopistic medication. In any case, he is not living in the real world. I feel sad for him.
7. Israel Needed to Release These Photos
Edwin ,   Canada   (03.13.11)
I wrote a long babbling post and then discarded it. At least I got some of the fustration off my chest!
8. i have not seen
JL   (03.13.11)
virtually any coverage in the western media about this...only that 5 israelis were killed...from obama...nothing...
9. So why isn't Ynet publishing the photos? ,   brooklyn NY   (03.13.11)
it is availble on other sites
10. The International Press doesn't care about murdered Jews!
David ,   The Galilee, Israel   (03.13.11)
Not one of the foreign TV Networks that we see here in Israel has carried even the briefest report on "Ticker Line" about the murders. Granted, the story of the past few days ahs been the earthquake and tsunami in Japan but other news has filtered through but, no doubt the news editors feel that the murder of Jews and Jewish children is not newsworthy! I appeal to YnetNews to please publish the pictures so we can share them with our friends all over the world through Facebook and other social networking sites. We cannot reply on the foreign press and Israel Channel 2 has reported that the Palestinians are saying that the atrocity was committed by Jews as an ant-Palestinian publicity stunt! There is no end to the evil of the Palestinians and we the people of Israel must do everything we can to counter the hatred being spewed out against Israel by the Arab World and which is swallowed by politicians in Europe and the US and which is being fired by Israel hating Jews!
11. #1:The world must see these pictures!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.13.11)
Already the Palestinians are blaming Jews for this atrocity! Sick, but true. In the UK you prefer to appease and your soldiers say fighting is not an option. We in Israel don't have that luxury. The last time we let our guard down it cost us 6 million lives!
12. to PR "expert" :
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.13.11)
We are not animals, we are human beings. Don't EVER believe you are an expert.
13. denial
eli ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.13.11)
To 1: No this is good, it helps dig out the comments of numb people, in denial, flatly equalizing everything, such as you. "We dont know who did this?". How dare you? did'nt you see the people rejoicing in Gaza. Get information and avoid talking Torah. You dont have a clue Magoo.
14. Short-sighted
David ,   USA   (03.13.11)
Psychopathic murderers of course exist in all cultures. What is unqiue to the Palestinians is that the governement controlled media glorifies and incites this kind of violence against Jews. Find me another people who pass out sweets upon hearing of such heinous crimes or that names public squares after suicide bombers.
15. Timing
Talula ,   Israel   (03.13.11)
Those evil bastards were scared of world opinion, which is why they chose their moment to slaughter this family. All the world's eyes are on Japan - the most exposure this will get is an after thought at news stations. It's the government's PR office that has to work overtime now to make sure these photographs reach every corner of the globe.
16. World indifference.
Steven ,   UK   (03.13.11)
The world doesn't condemn such atrocities because its Jews that have been murdered...not Arabs. The world does not care when Jews die. The is the sad, sickening fact. Am Yisrael Chai.
17. Israel's PR
Peter ,   Cornwall   (03.13.11)
As a retired PR professional and who was the British Army Press and Information Officer in Israel 1946,7,8 I have been saddened by their lack of appropriate PR by them and by the IDF in the fade of worldwide anti-Semitism as their enemies pile it on. Wake up!
18. israel
debbie ,   israel   (03.13.11)
YNETO, You are completely wrong. While it is true that there are savages everywhere, you don't understand the context for this brutality at all. I promise you that if you took a poll among the Muslem world today, you would find the overwhelming percentage condone these murders. For many years, Israel has been demonized in every Arab country, by their leaders, teachers, "religious" leaders, literature, cinema, media. etc. When children grow up, learning and believing that a certain group are sub-human or not human, this is the result. The world community, the UN, UNRWA, etc, have not held the Palestinians to account. They have been given billions of dollars for medical care, schools, textbooks, and the agreement was that they would stop incitement against Jews and Israel This has not happened, it has only gotten more extreme, and where has the money disappeared to? Why are they still so poor? Why are schools in such bad condition? I'll tell you why, because you seem so naive and innocent. It has gone into the slimy greasy hands of their so called elected leaders, and stashed away. They live very nicely as opposed to the average Pali.
19. it's allah's job, since he gave us the green light
jo   (03.13.11)
those " condemnations are worth as much as those who advocate themThe waste baskets must be full of them; from Presidents, politicians, UN afficionados, business people, Popes, and other influential tycoons.. Did you know that arabs never condemned anyone, anything
20. Salma
Rachel ,   Hadera   (03.13.11)
If you aren't animals but rather humans, then why aren't you showing any sympathy for the muder of innocent children and a baby? You might not agree that the settlers belong in the place that they are living but as a human you should be disgusted with the murder of those innocents. If you can't find in your heart to feel for those small kids then you really are nothing more than animals. Up to date not one of your posts says something condeming their murder.....
21. ?? 'j'udenrein street? ?
arie ,   BaGolan   (03.13.11)
Their silence is deafening. Appears soros continues to prefer strengthening his partnership with the nazis no matter how much Jewish blood is spilled
22. #12-Salma
M.J. Eizen ,   Israel   (03.13.11)
You are correct, Salma, you are not animals. Animals kill out of need, and do not rejoice in it. Your "people" rejoice and celebrate slaughter and murder. The depravity and barbarity of your "people" is self-evident. You must be very proud to be a part of such a wretched society.
23. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.13.11)
You are correct. You are not animals. I would never insult animals by lowering them to the level of the ersatz "Palestinians."
24. TO #18 debbie , israel
Marwan ,   Tel Aviv, Palestine   (03.13.11)
i have just one question for u: what were YOU taught about the arabs?! you are fed more poison about your neighbors (whom you occupy) by your leaders & media than your sick imagination tells you of arab hatred towards you!
25. Typical
Jonathan ,   USA   (03.13.11)
I bet that 99 percent of the people decrying the supposed "failure" of the outside world to condemn this act are the same people who complain that any criticism of Israel's actions are criticized, however mildly, is "interference" or "unfair". Wake up, Israel. You cannot keep hundreds of thousands of settlers in the West Bank, treat the Palestinians like dogs, and yet expect peace. The Palestinian Authority has, with US and international help, taken huge strides to ensure Israel's security. The IDF responds by providing covering fire to allow settler barbarians to destroy Palestinians' olive trees, mosques, homes and way of life. I feel sadness for the settlers who were killed, just as I feel pity for the Palestinians who are shot and killed every month in the West Bank for reasons that would never withstand legal scrutiny in Israel proper.
26. WOW !!!
Paula ,   Spain   (03.13.11)
27. Want to see the pictures?
SHAME ,   jERUSALEM   (03.13.11)
Go to Arutz 7
28. Don't publish the photos
Yossef   (03.13.11)
It is a question of respect.
29. #1 - you're mixing confused apples and oranges.
michael redbourn   (03.13.11)
The killings weren't carried out by psychopaths! They were carried out by people that have been subjected to PA and Hamas propaganda for generations. And of course the world knows who carried out the crime. A PA splinter group carried out the crime. Many in Gaza celebrated and gave out candy and they aren't psychopaths either, but are simply more people that have learned at school, "If there are five Israelis and you kill three, how many are left?".
30. #12 those who applauded the murders, are lower than animals!
michael redbourn ,   Arad - Israel   (03.13.11)
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